Splatoon Goes On Tour In Sweden This Summer

If you live in Sweden then you will be super pleased to know that Nintendo will be holding special Splatoon demo events this summer. These sampling sessions will take place across Sweden’s three biggest cities. During the events you will be able to test out both the fast and frantic multiplayer and the single player mode.


  • Friday, June 26 – Bergakungen
  • Saturday, June 27 – Bergakungen
  • Sunday, June 28 – Bergakungen


  • Monday, June 29 – Filmstaden Storgatan
  • Tuesday, June 30 – Filmstaden Storgatan
  • Wednesday, July 1 – Filmstaden Storgatan


  • Friday, July 3 – Sergel
  • Saturday, July 4 – Sergel
  • Sunday, July 5 – Sergel

Thanks, Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX


          1. >>>On the other hand, I will already have owned the game for about 1 month before it takes place so it wouldn’t make me any good going there wasting my time>>>

  1. Don’t care, the game will be out way before then and I live in Texas. I guess it’s good for all those Swedish people out there.

    1. Ignore the anons. If they are just making short comments to you, they are just trolls. SO DON’T FEED ‘EM!!

  2. Wow… I actually live in Sweden and normally we NEVER get this sort of stuff! :O I guess Nintendo of Sweden (Bergsala) is FINALLY steppin’ up their game!

    1. Cool, good for you! Now the big question is if your gonna get the game or not? I’m just waiting for Friday when my preorder copy comes in.

      1. Oh I sure am! I’ve been hyping it since day one and I’m pestering all my friends with all the updates to make them get the game as well. This is sure gonna hep me do that! :D

        1. >>>Excellent, our army must mobilise in this sector as well under my command>>>

  3. I just got a mail from Nintendo, it’s also coming to Denmark in August! Yay, first time Nintendo ever did such a thing here!

    1. >>>Excellent news comrade, the empire is finally sending some support to our territories>>>

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