GameXplain Discuss Ryu, Roy And Other Leaked Information For Super Smash Bros

It has been quite a day already, as we have learnt that Ryu and Roy will be featured in Super Smash Bros. The information was clearly supposed to be announced tomorrow during the Super Smash Bros presentation, so no doubt the Nintendo Ninjas will be out for retribution. Anyway, if you want to hear more about the leak then be sure to check out the GameXplain discussion, above.


  1. I love that they’re adding Ryu. He absolutely deserves the spot, and he’ll bring in some fresh wind in the roster, as he’s completely new. Such a good choice imo.

    1. FINALLY! SOMEONE REALIZES IT! Ryu is important because SF2 is important to Nintendo. Yet people complain because the new one isn’t on Wii U?

      Smash is about celebrating Nintendo icons, and Ryu is one.

      1. Completely agreed. When I think about the SNES, Street Fighter literally is one of the first games that comes to my mind.
        Ryu is one of the most iconic video game characters out there, and I think it’s super exciting that he’ll be joining the SSB roster.

      1. Ryu is in…
        Street Fighter 2 – one of the best selling games on SNES (and one of the best selling Capcom games).
        Street Fighter 4 – sold best on 3DS.
        Tatsunoko vs Capcom on Wii
        Project X Zone on 3DS

        SF1 and 3 weren’t released on Nintendo consoles yea, but it’s not like a lot of people care about these.

    2. Capcom is srlling out outting Ryu from the best Fighting game in history in a kiddie pussy nintendi game i hate to see this shit it majes ne sick

    3. It’s a shocking revelation to me. I never expected another 3rd party character to make the cut especially this awesome motherfucker. :3 Adding Ryu alone makes the game een more worth it than having a new SF on Wii U.

  2. This really pisses me off. Why the fuck would you let a street fighter character in smash when the fucking upcoming game is skipping wii u. Honestly I’m fucking lost and don’t get me fucking started on Roy and lucas. Like I said before, the dlc is going to be nothing but a buch of garbage and clone characters.

      1. Phonex wright has a better fucking spot than he does. Your fucking point being?

        1. Lol, no he doesn’t. None has a “better fucking spot” than Ryu. Even Mega Man is an arguable case. Wright isn’t as iconic nor as important for videogame history in general than Ryu. Do a google image search for ‘capcom logo’. Who do you see?

          1. So now it’s fucking about being iconic. Oh let’s fucking captain price, master chief, scrapion, sub zero, and fucking Kratos in smash as well. I have nothing against capcom but if those fuckers never helped with smash. None of they’re fucking Characters would be no near smash.

            1. “So now it’s fucking about being iconic”
              Sonic, Pac Man, Mega Man and to a lesser extent Snake say hi. Also, funny how you couldn’t name any japanese character to support your argument.
              It always was about being iconic for third-party characters. That and having strong ties to Nintendo. It’s been said again and again. The exception to the rule is, again, Snake, which was just Kojima begging Sakurai to include him.

              1. I’ma a boss ass bitch (who based on his name and pretty much every single comment I swear is a middle school kid) is just trollin. Won’t get much from him, especially with evidence.

                Excited for Ryu. Never played Street Fighter (or fire emblem), but his addition with the smash roster votes will be neat.

                1. I know, I just like to debate. It’s a good excercise in logic.
                  How could you avoid playing a Street Fighter game? They’re everywhere. If you’re willing to try both series out, I’d say give either Fire Emblem (the GBA one, the one that’s simply called “Fire Emblem” in the west), Sacred Stones or Awakening a try. They are the easiest games in the series (not counting Shadow Dragon, but Shadow Dragon is… problematic) and great starting points for newcomers.
                  About Street Fighter, play whichever you like the most based on console generation. I’d suggest to avoid the Alpha subseries, since they’re a bit more complicated than the rest. Honestly, Street Fighter II is probably the best starting point not only for people interested in Street Fighter, but for people interested in fighting games in general.

        2. Phoenix wright no way before Ryu? Ryu is a king in fighting games. Phoenix wright is such a niche little title I hope never sees the light of smash.

        3. >>>Not anymore, since the imbeciles decided to go mobile only plus skipping our machines with their latest games>>>

      1. Oh now here comes this don’t buy it bullshit. Bitch! There are more characters worthy of this fucking spot. Give people what they have been asking for. Not some bullshit that no one fucking cared for. Give them ridley, crystal, and king k rool. Fucking banjo. Get out of my fucking face with that “Don’t but it.” Bullshit! That is most dumbest shit anyone can fucking say.

        1. This individual has a very expanded vocabulary. Sir I feel greatly sorry for your mental disorder and I hope your parents can afford special schools for your “special” problem.

          Have a nice day!
          Sincerely, Sarcasm.

        2. Lol you bum ass bitch, you come on this news site and talk shit, you are a little kid that needs to shut your mouth. You know nothing. I can’t stand the nonsense you spew out of your dick sucker

          1. If fuckers like me didn’t come to site. You delusional bitches will be stuck, blindly sucking Nintendo’s dick all the time.

                  1. No! No! You have it all wrong. Only the weak need ruling. Those in command will always be overthrown by those who are fucking strong and rebellious.

                    1. >>>It takes a lot more than strenght and rebellions to overthrow my kind boy>>>

                    2. You two are kids aren’t you? Grow up or go spam somewhere else.

          1. Did I ever list goku? I gave reasonable askings. Not bullshit like goku and shrek.

            1. Either you commit to your argument or you don’t. This half-assed shit you’re trying to pass as reasonable askings doesn’t hold any water.

              1. No. You have it all wrong. Your the one with the half assed argument. Simply stating goku was the dumbest shit to ever comment. And if I’m against Ryu getting in. Why the fuck would I contradict myself by saying let goku and shrek in smash?

                1. You contradicted yourself when you said this:
                  “Not some bullshit that no one fucking cared for. Give them ridley, crystal, and king k rool. Fucking banjo.”
                  You listed:
                  -One character that’s actually leads many unofficial polls.
                  -One character that’s probably top 5 in most fan polls.
                  -One character which’s incursion is problematic, fact that has been adressed by -Sakurai himself.
                  -One character that is loathed on its original fanbase.
                  Guess who’s who.

                    1. Eh. I share some of his concerns and I think shrinking Ridley to Bowsers’ size would make him look weird as hell, but I wouldn’t be mad if he made it in. I’d still prefer to keep him as a boss, though.

                2. How’s that video game design “degree” going :-)?

                  Bet you’ll be top dog in no time making trillions of $$$$ from your amazing games.
                  I bet with your completely calm and respectable nature you’ll be famous :-).
                  Not at all like the creator of Fez.

                    1. He made a comment how he will make more money than anyone else, and how he has so much creativity for video games no one has ever thought of, so he’s getting a “degree” in game design to show Nintendo his fantastic games.

                    2. He made a comment on another article about how creative his ideas are, and how no one thought of them before.

                      So he’s pursuing a video game design “degree” to show Nintendo.

                      Also my other comment didn’t appear at the time of this comment, so if another comment pops up from me then just ignore one of them.

        3. So the main character of the game that kickstarted an entire genre of video game doesn’t deserve to be part of the roster of a video game franchise that celebrates the history of video games that’s inspired by the genre that he was a pioneer of.
          Makes sense to me. There are zero holes in that logic

          1. And from the game that invented combos in fighting games as we know them and was the… what? 4th best selling Super Nintendo game?

        4. Those characters are being voted on, I think these are just bonus characters on top of the voting so I think K. Rool has a good chance.

    1. Whether or not a character makes it into the roster isn’t decided by wondering if their next game will be on WiiU. There is no PacMan or MegaMan on WiiU either, but they still made it in the roster. Why? Because they’re iconic, and they made an appearance on Nintendo’s classic consoles at some point.
      Ryu absolutely deserves it, in my opinion.

      1. >>>I wouldn’t mind Ryu being in Smash later AFTER they at least put some other representatives for F-Zero and Metroid>>>

        1. I’d much rather have one of the Marth clones replaced by other characters. Ryu is, in my opinion, a very good choice, if not one of the best choices they could have made. But that’s just my personal view on the matter, of course.

        1. Wow, you’re right! I had no idea, lmao. But I doubt those games had much of an influence on the decision to add Pac-Man to the roster, so my point still stands, right? :p

          1. Obviously. Don’t forget to add Namco’s own nepotism to the equation (I don’t think they had a saying in the roster in any meaningful way, but honestly, who didn’t expect Pac-Man when we heard Namco was working on Smash?)

          2. Capcom has been supporting the 3DS and Wii U with the old Megaman games like crazy. Sure we haven’t gotten a “new” Megaman game, but no one has, so it’s forgiven.

            It would stink if Wii U missed out on the next new Megaman game at the same time that Megaman joins Smash Bros.

      2. Most main series Mega Man games are on the Wii U VC, and Pac-Man classics are available there’s too, plus a few crappy platformers from 2914 if I’m not wrong

        1. Oh, I was only referring to actual WiiU games, sepcially made for the console – eShop games excluded. SF is available as a VC title as well, so taking eShop games (VC in particular) into consideration would only support my argument, as the person I’ve replied to said Ryu doesn’t deserve the spot as he has no game on the WiiU.

        1. lol I can’t I wonder how many people will try to press Down Towards Forward and a punch button to do a Ha Do Ken their first time playing him in smash.

        2. My boy demands Jin from Tekken lol he’s been demanding him since the new smash was announced

    2. It’s a paid PS4 exclusive isn’t it? And with Ryu in Smash Bros. now, WTF cares about not having another SF on Nintendo when all you get in that game is constant spamming. With Ryu in, there’s no need for SF for Wii U at all. lol

      1. I Could care less if a street fighter game made it on the wii u. Now mortal kombat fucking yeees! My question is why the fuck is he in smash?

        1. My guess is the fans voted him more. I didn’t vote Ryu but I had a feeling he’ll be one of the top choices. I’m super excited to see Ryu in the game and Roy returning. Now let’s hope for Dixie, K. Rool and Krystal makes the cut. :3

    3. BTW, Roy wasn’t much of a clone and he felt balanced to play from Melee. Lucina is a direct clone of Marth and many wished for Chrome to be chosen since he’s different.

      1. So basically we have 3 marths now. Fuck might as well add 5 pit clones. Seems fair enough, according to the fan base and Sakurai’s logic. But oh evert fucking complained when dark pit was added. Too many fucking fan boys blinded by melee nostalgia.

        1. Only Lucina is a clone of the Fire Emblem cast. Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, Lucas and Ganon are clones of the game. Dark Pit should’ve been Dark Samus, Dr. Mario for Paper Mario, Ganon should’ve had his own moves and Lucas should be an alternate reskin in Ness’s color. Roy isn’t much of a clone but I hope they have him some good surprise changes. :)

      2. Not according to Sakurai, he isn’t. But then again, he didn’t even try to make him different.

    4. Considering I grew up on the SNES, Ryu makes perfect sense for me since Street Fighter 2 just screams Nintendo SNES. If you didn’t at least rent the game & played it, you were missing out.

  3. Oh my god the surprise is ruined. I was not expecting another leak :((((( yay we have two more characters…but the hype is gone….

    1. It’s there you’re just overthinking. If you saw this tomorrow one day later would it really be THAT much more exciting?

  4. I seriously hate shit like this. Everything gets leaked and ruins the fun of everything…

    1. >>>These impatient cretin and greedy humans must be annihilated as soon as possible to avoid further spoilers>>>

      1. Plus you have all these whiny bitches that won’t stop crying until they get what they want.

        I’d expect this on the announcement day but during a leak? It’s much worse.

    2. We were supposedly gonna see this tomorrow so I don’t mind as much, one day isn’t a big deal honestly. And some might have even missed this cause they might be too busy playing lucas and not see the news till later lol.

  5. I heard nintendo will ban you from this fun kiddie fighting game fir almost anything.

  6. Not a fan of seeing characters in Smash Bros from franchises that skip Nintendo consoles.

    I’m also not a fan of having two vlones of the SAME character. Roy is not justified in any manner. We have Lucina and we have Marth.. We also have a LOT of Fire Emblem characters and a lot of sword wielders in general. If they hve to do another Fire Emblem character, why not Sumia? She rides a pegasus and uses a lance. Would make for an actual original moveset…

    1. Roy’s Our Boy. If Lucina got in, I’m totally fine with Roy. He’s much less of a clone anyway than her.

    2. Well if you think of it Roy saves Sakurai more time, and also Roy appeals to Fire emblem and most smash veterans alike, and if we where to have a lance weirder, it would probably be Seliph, Sigurd, or Ephraim, as they are icons of the series more so than Sumia. And btw way have way more fist fighters than sword fighters.

    3. I seriously do wonder why in the fuck is this even a bloody complaint. “There’s too many sword fighters!” What next? Too many hand to hand combat fighters? lmfao

  7. Ugh I am always happy to se new characters reavealed, the more the merrier, but Roy’s reveal pisses me off more than anything. We already had Lucina, why the hell would we need a second Marth clones, but that is the least of my worries, my question to Nintendo is: Why the hell do we have 5 Fire Emblem characters!? That is the same amount of Zelda characters in the game…….seriously what is wrong with that picture? Yet games that are more iconic like Star Fox, Metroid, and Mother only have 2 characters each……. Don’t get me wrong I love Fire Emblem, it’s wonderful, but it does not deserve to be placed at the same level as Zelda.
    Rant end

    1. Zelda aint that good lol the sega genesis game Landstalker is better than zelda in every way

    2. I believe Robin and Lucina were added because of popularity, and because Awakening saved the FE franchise as a whole.

    3. *whispers* Sakurai hates those franchises that are heavily influenced by western culture.

  8. I plan to get Ryu, but am not interested in clones imo. It is a shame SSF V will be skipping Nintendo consoles.

  9. Isn’t it obvious why franchises like Metroid, Star fox, & Mother don’t have a lot of representation? Because Sakurai obviously has biased hate towards the fact these games are heavily influenced by western culture. Least that’s the impression I get, anyway.

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