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Looks Like Platinum Games Next Title Will Be A Multiplatform Transformers Game


We are all looking forward to seeing the unveiling of Platinum Games new project next week. Initially there weren’t too many hints regarding what they’re working on. However, video game website GameKyo says that their next game is titled Transformers Devastation and will be a multiplatform release. One thing to note is the platforms that are listed do not include the Wii U, which is similar to their last project The Legend of Korra.

143 thoughts on “Looks Like Platinum Games Next Title Will Be A Multiplatform Transformers Game”

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      1. Looks amazing! I’m guessing that it’s a timed exclusive for Microsoft and then it will come to the PS4. That’s how I’ll be getting it of course and this could end up being the best Transformers game out there! The series has a superb track record so far with the War for Cybertron series and even the movie cash in titles being solid.

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      2. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS and Wii U.

        There is absolutely nothing to suggest that this is Platinum’s game. sickr PLEASE stop lying to these people this is like the THIRD article about Platinum’s upcoming game that you’ve placed a bold faced lie in the article. I’m considering not reading this website anymore if you do not learn some journalistic integrity. This is why #GamerGate exists and is here to stay. So corrupt journalists like you stop lying to your readerbase.

        1. “Théoriquement, rien ne lie encore ce projet avec Platinum mais quand on connaît les très mauvais retours des récents épisodes et le fait que le studio a déjà répondu à une commande d’Activision…”
          Hey, you’re right. It’s just an assumption made by the site because Platinum has worked with Activision before. It probably is their game, but it’s good to know there’s still a small possibility of Platinum working on something else.

          1. The second paragraph says that, ‘theoretically’, the project isn’t connected to Platinum in any way. They’re assuming it’s their game because they’ve worked with Activision (who publishes Transformer games) before in The Legend of Korra. It’s just a rumor.

              1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS and Wii U.

                Saying looks as though means it will probably happen. Like saying “Looks as though Roy and Ryu will be in Smash Brothers” saying that it looks as though this is the Platinum Game is a bold faced lie seeing as how it was a theory from ONE person with no back-up proof at all.

              2. English is not my first language, but it feels to me that ‘looks like’, which is the actual idiom used in the headline, carries more conviction that ‘looks as thought’, right? Same with using ‘will’ instead of ‘could be’ or other words used to express doubt. Maybe I don’t have that much of a frim grasp on the English language, I don’t know.

          2. “A new Transformers game from Activision is allegedly in the works and features cel-shaded graphics.”

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        3. It’s just a rumor. Journalists report rumors all the time. Keep your panties on..

          If he is proven right, there is no backlash for you. There is no consequence for your ignorant post. But I’ll remember. I’ll remember the idiot in mnn that was proven wrong.

      3. What I predict is that they are doing this Transformers multiplatformer game AND doing a Nintendo exclusive.

        Platinum can work on more than one game at a time.

        Honestly, a Platinum Games Transformer game would be a pretty big disappointment. I would like it to cone to Wii U if it is possible.

      4. And Nintendo won’t think of Platinum IPS for Smash but think of Capcom. Platinum deserves the extra Revenue from Smash.

      5. Platinum is large enough to announce more than one game this year, save your disappointment until after E3. This is most likely a non-retail side project like Korra was.

          1. Actually, you might be right because if you look on their twitter page, it looks like a screen shot from Vanquish… so this might NOT be their game, most likely is Vanquish 2

            1. Never know, barely anyone bought the game which was a shame but knowing Nintendo and how the helped them get Bayonetta 2 developed, then I wouldn’t be surprised if this WAS a Wii U exclusive.

              1. Didn’t it sell more than one million units combining both versions’ numbers? That’s pretty good for a new IP, and it’s not like Platinum’s business model is influenced by sales that much, they’ll just get paid to do whatever. If it is a Wii U exclusive, I’m hoping for a bundle with a port of the first game again. Imagine the outrage.

            2. Also, Vanquish was also published by Sega much like Bayonetta was and knowing the relationship between Nintendo and Sega recently, I think Vanquish 1 and 2 will be exclusives for the Wii U :D

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              2. That’s actually a good point, I didn’t think about who has the rights of the IP (since Platinum probably doesn’t, or not entirely). Could Platinum be the bridge that narrows Sega and Nintendo’s relationship even further?

                1. I think it could be a possibility, seeing how Sega and Nintendo have been getting along pretty well with most of Sega’s games releasing to Wii U and 3DS so far.

        1. If you look at the image I posted up from their official twitter page, it looks like they might be announcing a new Vanquish game.

      6. You know, I hate to say this. But I honestly think Platinum Games is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, they are a good development team, but they are not amount the top elite developers that so many claim them to be…

        How could they be making this shovel ware garbage? And after Korra?

        1. As far as I know, Platinum is internally organized in three main teams: Kamiya’s team (which develops the games Kamiya signs as a director), a secondary team about the same size (which I think was in charge of Bayonetta 2 and maybe Metal Gear Rising) and their small team. That last one was the team that developed Korra and probably this, if it turns out to be a Platinum game.

          1. ” Pure Xbox goes as far as speculating that Platinum is developing this title as well, but that doesn’t seem very likely.”

            You didn’t read that part, did you?

      7. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>I really hope it’s only a handful of them helping out with this garbage instead of making a real game themselves>>>

      8. Is shit, then.
        I was hoping a big AAA game, or something. Something original for the WiiU, but not that crap.
        Damn it… =_= waste of resources and time. So much talent waste..

            1. Sega original published the first game, much like Bayonetta.
              So really it’s a 90% chance that it will be on Wii U EXCLUSIVELY.

      9. Its not coming out for Wii u because Wii u is dead kiddie console with last gen specs with kiddie pussy games……… a damn ps4 and if u cant afford one buy a ps3…lol

          1. Fun Fact:
            Transformers is a toy brand, so really he’s saying the PS4 and Xbox One deserve it because it’s chock full of kids.

        1. Irony, Transformers is a toy brand….
          So you want to play with toys instead of playing games? Really pushing the troll stereotype there.

      10. I saw this first on a TF site and when they mentioned it as an Xbox exclusive, I just lose interest.

        If this game does come out to the Wii U, whoever makes it is irrelevant, because as a Transformers game with a G1 theme would be any TF Fan’s dream.

        1. High Moon Studios is most likely working on this seeing how Activision wasn’t too happy with the sales of Korra

          1. Thats why assassins creed blackflag wii u was on par with ps4 , please remove the dick from your mouth before having the dignity to speak

                1. I like Wii u but nintendo needs to port all the wii vc games to wii u so you can play them with the gamepad this is unacceptable

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