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Take A Look At The Nintendo World Championships Trophy And Some More Details


Game Informer have a good hefty interview with the producer of the Nintendo World Championships 2015, Erik Peterson, and it’s pretty awesome. We get a first look at the very shiny trophy with a very gold Mario statue, and some interesting details and teases about the championships which are taking place tomorrow. He tells us why they chose NES Remix, teases some secret games and guests and even talks about The Wizard a little bit. Read the full interview at Game Informer’s website, or take a look at a snippet below:

“Why NES Remix? Why not break out the original consoles and cartridges?

Ultimate NES Remix on Nintendo 3DS was only used for our qualifying rounds at select Best Buy stores around the country. It was a fun nod to the original 1990 tournament, since we were using the game’s World Championship mode which included some of the games used in the original competition.

On June 14, The Nintendo World Championships will use eight different games, including Splatoon and The Legend of Zelda. Although we’ve already revealed these two games, we see the element of surprise as being important – we want to truly test the competitors’ skills by forcing them to adapt to the challenges we throw at them.

What does the winner receive? Will there be a crown similar to the robe that was awarded to the recent 3DS Super Smash Bros. champion?

We’ve been keeping this a secret until now, but maybe this is a good time to reveal it. The winner will receive a trophy featuring a large gold-plated sculpture of Mario. A one of a kind event like the Nintendo World Championships deserves a one of a kind award, and we’re really pleased with how this turned out.”

50 thoughts on “Take A Look At The Nintendo World Championships Trophy And Some More Details”

  1. I wouldnt take the trophy for free mario 3d games suck and nintendo going mobile is blasfmey you fools and the trophy aint real gold anyway suckas.

      1. He’s mad because sonic and the geneshit are for causals.

        There’s already mobile sonic games which all of them suck

    1. Doesn’t matter if it’s real gold or not. That trophy will be worth more money than a real gold statue! lol..

      Remember, the carts from the original NWC have sold for 100k dollars!! And those were not even one of a kind. This is one of a kind, and could potentially sell for over 100,000 dollars…. Whoever wins this event will be RICH! ……… Kind of

  2. I wonder how much it’s gonna sell on eBay.

    But please no, that’s just a waste – unless there is no contest winner name, then it might have value

    1. Well, the original NWC carts sold for 30k, 40k, even up to 100k dollars.. I’m sure this will be equally as collectable, maybe even more so..

      1. Weeellll, unlike the cartridges, there is only gonna be ONE trophey. So it’s gonna have a substantial value.

        1. That gold trophy is fake and gameing died in 1995 when playstaion came out you bastard and metroid prime sucks the last good metroid was super metroid super nes the hand held sissy shit dont count son…ps get a life you on here too much nerd lol

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                  1. Mortal kombat? Blood? LOL that’s the only reason? You suck as a gamer if you cry over blood.

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    1. I’m actually excited to watch this. I would have loved to be a contestant…. But no Best Buys near where I live…

    2. GEEZ! That is ONE AWESOME trophy right there!
      Yeah so maybe it’s only gold plated, but it’s worth a lot because there’s only ONE and it will be given to the WINNER of the NWC!
      You wouldn’t be so critical about it if you had it sitting on your mantle!

      1. I wouldnt take it id say you suck nintendo for going mobile and its gold plated im a man of honor….and then id say the genesis kicked the Snes ass

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      1. every time i see a genesis and the thrift store i purposely break it so nobody will be able to play it.

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