Take A First Look At LEGO Dimensions Gameplay Featuring Portal

Ever wondered what Lego turrets from Portal would look like? How would Batman cope in Aperture Laboratories? Would does Chell look like driving the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo? You can experience and create all these things and a whole world more. The first look at LEGO Dimensions gameplay was revealed earlier at E3, and it looks pretty unreal.

Take a look at the Starter Pack, including the Dimensions Portal, Batman, Gandalf and Wildstyle to set you on your way into endless possibilities. With the Portal expansion pack, you can go on an adventure through a Lego Portal world and combine the brilliant puzzle gameplay of both Portal and the LEGO games. Even more exciting is the game features both GLaDOS and Wheatley! So, just take a look at the feature in the video above and see how you fancy LEGO Dimensions.



  1. Meh. There’s already enough Lego games.. Every year.

    Wonder what Sony will show tonight. Their Ratchet remake looks amazing… gonna have to buy a new PS4 for that (and KH3 because I refuse to play that on my Xbone).

    Fingers crossed for a new Crash game. He’s been dead too long.

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  2. I’m really liking the game after watching the video. Being able to explore all types of characters and worlds just sounds awesome. I’m not sure how the game works though as far as characters go. The more characters you have the more missions you have I’m assuming?


    1. From what it looks like, the base game has Lego Movie, Batman and LotR levels, with all other levels coming in level packs. These level packs look like they come with 1-2 characters and 2-3 items/vehicles each, so I imagine prices will vary a lot more than Disney Infinity or Skylanders level packs that usually are packed with specific number of characters and items.


      1. Too expensive for me, especially considering I would want a lot if the characters and I could spend that money in multiple games. I’m sure these things will sell like hot cakes though. The idea is very nifty, but too expensive.


      2. To be completely honest, I’ll probably just end up buying the Portal and Doctor Who packs and not even bother with the game. Considering they still work as regular lego pieces and come off of their stands, I’ll be able to shove them into my array of random large star wars vehicles, so it works for me lol


      3. I never thought about it like that for actual Lego users. Wouldn’t it make sense to just buy they’re respected Lego packs though instead of the game pieces? Are they’re not packs for them, or are they just cheaper?


      4. There will be a single set for Doctor who soon, Back to the Future only has 1 set, and it seems like this could be the only time Portal is available in lego form at all, but I imagine they’ll be available on a larger scale later on, having their popularity tested through sales for Dimensions, and then promoted after a while using the level pack as an older backdrop…’ll be really interesting to see where Lego goes with this, and what sorts of other franchises it might bring in, just so they can test the waters for possible larger expansions, the same way they did with the mini minecraft sets leading to the full expansive sets available now.

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  3. Looks cool but no one has the money to buy all these sets immediately. You are literally paying hundreds of dollars just to start if you want the complete experience


  4. As much as the game looks nice, the toys will probably hinder its appeal. Lego bricks are expensive, so I don’t see a possibility that this will be any cheaper.


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