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Take A Look At The Star Fox Zero Box Art

star_fox_zero_box_artEarlier today, Star Fox Zero was announced during Nintendo’s Digital Event at E3 and here’s the first look at the box art of the new Wii U exclusive title. One of the more exciting titles of E3 coming this holiday season, so not too long to wait either. Some gameplay of Star Fox Zero was looked at more extensively during Nintendo Treehouse, which is still showing now and will be available to re-watch later.



35 thoughts on “Take A Look At The Star Fox Zero Box Art”

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  2. Nintendo, you lost your opportunity to give wii u a great come back, not showing up real strong games with your real strong ips. imagine this box along with a Metroid prime 3 a Super Mario (main saga) game and others franchises (fzero, pokemon zelda, earthbound etc.) Know is much to ask for, but you have to bid just a little bit stronger right now, for wii u’s sake.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        I’m sure he gets that but he still has a point. Even an HD remaster of Super Mario Sunshine would have been nice. I mean, it’s not like it’d count as a new main Mario game since it’ll just be an HD remaster.

  3. Really? This looks fucking awful, like something a high-schooler from DeviantArt with just a passing knowledge of Photoshop would make.
    There’s absolutely no sense of scale or aesthetics to it; what is that Walker doing in there apart from being extremely jarring? It’s not part of the Airwing scene since Walkers don’t fly and it isn’t standing on anything.
    And if Fox is meant to work like a different layer (Like the gods do in Kid Icarus Uprising) then why is he fully solid and why is he standing in front of the planet but behind the Airwing? He just looks like a weird giant floating in the middle of the scene.
    I hope this is preliminary and gets heavily altered, as it is I’ve seen amateurs do much better.

      1. I don’t mean to bring up something like this, but PLEASE don’t assume that on a whim that someone is on the spectrum just because someone seems nitpicky (because ANYONE can be). Honestly, it makes you look like the lower person no matter who or what you are standing up for. Never use “you” statements, you can’t speak for someone who isn’t you.

        On another note or two, I can see what the person who you replied to is saying from an artistic/aesthetic/whatever standpoint, but personally, that won’t be stopping me from getting it. I’ve long awaited another Starfox game, and want to truly see what this one is like for myself.

        Also, notice how the person didn’t say: “Hey guys, don’t get this because an amateur cover doesn’t deserve to get the game bought”
        They aren’t forcing you to do or say anything.

        All in all, their view is theirs, yours is yours. As well, mine is mine. And you can do nothing to change that.

    1. This can work, it just needs three things:
      First off, get rid of the Walker, there is no need to overannounce something that can be put in the back of the box, especially if it is just going to be jarringly placed in an arbitrary spot regardless of whatever else is happening on the picture.
      Next, you need to give the giant Fox transparency so he can look ethereal and evoke the feeling that he’s only in the scene in presence, like saying “Yeah! Let’s go!” Instead of looking like he’s phisically floating in the middle of everything.
      And then, regardless of transparency, he can’t be in between the planet and the Airwing, it’s stupid and only helps to make the overall thing seem more crappy, he needs to be in the back.

    2. you are totally right, and they are cutting his right arm as well, it feels so uncomfortable. The overall look of it seems like someone just took some images and dropped them there.

  4. I hope they redesign this box art, there are a lot of design problems there. Also that fur texture on fox is really exaggerated, it’s awful.

  5. I think the boxart should be altered. Fox on this boxart looks really awkward compared to the rest of the content on the box.

  6. This looks like shit. I don’t usually talk like this on here, but it really looks like shit. So much so that I highly doubt this is the real thing. Even this box art makes me not want to buy it.

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