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Nintendo 3DS System Update Available Now

Nintendo has begun rolling out another minor system update for Nintendo 3DS. Available now, version 9.7.0-25U adds further improvements to overall system stability and implements other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience. The last major 3DS system update was released in March and added a Home Menu Layout setting, which allows users to save and load up to eight layouts of the HOME Menu with different theme and software icon arrangements.



    1. What’s lame is how they detail these updates. Always generally the same thing, but it would be nice to know what they are actually improving, even if it is minor.

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      1. They only say that to cover up hack patches. Some of which aren’t even harmful. So they pay attention more to hackers and immediately respond but they can’t respond just as fast with fans…. kinda sad.


  1. This update actually helped me get the new Mii Plaza update go through. It wasn’t letting me since Friday and this update finally got me through. So it did help some of us that couldn’t


  2. Another update. To bad updates don’t come with a free mini game or theme every time a update comes. At least a special mii. At the bright side, my ds is BEYOND STABLE. Until it glitches and spazzed


    1. Might be a while, since they just planned on merging their console and handheld divisions last year. I’d imagine that will take so time to get sorted.

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      1. I’d love a Super Mario Galaxy Plaza above. They could easily use the Galaxy level from Smash Bros I think, make it work with the Miiverse Communities on the top screen and have Miis running around the garden :)


  3. Apparently part of the reason for this update was to fix a crash issue on New 3DSes concerning Pokemon Rumble World. Beyond that, no idea. Not a big deal, these updates are tiny anyway.

    The only issue I have with 3DS system updates is that you can’t StreetPass people and get them in your Plaza unless they’re updated, too. I HATE tagging people and just getting game data from them, I want them in my Plaza so I can play the Streetpass games.


  4. This update include that, …
    More 2DS/3DS/New3DSXL downloadable games, have back-up save slots = Like “MarioKart7”, …
    Also, … i see a MicroSD picture, and it display “MicroSD” text instead of “SD” text.
    Also, … i hope that the 2DS Console, will have soon the “2DS graphics Logo”, inside some section of the parameters section, instead of “3DS graphics Logo”.
    Also, … the New3DSXL have faster respond time, when moving cursors inside the games icons sections.


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