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What Are The Most Popular And Unpopular E3 Nintendo Games (According To YouTube Likes)

Even the crew at My Nintendo News freely admit that Nintendo’s 2015 Digital Event @ E3 was not perfect — while some games have been seeing some love, others (as well as Nintendo as a whole) are being raked across the coals. Whether this is a response to the games themselves or a reaction when comparing the Nintendo Event to Sony, Bethesda, and Microsoft’s generally well received conference, Nintendo is getting socially and critically dismembered (prompting a quick apology from Nintendo Japan CEO, Satoru Iwata.)

However, nowhere has this vitriol been seen quite as prevalently as the YouTube videos. After checking the likes and dislikes of each individual announcement, we’ve tallied the popularity of each reveal, from the superstars to the flops. Check out the list below, and let us know whether you agree!

Italics titles are Nindies.
Bold titles are events.
Regular typeface titles are games shown during Nintendo’s Direct.

Popularity — Rated Most to Least Popular (Likes/Dislikes):

  1. Typoman: 99% (745/7)
  2. Earthbound Beginnings: 98% (5406/72)
  3. Freedom Planet: 98% (1180/22)
  4. RIVE: 98% (515/11)
  5. Soul Axiom: 98% (452/8)
  6. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge: 98% (266/6)
  7. Nintendo World Championships 2015: 97% (28454/905)
  8. Super Smash Bros. New Content Approaching: 97% (18918/654)
  9. Fire Emblem Fates: 97% (3324/109)
  10. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero: 97% (1906/50)
  11. Runbow: 97% (743/23)
  12. Nindies@Home: 97% (679/20)
  13. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water: 97% (1248/41)
  14. forma 8: 97% (364/12)
  15. Lovely Planet: 96% (617/25)
  16. Xenoblade Chronicles X: 95% (2381/123)
  17. Yoshi’s Woolly World: 91% (834/83)
  18. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam: 90% (2376/275)
  19. Super Mario Maker: 89% (1382/159)
  20. Star Fox Zero: 84% (3024/546)
  21. FAST Racing Neo: 79% (677/182)
  22. Genei Ibun Roku #FE: 76% (1557/485)
  23. Hyrule Warriors Legends: 73% (858/316)
  24. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: 68% (955/442)
  25. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes: 66% (1085/563)
  26. Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash: 64% (426/241)
  27. Yo-Kai Watch: 60% (470/310)
  28. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games: 59% (975/687)
  29. SteamWorld Heist: 55% (364/293)
  30. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash: 53% (1377/1206)
  31. Nintendo Digital Event: 44% (2955/3710)
  32. Skylanders SuperChargers: 23% (507/1668)
  33. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival: 13% (540/3538)
  34. Metroid Prime: Federation Force: 9% (1511/15364)

    *** This list was made on the current statistics of YouTube videos, they are subject to change (and likely have changed already).

196 thoughts on “What Are The Most Popular And Unpopular E3 Nintendo Games (According To YouTube Likes)”

      1. The Animal Crossing game was a slap in the face to Animal Crossing fans as well. It sucks that I’m a fan of BOTH games.

        Got bitch slapped twice. It’s still hurts.

        1. I was highly disappointed to see an Animal Crossing board game for the Wii U. I (along with many others) had hoped for a regular main game for the Wii U. Happy Home Designer looks fun though.

        1. Probably because Metroid actually had new, real main-line game entries back then.

          It’s been 5 years, and we get a spin-off.

          That’s why people are so mad. I don’t think people would’ve reacted the same if Metroid hadn’t disappeared for a while.

          1. It’s not just being a spin off but rather insulting the name of Metroid and Prime with this fucking chibi Pre-DS garbage that makes Other M a rather better game (even when it’s not) and makes Metroid Prime Hunters look better than that shit. This should be more of a mobile game and removed of the Metroid/Prime title in its disgraceful name. Same goes for Animal Crossing, another slap in the face of its fanbase.

            1. Yep, this was absolute shit today. Not even Starfox could save this steaming pile of bullshit. Just when you think “Oh maybe Nintendo is finally getting the point.” They show you how far they are from it.

              1. And it’s why I’m leaving their fanbase now. It’s becoming such a joke that no one taking them or the fans seriously anymore and it only feeds them more ammunition to talk shit about the fans and the games. I’m tired of it.

                  1. Now I’m starting to understand why third parties have disbanded. Even Nintendo has failed on their core audiences and left to other consoles. I’m about to sell my Wii U but there’s a few things holding it back: Indies like Freedom Planet but I could get that on Steam anyway.

                    1. I’ll probably keep it until Zelda. I’d imagine after that, it will be pretty much dead. Maybe even before that, if they announce they’re putting Zelda on the NX.

                      Freedom Planet looks awesome. I’ll be picking it up on steam.

                      1. Zelda for Wii U is pretty much abandoned for NX. Forget about it. I’ll just stay with the 3DS and whatever games I got. I’m not spending anymore money for those ignorant fuckers who are ruining what I appreciated. They’ve done it for the last time. No more new systems, no more Mario, no more anything. I’ll just move to PS and Steam. That’s it.

        2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          And people complained about Other M. Least it actually revolved around Samus. A horrible representation of Samus but still Samus.

        1. Wow their E3 video has more dislikes that likes. I was only exaggerating when I asked if it sucked ass but I guess that it really did suck ass. However I must say that Mario & Luigi x Paper Mario was the best thing I saw personally.

          1. The Paper Mario and Luigi game was the ONLY thing that caught my eye like, “What is this?!” and even then, it was just for a second.

            Everything else was either a terrible looking game or something I already knew about. *sigh*

            1. Lol same. it’s the only game I’m really looking forward too (mainly because it was a surprise). Starfox… i dunno; it doesn’t look as good as Smash or Mario Kart. I’m a little iffy about that game :/

              1. Glad I’m not the only one with the imaginary balls to say that. I felt the exact same way about Starfox, which I was really looking forward to, but now I can’t really say if I am anymore.

                I hope it improves greatly in the months to come, because if it releases like that, I will have no part in it.

              2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                Too bad you missed most of the discussion so far at this point. Barely anyone defending Nintendo in the last 10+ articles. Even Commander was showing how pissed he was. There were still 3 or 4 losers defending Nintendo’s shitty E3, though.

            2. Yea, it was like they only showed a bunch of shovel ware games but slapped one of thier famous I.P.’s on them to make them look better…

              A poor looking Metroid soccer game (has nothing to do with the Metroid franchise)

              An Animal Crossing board game (just a board game, could have used any characters)

              A multiplayer Zelda game….( honestly looks like dlc for ALBW)

              Wtf Nintendo, what in the honest fuck…

        1. What the fuck Nintendo. They’ve lost their touch. I don’t understand why they didn’t show off Zelda U, such a huge waste.

              1. Of course it’s not only a handheld. Why did they decide to delay Zelda right after the NX announcement? Why should they leave their most expensive game to date to rot as a Wii U exclusive and its laughable installed base?

                Unless it’s becoming a mobile game, Zelda U is going to be a NX launch title.

                1. “rot as a Wii U exclusive and it’s laughable installed base?” why don’t people realize that bashing Wii U stopped being cool a while ago?

                  1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                    What the other anon said. It became cool again when Nintendo managed to piss off even people that defend them even when they do stuff like “no voice chat.”

            1. Probably,…… kinda like how Twilight P was proted to Wii. So yeah, its still coming to WiiU (Nintendo confirmed that) and then maybe later ported to NX

              1. It would have been nice to get some more footage and details about the game especially since this game has been in development for a few years now. Zelda is a huge series why not show any progress they made.

                      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                        But watch Nintendo force their way past the rock bottom as they try to hit the core itself! Calling it now!

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            Me as well. Some surprise they had. Everything they showed including starfox was all garbage. I am going to buy starfox. Maybe but it’d be a fucking waste of money. It looks so half assed.

            1. Yes, Starfox was very underwhelming, and I don’t know why people are hyping that reveal. So many publications are saying “It looked incredible.” I’m sorry but there was nothing incredible about it.

              Nothing Miyamoto said, got me anymore excited about it.

              I could not agree with you more, it looked very unpolished.

          2. Fucking over Metroid after fans have waited for almost 6 years of a proper revival like Prime did in 2001, fucking over Animal Crossing fans with no core game for Wii U but a POS party substitute on 3DS (pointless), lack of surprises other than that new Mario & Luigi/Paper Mario crossover, no mentioning of the new Zelda Wii U, no Fire Emblem X Shin crossover, no mentioning of Devil’s Third. Instead they gave us more fucking amiibo’s (getting sick of it now) and garbage ass party games like that Triforce Heroes; another Four Swords game that nobody asked for or care about.

            Nintendo fucked it up so badly for hardcore fans now, it’s gonna cost them big especially after ruining Metroid which is their last saving grace for Wii U. Now there’s nothing left and Nintendo has lost their fucking minds catering to little pussies with party garbage.

            1. Yea seriously, wtf is with all that party nonsense… Give it a rest already… They implement that crap into way too many of their games, and the worse part is that no one asked for it. One of the reasons I haven’t touched Smash Bro’s in months is because they wasted so much space with that god awful party mode on Wii U.

              That’s always been a big problem of mine with Nintendo, most the time it’s almost like they make games for themselves, and not for their fans. When it should obviously be the other way around. Haven’t they learned by now they clearly do not know what is best.

              Hey Reggie, you fucked faced asshole (Sorry he really pissed me off at this event). Maybe you should be listening to fans, cause you guys do not know your ass from your elbow. “I don’t know why people say I look like Bowser, and at times act like Bowser?” Ummm cause you do… Then he says that lame crap about them being overly protective about everything, as if this Skylanders garbage is a sign of them not being that way…

              Really pissed me off how he tried to indirectly attack the Nintendo fanbase over legitimate criticisms people have about the company.

            2. Fe x shin was shown… It was the colourfull game of girls dancing amd singing… Im not joking, it was.

              1. The only reason I figured that game was a crossover was because the FE was in the 3 seconds of title after the video.

        1. Sonys put me to sleep. For the most part those just aren’t games that intrest me. Also, most of the games seemed to be 2016

        2. Bullshit! Sorry man, no offense, but bull fucking shit.

          I’m no Sony fanboy, but Sony’s 45 second intro was more exciting than the entire 50 minute digital event!

          Sony showed off all kinds of bad ass games. Wtf are you smoking? Did you even watch it? That robot dinosaur game looked amazing, easily better than anything Nintendo showed…. Hell everything Nintendo showed we saw last year!

          Sony bitched slapped Nintendo’s ass back to pre-school this E3. Sorry bro.

          1. Most of their games didn’t interest me is what I said and the conference itself had me half asleep (granted it was getting late). Yea, the Horizon game was good and looked interesting. The Last Guardian game that everyone is raving about…I just don’t get it, it looked ridiculous to me. FF doesn’t intrest me in the slightest. Look, of course if you enjoy those types of games Sony had a ton more than Nintendo. I thought Nintendo direct was easily the worst thing in the show but that doesn’t make me excited about the other games either (FIfa, NFL,NHL The division for the 3rd or 4th year). Moreover, a lot of those games are 2016 or later. To be clear, I am not saying Nintendo’s direct was good. I agree it was awfully disappointing

    1. I can see why Amiibo Festival is second last. When the trailer starts the first thing you see is an HD Animal Crossing town and Isabelle. And then it’s a board game. That probably requires Amiibo. And also looks boring.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>No, the empire must make that useless human deity look like a joke when they do their comeback>>>

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Start a war? I’ll gladly start 10 wars to keep me satisfied for a while to forget yesterday’s disaster>>>

                1. Even if the digital event sucked, Nintendo is going to rise again anyway. They’ve been doing it for years.

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Indeed they are and if they deliver true games and not useless civilians ones then I’ll be right there with them 100%, right now I’m just irritated at this missed opportunity to recruit more warriors>>>

    2. People are Pressed! The only way to save this is an emergency Nintendo Direct ASAP.
      Its embarrassing being a huge Nintendo fan right now!

    3. Whatever.

      I got Xenoblade X, SMTxFE, Star Fox, Hyrule Warriors Legends, Mario and Luigi, and the awesome looking Fire Emblem to look forward to.

      Not bad.

        1. This is exactly why I was annoyed!
          Plus, the unnecessary amount of Mario maker and Yoshi’s woolly world, which could’ve just been showcased in Treehouse

          1. Absolutely. And if you’re going to show the same games as last year, at least have the decency of spicing things up a bit by including Fatal Frame, Devil’s Third or even Fast Racing Neo in the mix. I also think that just playing the trailers without giving any information about the games themselves (with the exception of the new Zelda games because of course Aonuma wouldn’t allow it. He has the loudest voice in the team, after all) was very counterproductive.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>It’s like High Command wants to talk about everything that has nothing to do with the real game itself, we get your inspiration and what not, just don’t sit there and talk about it for 5 minutes>>>

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>I didn’t mind that much even if they could have spent less time on it, my problem was all these damn useless games nobody wants, specially that idiotic Animal Crossing garbage>>>

                  >>>2 Zelda’s that we don’t need right now and that insult of a game that dares call itself “Metroid”, this was the time to focus on the Wii U and we only get Starfox which I of course liked but where was all the other games? Devil’s Third, Fast Racing Neo and Fatal Frame? Those 3 games should have been shown instead of the garbage mentioned above for the 3DS and AC>>>

                  1. Yeah. It was because there weren’t any major titles. Just little spin off and party games along with other games we already knew about. I facepalmed hard when they showed off the Wii U’s Animal Crossing. That was not at all what people meant when they asked for a new game. That mini Animal Crossing thing they released on the Wii U was all for nothing apparently.

                2. Personally I couldn’t care less about Super Mario Maker. But a lot of people are looking forward to it.

      1. I think the problem is, while there were some flashy new trailers, there were no actual new announcements for the Wii U (except Mario Tennis if I’m not mistaken). It’s clear that Nintendo has redirected all of its resources to the NX. Still, there are definitely some games to look forward to over the coming year. For me it’s Star Fox, Fatal Frame, Fast Racing Neo, Mario Maker, Xenoblade, and I have a daughter who will probably like Yoshi’s Wholly World. I don’t have a problem with Mario Tennis, but it seems are though it should be an eShop title.

        1. The Animal Crossing thing. But yeah it was mostly just expansions of announcements of what you heard already. Mostly like the other conferences (Sony, UBI, Microsoft) it was just expansions of announcements of games previously announced.

          The whole show was very underwhelming and I am not just talking about Nintendo.

          The best announcements came outside the show (i.e. Fast Racing Neo and the indies at home). IF the direct didn’t happen a month before, it might have been better.

      2. Nobody’s denying that Nintendo doesn’t have some good games coming. Xenoblade and Zelda are still my two most anticipated games of all time..

        But everything they showed we saw last year. EVERYTHING! Well, with the exception of a few shovel ware titles… This was the worst E3 Nintendo has ever had.

      3. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Two of those are games we already knew about going on two years straight now. Star Fox is just yet another fucking reboot. *yawn* Hyrule Warriors Legends is a fucking joke as it’s a total slap in the face for those of us that are supporting the Wii U version & is just Nintendo making their own home console even more irrelevant. No comment on Mario & Luigi because I’m not interested in that spin-off as I prefer Paper Mario. As for the true Fire Emblem game, we won’t even get that til next year. Sorry but the bad heavily outweighs the good. I’m glad you’re happy with Nintendo’s horrible E3, though. Must be nice to take whatever scraps the master throws to you.

      1. Also, just checked, they were in two separate sentences. At best, I’m only as retarded as whoever made the content direction of the Nintendo Digital Event.

    4. Nintnedo have good games. The problem was:

      1. Most of the games were already been covered and revealed last january and april’s nintendo direct. (FEXSMT, FE:If, XBC X)

      2. Not the one’s we’re expecting to get (animal crossing and metroid prime.)

      3. The main advertised game has already been seen and analyze to much after the nintendo championship event (mario maker.)

      4. Leak or breach of information of some announcement (hyrule warrior 3ds. Roy and Ryu smash announcement)

      5. A very bad send off (Super Mario Montage in the end.)

      1. I dont think thats what people are annoyed or disappointed in. We know Nintendo has great if not amazing games coming, whats disappointing is the announcement of new games. They sucked! the only thing that stood out was that M&L: Paper Jam. That Metroid game is such a slap to the face of metroid fans, Since when does Zelda need multiplayer, and the Animal Crossing game is not what people were asking for. Star Fox looks, odd. This was such a bad E3 direct. I see why they stop doing E3 conferences. This one would have blown bad.

        1. I was very underwhelmed with the entire conference, and most of it was downright insulting to what every Nintendo fan has been begging for.

          And enough with the lame party games, oh my god. Did they have to incorporate that into almost every game they showed today, just a total waste of time and money. Barely anyone wants that garbage, so why on earth do they even make this crap, as if it will sell?

          Yes, lets just give fans the complete opposite of what they’ve been asking for… That will fly over well.

          Starfox looks odd to me also, I honestly can’t say I’m too excited over what I saw today.

        2. I feel the same way to. Really disappointed with the E3. After that outstanding last year’s E3 we got this?

          Oh and I did wrote this on my comment above; 2. Not the one’s we’re expecting to get (animal crossing and metroid prime.) I’m referring to how we got an Animal Crossing Wii U and turned out to be a board game and Metroid Prime becoming like a generic shooter.

          I was excited to see the Wii U game pad plus that Isabella Amiibo until I noticed those board game spaces on the ground. I actually thought it was just another Amiibo tied DLC for Mario Party, which would have been fine, but as an actual game on its own; NO!!!!!!!!!!
          Especially since we just got that Mario Party game.

          I’m just hoping and crossing my fingers that they would have some more revelations during the Tree House demonstrations.

    5. Kinda feel bad for Zelda here. I’m sure it would have received more praise if Nintendo had actually shown the Wii U version. It looks interesting.

      But as for Metroid Federation Force… yeah, fuck that game! How hard is it to make a proper Metroid game! I mean holy shit, you had Alien Isolation as a template to work off of!! Just make something like that with more platforming!!!

      All this conference proves is that they’re saving everything for the NX. Seriously, why else would they not show Zelda U. I guaran-FUCKING-tee they won’t talk about it again until they reannounce it as a dual platform game next year when they talk about the NX!

      1. Maybe they are saving Pikmin 4 for NX too. Maybe they are doing this so that NX won’t debut on a drought like Wii U did. Maybe Retro new game saved for NX too. That’s why they didn’t give Starfox good visuals too busy for NX.

    6. Earthbound Beginings, what a joke. The exact same game with nothing changed at all that it was decades ago, and people like that xD I don’t understand, Nintendo fans truly are retarded it’s incredible.

      1. Earthbound beginnings never came out in America until a few days ago. If you didn’t illegally emulate it, then it’s a completely new game to us.

    7. The problem was it was really just another mediocre Nintendo Direct. I have seen Nintendo Directs that were way more exciting than that Digital Event…

      1. That’s actually the problem. The regular Nintendo Direct revealed most of the games for this years E3.

    8. To me it’s really hilarious because I saw a lot of prediction videos for Nintendo E3, and it really hyped me up. From F-Zero to a new Wii U Metroid, people had their hopes up. Nintendo sure likes to mess with their fans. :(

    9. It’s scary that I sort of hate “Metroid: Blast Ball” (I know that’s not the name), and it looks like others feel the same way. I don’t really even know anything about the game – I just know I was hoping for so much more.

      Perhaps, if they’d shown us more – and it were interesting – we wouldn’t be so angry that we didn’t get the “Metroid Prime 4” for Wii U 2016 teaser we were all fully expecting…

      Maybe not.

      I don’t really care if the games get ported to the NX, I just really want another full year of Nintendo support for the Wii U. I’ll feel a little cheated in my purchase if they don’t continue to support it (and will definitely be salty enough to avoid the NX for a good while).

      1. Your not gonna get another full year of support for the Wii U..

        It was painfully obvious that 2015 is the last year for the Wii U… They are developing games for the NX…

        You will get Zelda for Wii U one day… But that’s it as far as future support..

    10. I really recommend people in Ireland and the UK to pick up Mass Effect 3: Special Edition on Wii U. It is just a fantastic game. And if you check out Argos IE and UK, it is €7.99 and £9.99 which is a bargain! I’d consider buying another copy and keeping it sealed! lol It’s just a great game on Wii U and the Wii U GamePad is greatly used!

        1. It really is. And I only got into the series with number 3. I know, shame on me lol I was given 1 for PC on my Birthday a few years ago but at the time, my PC wasn’t the best but I could play it now if I wanted to I guess…

    11. This E3 Direct was the final nail in the Wii U’s coffin, after Zelda U releases the console will officially be dead. Nintendo is most likely developing stuff for the NX instead, they better have an AMAZING set of launch title’s to make up for the tragedy that is the Wii U.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Sounds familiar… Oh yeah! They said the DS wouldn’t replace the Game Boy but we all know how that went!

    12. Of course. The reason they didn’t show any future games for the Wii U, is because THERE ARE NO FUTURE GAMES FOR THE WII U.

      The Wii U will not even reach 15 million in sales.

      I think it’s funny that some people still believe the a Wii U will last until 2017… lol

      1. Impossible for Wii U to last another 2 years. That’s why they pushed Zelda back. It’s going to come to NX. Hopefully they are thinking of 2022 technology while NX is in R&D.

    13. The direct was lacking. I did like getting to see footage of starfox zero, I liked the animal crossing home designer, I even was curious about the animal crossing game on the wii u. Yoshi’s wooly world wasn’t really anything awe inspiring because we’ve seen it already. Xenoblade X was cool but wasn’t really needed because it just announced a release date, same as Yoshi. The mario rpg series cross over is cool and I might pick it up. The Zelda game, honestly it does feel like another four swords game that will be more fun with people, so I’m not to interested, that and it seems like it was made to be filler until zelda u. Metroid prime…that game was out of left field and I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt but it has prime in the title…there was no samus, now maybe it’ll change, I don’t know, but so far I don’t have high expectations. Mario maker we’ve seen already. But this is the issue, a good chunk of the games we’ve already seen…I think originally they planned to have zelda u be their big thing, but then they said it would be delayed so they didn’t have anything to fill in the gap…The other issue is that they were focusing on games for this year mainly…Last year we had a direct which announced quite a few games for the wii u and 3ds. This year they talked about maybe 6 games? I think they limited themselves by not talking about future titles that would be released in 2016. Why they chose to I don’t know, but then again a lot of choices nintendo has made as of late have been questionable.

        1. No. I WASN’T joking. But I just looked it up. I can see why I didn’t know who they were. I don’t care about ANY of their games.

            1. are* — still are all fantastic if you ever go over to an Xbox or PlayStation to try out their best titles :)

    14. Metroid fans are still so butthurt about Other M that they refuse to enjoy any other Metroid game ever. No wonder Nintendo is favoring EARTHBOUND fans over you whiners.

    15. I was really excited for e3. I was really eager to see what they had. Now that I see the games they showed, I’m super let down. The worst part is the Animal Crossing, The zelda game, and (i think?) The metroid game is full retail. They would have been fine as side games, but now that I’ve seen the Amazon prices, I’m a little furious. Who asked for this? I certainly didn’t and considering none of Sony’s games interested me (They were hype as shit though) I feel like I wasted my time, and In fact I slept through today. Fucking sucks.

      1. “Who asked for this?”

        I was saying that the entire time, pretty much. I mean in all seriousness, who are the people making these dumb ass decisions?

        1. That’s what I would like to know. The ten million Wii U owners do not want the games they are making. So who the are they making those games for?!

          I have refrained from saying this over the years because it’s been a slogan that Nintendo haters love to say… But….

          Nintendo needs new management..

        2. That’s the problem with Nintendo, they don’t listen to what people ask, they just do games they want to do and games that are obviously selling millions.
          Miyamoto decided to make Star Fox Zero because he liked the gamepad cockpit idea, not because fans asked for a new Star Fox.
          Sakurai made 2 SSB games at once because they sell very well, not because he wanted to do them.
          Also Splatoon doesn’t have voice chat because one of the developers strongly dislikes voice chat, he didn’t gave a fuck about fans that would have enjoyed that feature.

    16. Wow… that E3 showing for Nintendo was terrible. I feel so bad for them. The only games that I liked were Star Fox, The Legend of Zelda Tri-force Heroes and Paper Jam Mario. Everything else was forgettable. Nothing looked particularly new, too much focus on Amiibo, 3DS and Fire Emblem… everything already looks dated especially when you compare it to what the other guys are offering, its like looking at yesteryear with Nintendo. I may have to get a PS4 now that the Last Guardian is coming. :0

    17. I’m holding off judgment until I see the campaign for Metroid Federation. I think it can be really cool. When does it take place? Remember after fusion Samus is on the run FROM the federation. Are we chasing and trying to kill Samus Aran as a team in this game? That would be twisted and awesome!

    18. I hate that Nintendo is completely ignoring Fatal Frame and Devil’s third. Both are being released this year and Nintendo didn’t even have the courtesy to include them in the infograph for upcoming releases!

    19. Why would they think of Mario Tennis before Super Strikers? That was stupid. Also stupid for not thinking of online when Starfox 0 was in R&D.

      1. Next Level Games (Mario Strikers’ developer) is currently working on the new “Metroid Prime”, while Camelot (Mario Tennis’ developer) is working on Mario Tennis, instead a new Golden Sun :'(

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          That does explain why Blast Ball is a thing for Federation Force. Thanks for that little trivia.

    20. Everything of Nintendo this year is fucked. No surprises but mostly disappointments after another. And oh my god, that “Metroid” game…was the final straw. I’m not gonna take this shit anymore. I’m thinking of selling my Wii U on Craigslist now, stay with only the 3DS from this point forward and never coming back for anything else.

    21. After watching Sakurai’s Direct I was expecting things to be at the same caliber…
      I’m not a Metroid fan but I cried when I saw what they did. I felt the tears of the whole fanbase flowing. I also was laughing to death. The 3DS Zelda game caught my attention though, all I need to know is how big the game will be. Star fox Zero looked hype too but that’s it.

      The only thing I could say after seeing the other games was “WTF”

    22. I though I’d share this:
      This information comes from Metroid Prime producer Kensuke Tanabe when if Metroid Prime Federation Force is the only Metroid Prime game he’s working on…

      “I said this at the beginning, but I’m not involved in the 2D Metroid games that Mr. Sakamoto works on. I still feel like there’s a little more work left for me to do in the Metroid Prime series. I can’t say when, but I want to make another one.”

      – Tanabe reminded IGN about the ending of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
      – After Samus’s ship flies off into the distance, another ship suddenly appears
      – He said that players Metroid Prime Hunters should recognize that the ship belongs to a bounty hunter called Sylux.

      “He’s actually chasing after Samus, and that’s where that game ends. There’s still more I want to build around the story of Sylux and Samus. There’s something going on between them. I want to make a game that touches upon [it].”

      “I’m also thinking that, in that eventual game between Sylux and Samus that might get made, that I wants to involve the [Galactic] Federation as well. So it would be a good idea to release a game like Federation Forces to flesh out its role in the galaxy before moving on to that.”
      To put it in terms others would understand, the current 3DS title is just to setup the story for the next Prime game, which (I pray to God) is on Wii U and NOT on NX.

      And as mentioned in the article, the 2D games are a whole different matter from the 3D. So we’ll see both. After Federation Force on 3DS, of course.

      This makes me see Federation Force in a new light, and I will give it a try.

      1. The gameplay won me over with Federation Force. I know a Metroid Prime game when I see it and that certainly is one. Not staring Samus, but that doesn’t bother me since it wasn’t once billed as the Metroid game “You all waited for” as they usually do with serious continuations to bigger titles.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>I’ll only call it worthy of being a spin-off if the graphics are improved by 600%, it looks worse than a GBA game and that’s not how a main franchise should be treated in any area, but the gameplay looks fun>>>

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>By the way, if you want it, I’m promoting you to Nintendo Sub-Commander ShadyKnights because you are level-headed and civilised>>>

              1. I thank you for the promotion Sir. I read the comment, but I was just pointing out how if the gameplay is important than that should be the most important thing. I mean I like to read OnePunchman and Mob Psycho 100 drawn by One (that’s his name) so maybe things not looking wonderful doesn’t affect me as much a most, but still I don’t think it’s all that bad.

      2. Sadly, it seems the Wii U is on the verge of collapse. Most things actually announced at this point will probably be the last lights of the system, with many devs mentioning “Well I’d like to do it, but maybe on the NX”, including the Prime Director himself. I think at this point Nintendo is keeping their teams that are currently on Wii U duty, on Wii U duty, while everyone in concept stages, or simply with very little to do in general, are being told to set their sights on the NX. To have a new Metroid Prime game as the first game announced and released on the NX would skyrocket sales, especially after dropping the metroid bar even further from the flop that was the baby. Not to say I wouldn’t love more big nintendo names to be hitting the Wii U, but I would rather they send off the Wii U with Zelda, and start off the NX with a bang with Metroid or another large, heavily wanted Nintendo franchise. I think right now they should 100% keep the amiibo train going, as it’s the best economical decision for them to go with, even with Wii U games on their way, the only ones that I know my large group of close friends are looking forward to are Starfox and Zelda, which should be looked forward to, and should be seen as part of the Wii U’s spectacular send off, leading right into next E3 and the full announcement of the NX. This has become some integral stuff with how floppy the Wii U was at release. It’s clear from their n3DS release alongside 2 fully compatible games that were heavily improved by the newer hardware, that they understand they need the games first to sell the hardware well, a mistake they aren’t likely to make again.

    23. The digital event was completely stupid and almost total trash. Nintendo is so obviously gearing up for NX entirely behind curtains and abandoning it’s old shit like Wii U that doesn’t sell. It’s soo painfully obvious. Zelda is the only big game coming to Wii U in 2016… clearly it’ll come to NX as the lauch title.. and Wii U as the swan song. They are literally saving everything else for 2016… it’s beyond obvious to everyone the NX is coming-out sooner than we’d hoped.

      I’m buying a PS4 now.

      1. Psh, I’m not buying anything. My money is staying in my wallet. None of ’em companies is having it.

    24. Man, several of those games near the top of the list I don’t even know what the heck are.

      Buy yeah, it’s a shame that Earthbound Beginnings really was the most exciting and best Nintendo news of this year’s E3. A 25-year old game topping all of them (for me at least). And it wasn’t technically an E3 thing. It was pre-E3. And I downloaded it first thing.

    25. Ignoring Fatal Frame and Devil’s Third…. was batshit insane.
      They have soo few major titles this year… they need every game… what idiots.
      No new DLC or Pokemon… and all the 3DS announcements went over tepidly.

      Goddamn, Nintendo sucked this year. It hurt me as a Wii U fan… they had Star Fox.. and that was it. Everything else was amiibo-centric or tennis-centric or was previously announced. Star Fox technically isn’t even new.. it was just the ‘big’ reveal that disappointed numerous fans who’ve waited too long.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>No, they said clearly weeks earier that they would not be talking about the NX, Mobile garbage or Zelda, yet the idiots out there are malinformed and are blaming the empire for things that they already informed about>>>

    26. Yes, the digital event as a whole wasn’t quite as good as I was hoping. It did have some good parts, as well as the bad.

      However, it would be better if the Smash direct and Splatoon Splatfest video are to be considered Nintendo E3 videos as well, because those were both great!

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