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Fan-Made Amiibo Compatibility Chart Updated To Version 4.3

amiibo_compatibility_chartThe super handy and much appreciated amiibo compatibility chart made by ‘moldyclay’ has been updated to incorporate the newest games and information. Fire Emblem If and Chibi Robo!: Zip Lash have been added to the chart, and Girls Mode 3, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Yoshi’s Woolly World and Art Academy: Home Studio have all been updated. But as moldyclay tweeted, it won’t be long before it needs updating again after E3! The chart details everything the amiibo unlock and do in the games. How helpful!



8 thoughts on “Fan-Made Amiibo Compatibility Chart Updated To Version 4.3”

  1. Out of that chart I think Fire Emblem If has the best use of amiibo to date. Dammit this is going to force me to hunt down those Fire Emblem amiibo now lol

    1. Great White FUCK YOU

      This chart is an awesome piece to show everyone how much Nintendo is locking behind these pieces of shit

      1. Yeah I suppose that’s true. They were free to obtain with Fire Emblem Awakening. I guess I was looking for a reason to justify purchasing them :(

  2. I forgot about the Pacman Amiibo MK8 Mii racing suit. Lol. I just received Pacman in the mail the other day. I think Pacman’s racing suit is my second favorite. Captain Falcon is my favorite suit. Something to look forward to today. Nice.

  3. Too bad it’s near-impossible to unlock half this stuff since the required amiibo are sold out or in the hands of scalpers…

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