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Watch Dogs Is Available For $13 At Best Buy

Valid only for today, Watch Dogs is the cheapest it’s ever been at Best Buy at $13 for the Wii U. It originally launched November last year and maybe didn’t do overly well, but if you wanted to try it out without breaking the bank too much then here’s you’re chance! You can order it from Best Buy now, but remember it’s today only.

93 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Is Available For $13 At Best Buy”

  1. Ah mannn, I actually want to try the game if it had a discount but I live in europe so I still have to wait for there to be a discount here…

    1. This game is so welled crafted and fun and unique one of a kind every wii u user should buy the game Im totally recommending it

  2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>I wouldn’t even touch this abomination if someone would give me all of King Midas’ silver>>>

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Silver is too simple and of course handled by those silly bipedal apes, I don’t need downgrades>>>

              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                First there were people crying because he’d do this a lot… … … …. ……………….

                Now we have someone crying because he’s doing this >>>>>>>>>>> a lot <<<<<<<<<<< now.

                It's his comments. He can do whatever he pleases. Least he's not spamming the same crap over & over like certain spammers on here with ALL CAPS on every single article. Now if you have a problem with his opinions that he's typing, then you can complain. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time & technically spamming.

          1. Youre right there both retards all wine is good there is no bad wine…Wild Irish Rose is good cheap Wine….it make u feel real good..

              1. He is a little punk white boy who thinks wine cost 100 dollars a bottle whos mamma buys all his games for him he probally aint retarted hes just Mentally Ill and gets a check and bums off mama.

    1. You have really shitty opinions.

      Like really shitty.
      It’s like you parents stuffed shit into you when you were born and now you only think, hear, and see shit.

  3. Peanut Butter KitKat

    The three people who cared about it coming to Wii U got their game, every body else moved on.

      1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

        Ironic that you pick out Mario Kart when the driving sections in Watch Dogs are so horrifically bad.

        Also what I do in my room, or the rest of my house is none of your business.

  4. all u idiots who are bashing it!! have u ever played it? it has its flaws but overall its a really fun game. works well with the game pad and hacking things is really cool

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      No, we haven’t, but that won’t stop us from bashing it. Ubisoft can take this turd & shove it back into their mouth where apparently some of their shit actually comes out of instead of the usual exit.

  5. I’ve got Watch Dogs on my “To-Buy-When-Discounted” list. Now would be a prime time to get it, however the comment section isn’t making my decision easy :\

      1. Bad driving mechanics, hacking gimmick being the same context sensitive ploy you’ve seen in thousands of past games, dull ass cliche story of a criminal turned vigilante after family is murdered by hitman for hire from corrupt business/politician (been done so many times in movies that are better than this shit), NO FUCKING MELEE ATTACKS WITH YOUR BARE HANDS…IN A 2014 SANDBOX GAME…, lackluster customization, fucking Uplay (DRM, just like Origin) demanding login for multiplayer that sucks ass compare to GTA5 online, poorer graphics than when it was once revealed in 2012 (that version was mind blowing and Ubisoft fucked it up), characterization is dull as well.

        To the point, no it’s not even a good or next gen ready game. GTA5 is beyond superior plus fun and stomps on that crap like an ant against a boot.

    1. Get it used when it’s at that price (give it another 2-4 months in GameStop) so UbiSHIT won’t see that money it clearly doesn’t deserve not after how they lied and treated the fans like crap for nothing but delusions of “no one supporting third parties” when they’re gimping their ported games left and right and then high tail their asses far away to blame us for THEIR DELIBERATE FUCK UPS.

    2. If you want a good open world game, I’d go check out Saints Row IV. That game is both fun to play and absolutely hilarious!

  6. Fuck, I’ll pay $13 bucks for it. What else will I play on my WiiU?

    Actually, I’m playing Xenoblade 3D, and holy fucking god it’s far better thsn I expected…now I kniw where “X” get’s it’s Dolls from…

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Or you could buy it for $7 more used so Ubisoft won’t get a single penny. They don’t deserve the money from a game that they practically ruined the Wii U sales of.

      And on to the reason I liked your comment, the Face Mechon are pretty awesome to see in action in the cutscenes, huh! :D

    1. You probally dont have a spare quarter i know you need your change to buy your Bar S bolonga from walmart u poor bastrd….But its actually a good modern game ….you stupid troll….

    1. Good but not better than the Witcher 3 not even close your comment is stupid…Witcher 3 probably will be game of the year son

  7. This is one game I have zero interest in ever buying. Not unless I found it at a thrift shop or yard sale for dirt cheap. It always looked SO incredibly dull and boring.

      1. I don’t “play” with amiibos. I just collect them. With the exception of using the Toad amiibo in Captain Toad.

      1. I kinda liked Saints Row the Third. Way more fun to play than any GTA game released in the past 10 years. I’m more of a Red Dead Redemption guy tho

        1. Red Dead 2, from what I heard, it’s damn good for western stylist gamers. XP

          GTA5 however DESTROYS “so called” Saints Row 3/4. In fact, the first two games were far better.

  8. irosas master puppet

    I’d buy it for a quarter and sell it for a dollar then get a drink at McDonald’s, that’s about it …

    1. The game is better more mature than Splatoon son….for a dollar a Mc donalds u cant get a drink only a tea.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        It’s okay. We know you need to play a so called mature game to feel mature. *pats on the head*

  9. Once upon a time, I thought, maybe with a discount, I’d buy it. Now I’ve realized, it’s not the value of the money, that’s holding me back. It’s the value of my time. And this game just seems to be a waste of it.

    1. That BS “Rayman” 6 month delay truly was a waste of time. At least we can all walk away knowing the fact that dumbass Ubisoft wasted even more money and time gimp-porting this shit. lol The joke’s on them in the end.

      1. They likely made more money off of the ports than they did off of the original. The Wii U version still hasn’t sold nearly as well as other versions despite the Wii U version being the best version.

        If a port is beating the Wii U version in sales, I would take that as a bad sign.

        1. No it’s not the best version. No online free roam mode, no Bad Blood DLC, sub-par graphics with ridiculously high contrast and that “Gamepad hacking mechanic” never happened; they basically lied about everything for Wii U port being “worked hard to take advantage of the Gamepad” MY FUCKING ASS.

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