Here’s A Chart Showing Which Companies Made The Most Money From Video Games Last Year


The video game market is serious business with an incredible amount of money to be made. Research firm Newzoo has revealed which public companies are currently making the most money from video games and the results are surprising. Nintendo, who one would have thought would be near the top, is actually in ninth place just before Ubisoft. In total the top 25 public companies made $54.1 billion in revenues in 2014. Now that’s a lot of cash.

Thanks, Elias


      1. I remember my local Gamestop had a shelf of like 20 Ouya with 3 gone. I asked wow someone bought those 3. The clerk said yep bought them and returned them, so we ship them back.

      1. The playstation decision makes money, its the rest of the company that is hurting, Sony doesn’t knows how to manage money right

        1. All Japanese companies are hurting. Its astounding that Nintendo, SquareEnix, Capcom, Konami and Sony are hurting. Its like after that tsunami or something they’re all going bankrupt. What’s even weirder is how SquareEnix can just be buying up so many companies for decades and yet still be going bankrupt.

    1. Fanboys in 2010: Sony is going bankrupt in 2011.

      Fanboys in 2011: Sony is going bankrupt in 2012.

      Fanboys in 2012: Sony is going bankrupt in 2013

      See where this is going?

      1. Its like when the n64 came out and everybody said nintendo was gonna go 3rd party. . . . That was in 1996

      2. Fanboys after N64 release: Nintendo is doomed, this is their last console.

        Fanboys after Gamecube release: Nintendo is doomed, this is their last console.

        Fanboys after Wii release: Nintendo went casual and are doomed, this is their last console.

        Fanboys after WiiU release: Nintendo is doomed, this is their last console.

      3. But…. usually it takes a while for a company to FINALLY be shut down due to inadequate money supplies.

        Sony could be hurting. It would take a great many of years before they finally cave.

        1. Which is what people said last year, and the year before, and the year before that, and the year before that

            1. Playstation division would just end up spinning off. It would be stupid of a company to drag all of its division to the ground.

                1. Well that and their financial division. Like banks and Insurance companies. Those are actually the big reasons they haven’t gone bankrupt.

      4. Yep and every year they continue to sell off more and more of the company. It’s a slow painful death and soon all Sony well be is playstation, and even then its only a matter if time

    1. Its a chinese company. The reason its so high its because it pretty much owns Riot Games.

      just in case youre interested.

      Riot Games = League of Legends.

  1. Consumers take it up the ass by paying to play online with Sony an Microsoft. We all know EA are scumbags with their business practises and their annual rehashes that sheep keep falling for. Activisin rehashes half a COD game every year and charges the rest in DLC which takes the full game up to $100- $120… the end.

    1. Well, if you can’t afford $5 a month then thats your problem.

      That and ALL games on PSN or XBL have voice chat.
      The $5 a month for voice chat alone is worth it.

      Have fun not being able to communicate with your friends on your archaic Wii U online infrastructure.

      1. I dont use voice chat and I won’t defend Nintendo for it. That’s the difference between fans and fanboys but hey, at least Wii U owners don’t get f!?@&d up the ass by Nintendo.

          1. What’s your point dude? You don’t always get what you want. I want a new Jak and Daxter but they’d rather make Uncharted 4 instead and I don’t give a shit about that franchise.

            I’m not denying that Nintendo don’t have problems like lack of voice chat, game droughts etc but at least they aren’t nickle and diming Wii U owners.

        1. Why do you keep using that analogy? EA is awesome and Sony is too. Nintendo has Super Smash Bros so it is still alive as well. That’s good enough isn’t it?

      2. $5 for chat? Fucker, ever heard of FB, Skype, FaceTime, ooVoo, Tango? All are free to voice chat over the Internet. So WTF is wrong with you paying for something that’s totally free everywhere? Retards…

    2. You do realize that besides having rich online environments, the modest annual fees for PSN and Xbox Live Gold also include free games every month, right? That’s also not to mention all of the MMO games. It’s not even worth discussing how behind-the-times the Nintendo setup is when we can’t even have purchases tied to accounts rather than consoles. Sony and Microsoft accounts are completely portable and your purchases go anywhere you are. I’d happily pay Nintendo a modest annual fee to get even half the stuff on the Sony and Microsoft side.

      1. You do realize those games aren’t free right? and nnt everyone cares about them. PC online is free. lol at these sheep damage controlling, peasants.

        1. Then go get a damn PC, you are literally the only person complaining. I might as well sell my PS4 because it doesn’t have a gamepad boo hoo!

          1. Damage control. I hope the Sony and Microsoft part of the industry crashes. It will get rid of you sheep.

              1. Keep dreaming? More devs are going under every year.

                Sony and Microsoft are heading towards digital and streaming. A Sony guy een said he doesn’t know whether the next PS will be physical or cloud based and consoles aren’t cheep to make. We all know Sony is swimming in cash lol, so enjoy.

                1. Yeah, just like how Nintendo is ditching the Wii U because no one wants to develop games for it lmao. Thanks Nintendo for pissing off their fans.

                  1. Until 3rd parties return to making more console turn-based RPGs, turn-based Strategy RPGs, real Adventure Games, 2D & 3D Platformers, Arcade Racers, Survival Horror, & Fighters w/ out online unlock parity, I see no real reason why they’d bother w/ Wii U. I certainly purchased it for genres other than FPSes, Open Worlds, & Sports SIMS. I sought out more Japanese-style games than Western. & nowadays, 3rd parties rarely focus on actual gameplay anyway, instead making expensive CGI OAVs, which are usually pretentious @ that. It’s both sad & funny how indies, w/ fewer resources, can trounce goliath 3rd parties. I care little for photorealism, the M rating, “acheivements”, & their emphasis on online multiplayer that relegates the single-player experience. QTEs are annoying, as are rushed games & microtransactions.

                    3rd parties only skip Wii U because their demograpic is elsewhere (the twin culture), & in so many places. Multiplats range from PS3, PS4, 360, X1, & PC (in some cases mobile), so they’ve got their hands full, even if they’re all fairly similar. Sure, they “tried” turning Wii U @ launch, but forgot how to polish their products & both release simultaneously & price competitively. 1 reason for the 80s crash was too many platforms. & 3rd parties mostly chase “AAA” games, which are very expensive (especially on such “powerful” hardware) & require huge sales just to break even (or the studios/IPs break). Another reason 3rd parties stray from Wii U is because real consoles require optimization, & they just want quick ports. Also, 3rd parties want the controller evolution to stop so they can, yep, port those multiplats w/ as little hiccups as possible.

                    It boggles my mind how consumers are outraged @ Nintendo for carrying the torch that SEGA dropped & Sony abandoned. While Nintendo’s grip is imperfect, 3rd parties are somehow gods for shelving great IPs & genres; turning games from cinematic to interactive movies; rushing out glitch-fests; catering to tech-heads, graphics whores, & angsty kids; & churning out annual releases. Yet their products are constantly & almost exclusively (oops, a dirty word nowadays) placed high on those sales altars. I guess the shareholders know what gamers really want (why, to make them rich, of course). Gotta keep blowing into that bubble; more hot air & it’s gotta get bigger & bigger until…well, they’ll have already sold their shares to some poor saps before the inevitible pop. But perhaps the surviving 3rd parties will flock to the sole surviving console (NES7? NES8?) & return to the core philosphies of gaming. But by then, indies will likely make for fierce competition. & since they already shy away from 3DS & its core content, they might be very rusty @ the fundamentals.

                    Will any platform ever get a real Tomb Raider? A real Resident Evil? A real Final Fantasy (oh thank the gaming gods for Bravely Default)?

                    Still waiting (in vain) for another NiGHTS, Red Steel 3, Prince of Persia, Metroidvania, a sequel to Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy, Ridge Racer, Sin & Punishment, Wave Race, Shadow of the Eternals, a sequel to Skies of Arcadia, Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre, a SUDA51 game like No More Heroes & 1 like Killer7, MadWorld, Viewtiful Joe, Okami (someone stop me), Crazy Taxi, Tatsunoku vs. Capcom…Shinobi…Muramasa…Buck Bumble…Mushroom Men…Ikaruga… I’m done…for now.

                    1. You’re that guy that did that long sarcastic comment that one time, right? Props to you man!

      2. Free games that requires active subscription to play. After it’s done, it’s locked up so where’s your “grand freebies” now? It’s a fucking expensive rental system with the “free” window dressing on top of it to get dumbasses like you people to buy for something that’s not “free”, period?

  2. interesting but what will be the most exciting news (does not matter the results for Sony, MS and Nintendo), will be to see how make the most profit. i.e how much tencent spend against how much they make money. Like many here My guess at the moment is that Sony and Microsoft make way more money than Nintendo but also spending or lossing way much money, which end up of them making a loss of profit.

    1. Most probably Tencent wins there as well.
      Microsoft drowns losses of xbox division to their android patent revenue.
      They’re selling xbox basic (kinectless) here for 300, Wii U Mario Kart edition is 320, PS4 is 400.
      Doubt MS will be on profit any time soon on their console.
      Sony is in happy place currently, major fuck up by MS gave them a solid footing to this generation, which they’ll be riding out until the end of this generation.

      1. That’s what I’m thinking! Seriously, this chart represents revenue, the “top line,” but where is the net income, “the bottom line.” I do believe Tencent would still be up there but I want to see how much money these companies are seriously bringing in. Nintendo’s been penny pinching really and very conscious about where they put their money, but I know Microsoft is just throwing it out there from more than just their game department. We’ve heard it for over a year now that Nintendo broke the even mark last year with Wii U. Their Amiibos are profitable, no shit the 3DS is, and their top games always sell well, even Mario Party 10. You also have to realize that Tencent is everywhere in China if not everything in China and China is big. Shit! I played pencil pilot on my phone when they still had it on WeChat but I never payed them anything.

    1. No, not really. It says to me that people accept bs but hey, it makes Nintendo work harder which is good for thei fans. Lets just hope they never charge for online.

  3. Wait… Sony, +27% YoY; Microsoft, +3% YoY; Nintendo, -13% YoY…

    How can people keep saying that Nintendo is the healthiest gaming company? :o

      1. Hum, but something does not add up… Those numbers reflect the net revenue, don’t they? Independently of the absolute numbers, Nintendo has been assuming a downhill trend, whereas the other two companies are increasing their profits. At least this is what I get from those numbers – the chart lacks clarity, to be honest.

        1. Companies spend and earn money in more ways than just “game sales”.

          Sony is spending a LOT more than they earn, while Nintendo constantly earns more than they spend.

          Hence why Nintendo is healthier.

            1. I wrote this earlier. So I’ll repeat it. Seriously, this chart represents revenue, the “top line,” but where is the net income, “the bottom line.” I do believe Tencent would still be up there but I want to see how much money these companies are seriously bringing in. Nintendo’s been penny pinching really and very conscious about where they put their money, but I know Microsoft is just throwing it out there from more than just their game department. We’ve heard it for over a year now that Nintendo broke the even mark last year with Wii U. Their Amiibos are profitable, no shit the 3DS is, and their top games always sell well, even Mario Party 10. You also have to realize that Tencent is everywhere in China if not everything in China and China is big. Shit! I played pencil pilot on my phone when they still had it on WeChat but I never payed them anything.

  4. What the heck is Tencent? And what the heck is people buying EA’s games for? Must be a LOT of gamers who suck as bad as that company does.

    1. I don’t like the word gamer but the people that support EA or bad business practises in general like pay to play online aren’t gamers. They are ruining the gaming industry.

      1. Doesn’t matter if not all of their games are bad. Majority of them are and if you want them to change you stop supporting them. I had the new Dragon Age and thought it was terrible so I sold it.

    2. Tencent is an internet based company and is everywhere in China if not everything in China and China is big. Shit! I played pencil pilot on my phone when they still had it on WeChat but I never payed them anything. They are pretty much what Google is to us here making software and devices minus the whole search thing which is more Baidu.

  5. Nintendo deserves to be at the bottom of the list. They are becoming more and more irrelevant by the year.

      1. People who have grown up with Nintendo wholeheartedly wants to witness the company turning the table. That’s why we are here. But to keep mute about all Nintendo BS is really hard, believe me.

      2. Because I still have hope that Nintendo will turn things around. The Wii U has severely dissapointed me; I had high hopes of it, but that train has sailed. I miss the Nintendo I grew up with and I wish to rekindle that.

                  1. I am your opposite.

                    I know all
                    I see all
                    I feel all.
                    You wanna know why?

                    I AM ALL!

                    1. >>>That’s why you can be degraded, I can’t be anything because I’m outside the realm of anything>>>

                    2. Fine don’t believe me? Remember what happened last time. I have many tricks up my sleeves.

                    3. >>>Maybe, maybe not, I have a whole team though>>>

                    4. You are going to need more than just your whole team to take me down HAHAHA!

        1. I’m glad the Nintendo I grew up w/ changed, but mostly remained true to the fundamentals of gaming & consoles. Game & Watch was cool, but Game Boy up to 3DS is way better. & I liked my Super NES, but w/ N64 up to Wii U, my experiences always got better.

          I miss the 3rd parties I grew up w/, even on Saturn & PS1. They seemed to peak in 6th gen. But they all transmogrified (some even died) in 7th gen. So many IPs & genres…the Japanese-gaming philosophy…variety…exclusives…gone, dwindling, left to indies. SEGA, Squre-Enix, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, THQ, Acclaim, RARE, Silicon Knights, Eidos, Free Radical…dead, dying, or not the same anymore. The Great Decline began…the horror, the horror.

    1. What can you expect from a company which does not properly market their latest home console? Which does not attract 3rd party support? Which decided for a awkward controller with a useless 2nd screen? Which went for weak hardware specs? Which keep “revamping” the 3DS, a sub HD handheld?

      The saddest thing is that most of Nintendo supporters are blinded and accepts all Nintendo decisions as they were the most appropriate in the gaming industry. Also, their only argument is bashing Sony and Microsoft, yet they do not have anything to do with the matter.

      1. Because it’s not just about graphics and 3rd party games, none of you Nintendo bashers have kids, they are the only ones making games I can enjoy all at once with my family. 1st party games sill rate higher too.

        1. You clearly don’t understand the matter. Calling me basher, and implying that I do not have kids show how poor your reasoning is. Anyway, Nintendo should broader its business and offer options for all tastes – it used to be that way in the past and made Nintendo as big as it is.

      2. Sorry but the last bit is false, alot more fans are waking up and realizing Nintendo has done some unexcusable shit, such as creating day one/on disk dlc in the form of a statue.

        1. >>>I’ve never ever heard any fan/fanboy ever accept everything from the empire>>>

        2. Ah yes. How we will ever get over not having a Mario costume. Should’ve bought that dang amiibo. Life is ruined.

      1. No I do not own a xb1 and I never will. My ps4 is full of free ps plus games from last gen….

        1. I also own a ps1 2 3 psp and vita a og xbox and a 360… and like every nintendo console besides a vitualboy gameboy micro and a n64dd

        2. Same here, never thought about an XOne. While I agree with you on the lack of novelty and general appeal about PS4 games, I could say the same about the Wii U ones – 3 or 4 titles are worthwhile in my opinion.

          I think the home console which keeps me busy the most is the Wii. And that has been true for the last 5 or 6 years, which I consider pretty impressive.

          1. 3 or 4? Pikmin 3, SM3DW, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, DKC Tropical Freeze, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Kirby & The Rainbow Curse…

      2. I have all 3, since the day each came out. 2 Vitas, 4 DS, 2 iphone 6 plus, ipad etc. I play all and am totally unbiased.

  6. If ps5/xb4 comes out. … bf5 gta6 madden nbak2 cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod lol

  7. But is this ONLY for games? Nintendo probably makes up for it with amiibo sales (and other merchandise and accessories).

  8. This is fascinating.
    guys. there a two things you can be sure of. Sony will not go bankrupt and Microsoft have a bigger warchest than all. Nintendo’s future is questionable

    1. This is only the gaming sectors revenue for each.

      Sony is still taking hit on about most of their other sections. Maybe not going bankrupt, but wont be just rose petals and sunshine either.

      Microsoft is drowning the losses that xbone does in to their android patent revenue.
      Don’t know if investors will let it go on forever. But yeah, MS has money, they dominated the software industry for almost 3 decades. And they have multiple actually profitable business ventures, which makes gaming revenue peanuts for executive lounge for them. They sure love their peanuts.

      Currently, Nintendo is not operating on loss, so I would not call it questionable.
      Need to see how far this amiibo craze actually goes. Mobile partnership with dena seems like a solid stream of additional profit and there is still that QoL platform they are working on, though they better not make the mistake of introducing it at e3, and wasting majority of their time on it there.
      Not to mention that they have already confirmed that they are working on new gaming system.
      Plus I think there was calculations, that Nintendo could operate at least 5 console generations without making any profit with their current warchest.

      1. Dude, you seem to be the only one talking about net income here, the “bottom line” and how this is simply revenue. Why is no one else savvy to this? They’ve discussed this before on this site and they’ve thrown several comments about it, but all they look at is the pretty little chart with an upward trend away from Nintendo.

  9. Sony = $6 billion
    MS =$5 billion
    Ninty =$2.1 billion

    You guys do realize that that is billions right? Then Factor in That Nintendo makes money of all their hardware, while Microsoft subsides their hardware. Sony with the PS4 is actually making money in one division for once. Let the internet economists now take over after my statement.


  10. Most 3rd parties aint been doing nothing but losing money even after selling 6million copies of a game.

  11. To all people that are bashing Nintendo but accept pay to pay online, f!@k off. You’re a bunch of frauds.

    1. It’s funny that everytime I bring up pay to play online I either get no replies or people gamage control it.

      1. Pretty sure you are the only one complaining about having to pay for online on PS4/Xbox One. The services they give you are well worth the money. So of you are going to sell.your PS4 just because you don’t want to play online, then you might want to rethink your hobby.

          1. Please explain how? You get free games monthly, and the online service is generations ahead of Nintendo’s. So if you are going to accept Nintendo’s half-assed service then you are the sheep.

            1. They aren’t free games. They are games at no extra cost. You neef to pay for PS+ to get them. The online is dogshit in MK X. The amount of lag I get is unacceptable and I’m refusing to pay for it again.

              You can say what you want about Nintendo’s online service. The difference is you’re not being charged for it. PC online is free so there is no reason for Sony and Microsoft to charge. PC gamers told Microsoft to f!@k off when they tried to charge them. It makes the Sony and Microsoft fanbase look like sheep. Most of them are so yer.

              1. Well PCs are the best so I don’t know what to tell you.

                I can say the same damn thing about Smash Bros. I can only play 1v1 for glory so that it won’t lag nearly as much as for fun and the online is free. So don’t give me that bullshit.

                1. PC’s are the best but you’re defemding pay to play onlind, dat logic

                  Yes there is lag in Smash Bros and the online is free. I dont know why there is lag and I’m not a tech dude so I don’t know if people have the right to complain. People have the right to complain about pay to pay online when PC is free.

                  1. No matter how good your internet is, there will be lag. You do have the right to complain that you are, but in my opinion I think the PS4 is justified.

  12. Nintendo has more ips
    Released more hardware
    Been in the most console cycles
    Sold more hardware
    Sold more software
    Has a long history 1889
    They take risk and innovate
    Mario is the most popular character on the planet.

    1. What IPS? Mario Zelda and Pokemon?

      Hardware generations behind

      Been in the most console cycles yet they still don’t know what to do with their latest one.

      Sold more hardware: who cares?

      Sold more software: who cares?

      Has a long history in 1889: pretty sure they didn’t start out as a gaming company back then

      Mario is the most rehashed character and its tiresome

      1. Nintendo has made more then over 100 new ips since 2003 just because they are not mario and zelda don’t mean they do not exist.

        1. Gta 3 4 5 cod 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 asscreed 1 2 3 4 5 6 final fantasy 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 283 5 6 2737 47371517 47671 metal gear 1 2 3 4 5 6 dmc 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 halo 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 2747281836462
          Cod 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 7 99
          Mario 1 2 3 super mario world mario 64 mario sunshine galaxy 1 and 2 mario 3d for wii u….

        2. Talk about self contradictions.

          Yea, and just because you don’t like Sony’s games or Microsoft’s for whatever reason, doesn’t mean they don’t exist either. They’ve made a bunch of games also, more than 15 quality titles, and many more that aren’t worth mentioning either. Just like your list of 100 new Nintendo IP’s, which I know for a fact, more than over half aren’t worth using as a talking point.

          Anyone can make a pissing contest out of number of games, but the quality of them all is a completely different story.

          That’s like me trying to say the PS Vita is better, simply because it has more games than the 3DS. It actually does, but what does that prove? When a huge number of those games are pretty low in quality. So how stupid would that be, to use that in a disagreement? You’re literally doing the same thing.

          So it’s okay to ignore every good game on any other system, but let’s count all the crappy ones that have been on Nintendo’s, as if that means something? Makes sense. /s

          All consoles, all gaming systems, get a crap load of shitty games, compared to the number of gems they do have. Nothing new there.

          So don’t think I’m picking sides, your logic is just severely flawed. Even though I know you’re trying so hard to troll, you could at least try to bring up better arguments.

      1. Does ms and sony innovate? No nope never nintendo does you must be 4 and blind and retard

        1. Let’s not forget the dualsock controller is all stolen from nintendo and not a single game was required to use dual sticks until 1999.

          1. By that terrible logic, Nintendo stole their SNES controller from SEGA. What else you got? And next time don’t talk with Nintendo’s dick down your throat.

  13. Noki also had a cell phone prototype that had a slot for gameboy games back in the 90s way before cellphone gaming was a thing.

  14. >>>The only way those 2 imbeciles make more money is because they besides their own games, they get resources from all of those corrupted forces out there that they have bribed and enslaved like the Electron Army and Ubisian Armada plus the online gaming services their slaves have to pay for, mainly directed to the Xbots>>>

  15. Nintendo could lose 265 million dollars a year for 65years in a row and they would still be fine.


    1. No they couldn’t. They couldn’t last 5-6 years losing that much money. A company has to make money, regardless of how much money they have. If a company loses money like that investors would panic, stocks would drop, and Nintendo would go out of business.

  16. That’s not fair, Nintendo released a lot of great games last year. 3rd parties were mostly crap

  17. Remember, Nintendo is in ninth place with a poorly selling console. All these other companies are on top of their game. If Nintendo was on top of their game, they would be first place by a large margin.

    They made more money off the DS in one year than they have made off the Wii U and 3ds combined.

  18. My name is Elias and i dont remember posting nothing about this. lol i know its a different Elias. Its just even on the internet most people dont have the same name as me.

  19. Why would anyone think Nintendo would be higher on the lst? Did you forget about how abysmal the Wii U is doing?

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