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Yo-Kai Watch Release Window Announced

LEVEL-5’s newest Nintendo 3DS excluisve, Yo-Kai Watch, made an appearance in Nintendo’s Digital Event @ E3 in the form of a trailer (above). Additionally, the game will be seeing a North American release Holiday 2015.

Based off the television show, players will be able to explore the world catching Pokemon Yo-Kai with your Pokeballs Yo-Kai Watch. Yo-Kai, much like other collectible creatures, have unique skills, which you use for strategic battles. There are more than 200 Yo-Kai so make sure you catchem’ all!

For screenshots, check out the gallery below.

13 thoughts on “Yo-Kai Watch Release Window Announced”

  1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

    Oh boy oh boy i cannot wait to play on a tiny screen anime licensed bs game instead of having DiddyKongRacing2,MetroidPrime4 or F-Zero UX on WiiU!

    -said no one ever!

  2. If Pokémon and Digimon had a baby, it would be this game. It looks like a copycat of those.

    Worst Nintendo E3 since that year when they first revealed the casual NintendoLand. And then dragged it on and on talking about it (much like they did with Super Mario Maker this year).

  3. wtf is up with the hate- I grew up with pokemon. But i dont call every monster gimmick game a pokemon clone and hate. I rather love it.

    1. I’m not hating, I’m just poking fun at similarities. I refuse to hate or think negatively of something I’ve never tried.

  4. This shit finally coming out in North America. I’ve been waiting nearly a decade for this shit to come out in North America.

    Yo-Kai Yo-Kai Wat Chi Chi

  5. USA people be like “oh boohoo Europe always gets everything, oh boohoo we had 2 exclusive amiibos but Europe always gets everything”

  6. I am actually generally interested in this, but I was more so hoping we would get the Yo-Kai Busters game that uses “western media inspired” monsters instead of the Japanese cultural style ones. I like the fact that the combat reminds me more so of Dragon Warriors Monster then Pokemon and the fact that its turn based with action sequences, my favorite kind of turn based RPGs.

    Also does anyone know which version of the game this is? Isn’t Japan up to game three by now?

    But why does it say “based on the hit anime”? I thought the series started out as games made by Level-5 and then became an anime series?

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