3DS eShop Nintendo

EShop Club Nintendo Rewards Arrive In Australia

After Europe and America got their final Club Nintendo Rewards update last month, Australia were sat twiddling their thumbs waiting for their eShop to update so they could spend all their stars before the discontinuation on September 30th (June 30th for North America.) Well, twiddle no longer! The rewards went live today. Here is the full list of downloadable titles, all the details can be found in the stars catalogue along side the merchandise up for grabs too, including an awesome Mario Hat for 2400 stars or classic notebooks for 960 stars. What will you be swapping your stars for?



      1. You must have a pretty sad life that you need to resort to such words in order to make yourself feel better for whatever reason. But hey, whatever floats your boat in order to help you feel less pathetic.


  1. According to the article Europe have had their final Club Nintendo update, but as far as I’m aware Nintendo haven’t said so. Can I ask for a source?


  2. Finally!! Aussie rewards have been SO sh*tty until this! Thank goodness I didn’t spend any of my stars on a ‘ringtone’ or ‘note book’.


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