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YouTube To Hold “Nintendo Power Half-Hour” In E3 Programme

YouTube is holding its very own special E3 programme with Geoff Keighley where they’ll be streaming all sorts of game demos, info, interviews and all that jazz. Within the YouTube programme, they’ll be having a half hour dedicated to Nintendo news called the “Nintendo Power Half-Hour” which will include demo’s, interviews and updates especially on Sunday night’s Nintendo World Championships. If you want to catch the Nintendo slot on the YouTube E3 special then check in at 2:30 PM ET / 11:30 AM PT / 7:30 PM in the UK / 8:30 PM in Europe on Monday 15th.

13 thoughts on “YouTube To Hold “Nintendo Power Half-Hour” In E3 Programme”

  1. Where Nintendo will announce that Youtube Gaming Stream will be on the Wii U AND 3DS… That’d be awesome if you could do it on 3DS.

    1. I could see New 3DS steaming while playing regular 3DS maybe since there’s that extra oomph of processing power, but I doubt Wii U would be able to.

  2. I absolutely hate the fact that YouTube is turning so commercial now… It used to be a place for content creators to share thier videos without commercials and big corporations sticking thier fat fucking fingers in the cookie jar. Pretty soon it will be just like NBC or CBS… Reality shows and all….. Fuck it all, goodbye Youtube..

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