Yes, you heard right! The famous ‘other’ brother has had a reputation for lurking in the shadow of Mario’s fame, but he’s certainly emerged from the darkness in recent years. As a matter of fact, Luigi has been making quite the name for himself; amongst the plethora of death stare memes, auto-wins in Mario Party 9, and “wee-gee time!” quotes, Luigi has uncovered a new calling as Nintendo’s most powerful character. Ever.

How powerful, you may ask? Enough to beat any Level-9 computer-controlled enemy in Smash Bros for Wii U — without doing a thing. YouTube channel Omega Tyrant has uploaded a 20 minute video showcasing a string of wins by Luigi, who stands absolutely still in each match. Of course, these are all staged, but the amusement factor is undeniable. It almost makes Smash Bros’ AI appear as if it needs some tweaking!

Thanks, Josh S




        • Oh they do, but I’m better than that. If you beat all the challenges in the game, you’d have figured out how to overcome the AI. But then again before I did that I could beat them already.


        • I haven’t played every amiibo level 50 (well lots haven’t even been released lol). Not even sure of the ones I have. Some will obviously be better than others. My Mega Man for instance, he’s good but also STUPID!!!! And my friends does this too. Sometimes when they are off stage trying to edge guard, they will jump off the stage, and put on leaf shield (I have the skull shield) and drop straight down and die cause they don’t use their recovery quick enough to come back. Neither of us taught them that, don’t know where they learned it. But man are they stupid lol.


  1. Im not sure how its “staged”. They are computers, so its not like its just another person jumping off the cliff with every character.


    • They probably mean they had to try many times and use the slots for player 1, 2, 3, and 4 to make the scenario finally happen.


  2. Its fake, why is this Nintendo news? Hell my news about Walmart cutting the prices on 3ds xl’s was better then this. More of that Twinkie filler “news” that this site loves so much.


  3. This was a fucking pointless read. This youtuber probably redone this so many time in till he got every fucking character to kill themselves. And who the fuck is TK? You can’t be posting dumass shit man.


          • Can’t say something fucking pointless without reading it before hand. Your last lame ass comment stated. “Why did you read it than?” Why bitch? Because it was in the post feed. Read it and thought it was fucking pointless. The fuckong End.


            • What was sad was your fucking comment, which was too pointless to read base on your lack of spelling and grammar that made it all the more challenging to see any point in your stupid statement you fucking hypocrite!


              • Fuck grammar. I’m not fucking a god Damn essay for miss. Skarlet class. Everyone’s makes fucking mistakes. No need to go all bitch mode and shit.

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                • Fuck grammar – say that because you don’t have it, eh? I don’t you understand how to use it, so I guess that’s why you don’t care for it. Didn’t get pass high school I see.


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                      And I don’t need to explain myself to a broken down bitch like yourself. Someone needs to take their grammar diseased dick out of their ass and go fuck a vagina. Oh that right! Bitches like you can’t get any l.o.l!


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