Production Of The Basic Wii U Ends In Japan

Nintendo has announced that the 8GB White version of the Wii U will be discontinued in Japan. The website says that it is “slated to go out of production shortly”, and the current 32GB version will continue to be sold, and a white 32GB version is set to release in June. There is no news on whether this carries to other zones outside of Japan.


    1. it dues not sell, and it well save money not having to make a white version that cant sell. also it might mean they well introduce a digital version soon. (no disk drive) which would be cheaper to produce and would cost less, it would just require all games to be eshop buys. ( honestly out of the 30 games i have for the wii U only 3 are on disk)


      1. Thus making a price drop and more people buying WiiUs, because they aren’t so stinking expensive!


      1. coming from the guy that gets butthurt when anons comment on this website, sure.
        you’re welcome!


      2. It’s a hierarchy system. I do dislike anons, but I hate users that fill the blog with garbage. They’re worthless trash that deserve to be fed last nights fried chicken. And we don’t microwave it before we feed them either.


  1. Maybe Nintendo has figured out that the 32GB model has been the most popular model of WiiU and thought that it is pointless to have lower selling version out there when most of the people are getting the other one.

    Personally i wish they make more color variants of WiiU systems, having just black system as an option would be boring, what happened to those good days when we had a choice of purple,silver, orange etc. colored consoles?

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      1. No. PS3 launched at 20GB at $500 with 40GB at $600. Now you tell me which is worse. The fact that PS3 launched with way overpriced storage or the $600 mark that screwed PS3 for its first 3-4 years?


    1. I do too. They could have come out with a SSB Logo on top of a red Wii U, Racing Stripes for MK8 and the Metallic Red or Blue variants for both 8 and 32Gb.

      I have an 8Gb unit with 160Gb external. My only concern is, I wish it was Red.


    2. There’s this website called Decal girl where you can put whatever design you want on your gaming system then send it to them so they can customize it with the design you used. I never used it but its pretty awesome


  2. Yes, this affect other regions too, but they will have to clear through some of the warehouse before they make the same announcement as Japan. Japan sales have always been to expect ions for the Wii U, its the other regions that have been below especially the US.


  3. I consider this a good thing. The 32GB sells better because it can hold much more save data without an external drive. If they just make 32GB Wii Us, they won’t take such a loss because more of those Wii U will actually sell.


  4. Anyone else remember when the WII originally was announced, there was a few colors. Red, green, white and I almost think I remember blue. I don’t know why Nintendo doesn’t offer colored consoles. Its obvious people want color.

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  5. I decorated my Wii U with paint splash duck tape (leaving all the vents open of course) it may not be as good as a real color Wii U but it looks way cooler than just plain black. and it will totally match Splatoon.


  6. I still dont know why this is so expensive.
    It carries no horsepower whatsoever.
    They should redesign the WiiU. Its not very attractive. Make a slimmer version, make the gamepad slimmer. and give this at least, a 100gb hard drive. And start a fresh marketing train. Brand the same “New” like the 3DS.


    1. if you make it slimmer you will cause the device to overheat. It’s not by mistake Xbox1 and PS4 are like a VHS format. The heat generated by those machine does not allow it to be thinner otherwise you will have the same issue with the last gen… well there was also the paste quality but close space is not good for powerful machine this is why nintendo went to a less powerfull machine put optimise architecture to reduce the size of the console. Hence why I found the wii U very interesting. sorry for the lenghty explanation but I think it was needed.

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  7. It shouldn’t have happened or at least launch at $250 because that model was as much of a joke as a $200 12GB PS3 or any Xbox garbage.


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