Here’s A Comparison Video Between Star Fox Zero And Star Fox 64 3DS

One of the titles that Wii U owners are looking forward to playing later this year is Star Fox Zero, which is being developed by the acclaimed Platinum Games. YouTuber Tilmen has set about creating a comparison video comparing Star Fox 64 3D for the Nintendo 3DS and the recently unveiled Star Fox Zero for Wii U. If one video isn’t enough you may also want to check out the other video below. Remember folks that Star Fox Zero is an unfinished product and we have no idea how new or old the E3 2015 build of the game is.

Thanks, Lord Zedd


    1. So true! Plus it moves way too slow. I expected more from Platinum, their games are usually over-the-top, flashy and crazy, and I don’t see any of that here.

    1. Mine too, mostly because it looked more colorful, Zero looked like someone put the brightness on blast… but of course in due time Zero will look HD.
      Besides… Graphics should be the least of concerns right now. ;{

      1. pretty sure platinum will bring the game justice. The Thing about E3 demos is they don’t always reflect the final product. I remember when people shitted on 3d world, but when the second trailer came out everyone wanted that game. The game has till the end of year for polish

      2. Haha no! It’s because the 3ds remake is non stop action you always have to pay attention to the vast amount of enemies. The Wii U version was severely lacking in action. WHERE WHERE ALL THE ENEMIES?!

      3. They are, my main concern is how slow and empty it feels compared to the older games. Another bad habit Nintendo has had lately, is making their games easier. Yet they keep clamoring on about the core audience, when they’re still just worried about casuals. This looks like it may follow that same route.

        Although it should be a bit concerning it doesn’t look too much different than the 3DS version, and it even looks like less fun to me.

        I’m willing to wait and see, but like I’ve said a thousand times, I’m not impressed with what has been shown. And I believe for this game, there is absolutely nothing wrong with people having had their expectations set high.

        1. Now that u mention it… star fox games usually have a difficulty setting, in the 64 and the 64 3D version, there was a hard mode that made the game much harder and showed lots of more enmies and even altered paths…. what im trying to say is that maybe SF ZERO is just on easy mode and can be adjusted to normal mode and hard mode which usually unlockable.

  1. Yeah, because comparing footage of star fox zero take from YouTube is fair. Til men is a cool guy but he could be annoying.

    1. I wonder if he has the balls to tell kamiya everything he has been complaining this week. I’d pay for it. lol

  2. Nintendo is flopping this year. Litterally the only thing theyve got comming thats superb is the open world Legend of Zelda game thats comming out NEXT year. Step it up Nintendo :(

  3. Holy shit the Wii U one just looks so…flat and bland. Nothing even pops out or catches the eye. Just delay this game if you have to if it means improvement in graphics AND online multiplayer for fuck sakes. How you going to release a Star Fox game in this day and age WITHOUT multiplayer, a game that seems to practically beg for that feature in it.

    1. Get your eyes checked!! And multiplayer is only for hooker cause they be players and love to multi hook.

      1. New Flash:

        WE’RE the ones paying for it’s development, WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS. If a game does not appel the customer, it is not purchased. Logically, the game should have what the greater half of customers want.

        1. And that’s why games are not really art. They’re products. At best, they’re commercial art. Back in the day, games might’ve been creative and special, but these days, fans know best and want factory assembled products from big companies who micromanage development with large teams and use fan feedback, algorhythms, and whatever’s popular at the moment to pump out a shiny product. Very few consumers care if it’s broken as long as it looks good, gets patched after release, and has online multiplayer mayhem. It’s good to see those “talented” artists leave the big companies in droves. Good riddance. They can do their artsy-fartsy crap as an indie, which nobody cares about either. The sooner Nintendo realizes the industry is a cutthroat business, the better we’ll like their games. Shiggy is a dinosaur.

          But I hope multiplayer will come as a Season Pass. Now that’s what gamers want.

    1. Listen im just as piss as the next fanboy but we can’t let are anger get the best of us & cloud are judgment ok wii been duke just next time when or if U invest money on a nintendo console Don’t believe a single word they say & take it with a grain of salt they can’t be trusted untill they redeem there words which will take a very long time judging by reggie way of words

  4. What really drives the point home is seeing it up against “Star Fox Assault” from Gamecube in 1080p. The higher the resolution, the worse that “Star Fox Zero” looks. The reason Nintendo is having problems with HD development now is they spent too much time making casual Mii games last gen. They’re just learning the tricks that most devs considered commonplace by 2009.

    1. Assault looked good, but it around for too long till the point it dragged was pretty, and had good music, but gameplay felt weak

  5. Wow. That just proves to me Nintendo is whack. Wii u is str8 garbage. Made me a fool for buying one. Only game I’m interested in is Yoshi. Better deliver or I’m done with Nintendo. They’re doing so poorly that eventually they’ll change. They have no choice but to change.

    1. Nintendo needs a new president. Iwata is incapable to lead them in the right direction.

    2. The Wii U is not garbage, there are beautiful looking games on it; Smash, MK8, B2, SPlatoon etc. The problem is with the development of this game, or what seems a lacklustre approach.

  6. You guys are all probly too busy choking on D too realise that wii u game looks better thsn 3ds one. Its even better than ALL those ps4 and xboxone games. Because I see it could be about more than graphics. game is about play and Starfuz wii u has BEST play.

    1. Are you smoking weed? It does not look as good as good gameplay wise or graphics wise conspired to the others. It’s the fact that it’s s empty that’s bothering me, graphics need to/will improve, gameplay looks pretty fun, but the game as a whole needs to step it up.

      1. Weed don’t make you stupid like that, I can assure you from personal everyday experience.

        1. People who say this, obviously have never used it or they hang around pre-teens who smoke oregano, and act like total jack asses. But most people are so dumb, they think alcohol and tobacco aren’t drugs, so it is never surprising hearing this.

          This moronic perception about cannabis is about as old as slavery itself. It’s outdated nonsense, that never had any foundation to begin with, other than stupidity in the first place.

          I will say that it doesn’t help, you see all this dumb ass celebrities constantly promoting it. Really does not help with the stigma.

          1. The funny thing is alcohol intoxicates you FAR more than even the best weed. And lol people still smoking oregano hahaha classic.

      2. Whoa whoa, let’s not incorrectly bash Marijuana for no reason here. Some tree burning won’t cuase ca person to go that full on whack.

    2. What? And you played the game so you know? People that played it at E3 have been bashing the gameplay!! They say it is not intuitive at all and confusing to look between screens. This game is a BUST in the making. Bank on it.

  7. I prefer this been released the next year by March, they will have plenty of time to create a solid single player campaign, and a multiplayer; even if i think multiplayer will suck in a game like this. StarFox is not a game with 20-30 ships with different abilities and movements. Only bombs and lasers, that’s all, with that you want to play online? -.- Is not MK.

    1. Bombs and lasers is all I would need and many Star Fox 64 fans for online. More stuff would be fine, but I loved the multiplayer in 64. Especially once you unlocked the Landmaster and non-vehicle mode for multiplayer.

      1. i mean it’s ok for a mini-game, but not for a good multiplayer, it could take a lot to make a balance multiplayer with a looot of depth to people began to play it over and over again online/offline; i feel if Nintendo put 4 players online shooting themselves…will be flat, believe me; will be like StarFox Assault… the mp there was crap. I prefer they create a good solid and long experience for 1player, and for that they need time.

        1. If they used 64 as a base but added much bigger stages and transforming and such then I think it could be good. And different weapons and such.

  8. Ok, I don’t get it the Wii U one has the best graphics, its pretty obvious just look at how the ships shadow bounces on the surface and the draw distance on the mountains which are actual mountains in the distance and not props. Also look at the lighting effect on the water that obeys the reflection on the land. They aren’t even close, despite it not being the best looking game of that type (Fast Racing Neo might get that one).

    A better comparison would be the Namco Starfox game that came out on the Gamecube. I am curious more how that one stacks up.

    Hope this game turns out well, hopefully it has a really good single player experience that is like an arcade game, cause that is what I am looking for in this game.

  9. Makes me sad to see so much nagging about it,the game is not even out yet, these demos are made to focus on the gamplay, they will polish visuals and other superficial things once they are done with the most important things. Mario Kart 8 looked rough in some parts of the demo, but it ended up being one of the most gorgeous games on the Wii U. But since when were games all about graphics? Its like watching porn for the story.

  10. In the first video Wii U looks bland but it’s much smoother, 3DS looks pixelated.

    In the second video SNES wins due to nostalgia, BUT Wii U OBVIOUSLY has the better graphics. It looks good, reflections are great, now I just want it with some Ninty magic.

    The ones bashing the dual screen…think of it like a flight simulator you have your controls on hand and have to look up for bogies. I think it brings something new to flight games.

  11. In the first video it looks like the 3ds level is more polished than the Wii U one both from a graphical and gameplay standpoint. I feel like this is probably because the Wii U level is still unfinished. If u look at the second video, it’s pretty clear that the Corneria version from Wii U is graphically superior by far and gameplay is at least on par with the 3DS Version. This was obviously the first level created for Star fox Wii U, and so it is more polished. The developers just need some more time to polish the rest of the game. I think the final product will be pretty good. I’m kind of concerned about the controls though …

  12. lol holy shit. The Wii U version only looks slightly better than the 3DS. That’s just downright pathetic.

    1. >>>These imbeciles are so blind with rage that they only want realistic graphics on everything, the true graphicwhores are coming out of the closet this week>>>

      1. Don’t worry, Tilmen will be kissing PG staff asses like he did when w101 and bayonetta 2 were in development.

        1. >>>About 90% of these so called Nintendo fanboys or fans are nothing but hypocrites, they bash the Sonyans and Xbots so much and yet they still buy their garbage, play them and suppport what they hate, pathetic fools, and the same goes for all the hypocrites in here>>>

          1. >>>My first argument was directed to the ones having Youtube channels>>>

            1. indeed, they are hypocrites and this video is proof that they are fools, how he dares to campare a video taken from a stream, he only want his jewgolds, nowadays fooltubers can’t be taken seriously but sadly some people do.

  13. How do none of your realize, the footage of Starfox Zero is taken from a STREAM of an UNFINISHED VERSION, and pasted onto Youtube, then squished into a small corner of the window? You honestly think that gives you a fair look at it? Oh please.

    1. Hokay, keep making silly excuses. Even an unfinished version for this console generation should look great in comparison to a handheld version, and since both of them are “squeezed into a small corner of the window”, your second excuse fails.
      Wii U games having shitty graphics because of so much focus on the gamepad and “innovation” is not new. If they had just started working on the game in the last few months, I’d maybe, MAYBE give some leeway, but judging by the gameplay videos, that doesn’t look to be the case.
      But I guess the graphics will improve before it’s released – instead of looking like a Gamecube release title (and that’s being generous given how good Rogue Squadon 3 still looks), it’ll look like a Wii release title instead! Sad.

      1. Wii U games having shitty graphics? Might you direct me to ‘all’ of those games? Last time I checked, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, SM3DW, Mario Kart 8, DKC Tropical Freeze, Kirby & the Rainbow Curse all have fantastic graphics.

        1. Most of the Wii U games that have more cartoony graphics look fine because they’re not as detailed – it’s the reason Mario Kart could be in 60 fps. When put in perspective, and comparing not just to the other consoles of this generation but last generation, and the fact that most of the games look like they could have been on the Wii – and now with Star Fox, with Gamecube level graphics? Yeah, in terms of that perspective and comparison, still shitty. There also seems to be a correlation between the amount of focus put on gamepad controls and graphics. The less gamepad features, the more focus put on graphics, or to make the game run better. Because the gamepad is a waste of time and resources.

  14. … Slippy sounds like a bitch! Haha. What were they thinking with that voice? His N64 voice was goofy, but loveable. This voice is just wack as shit haha.

  15. Just watch the treehouse footage. The game looks about 75% complete but it still doesn’t look as bad as some of you are saying. There’s no need to be dramatic. Put it this way…when 3D World first was revealed, it did not look as good as this and we all know how amazing that ended up being. I really wouldn’t be surprised if this game is delayed to 2016..say March.

    1. After the Zelda delay and their disappointing E3 showing, delaying Star Fox would be a really, really bad decision, so it would have to be a last resort for them. The fallout from doing so would probably be even more widespread, not just for sales of the game itself, but for the company in general. They can’t afford such a mistake….but given how much they were adamant about Zelda being released in 2015, I wouldn’t put it past them to still do so.

  16. This comparison video is pretty stupid. Comparing a finished game to an unfinished one is unfair. And for those who are complaining, if you’ve been following Nintendo for a while now. You should know that the graphics always look bad at the beginning but the final product always looks way better.

  17. What are people smoking?

    Star Fox Zero looks fine to me.
    We should be more worried about it not having Online then about the graphics, what are we, Sony fanboys?

    1. I’m more concerned that it’s a “reimagined” version of SF64 rather than a completely new adventure.

      1. >>>I really hope there are enough new worlds to warrant this a full price>>>

        1. it’s being co-developed by platinum, the game will be challenging like w101 and bayonetta.

    2. Common sense? Looks “meh” to me.

      I’m not that worried about the graphics so much, and there is still plenty of time for it to improve, but the fact that right now it’s very similar to a system far weaker, definitely is not helping many. So I don’t blame people too much, for criticizing how it looks.

      And what if by some small chance, the game was going to release like this, and that it is pretty much finished? Wouldn’t you want people to be vocal about it then? So they can make the changes while they still have some time.

      I don’t understand why people always bring up Sony or Xbox fans, when it comes to talking about graphics. You guys act like that never happens with Nintendo fans, when that is all that has been happening, ever since the Wii U released. You even have these same fans who claimed graphics never mattered before, comparing Wii U games graphic fidelity, to ones on PS4 and the Xbox One. Acting literally no different than any other graphic whore on another console.

      If you’re going to talk about fans, I feel like at least you should talk about something that matters, or is directly specific to that base. Not something that they all do the same. Because when you call fans out for doing a certain thing, that your fan base also does all the time now… It really does not help you make any greater of a point.

      That might have flown in the Wii era, but ever since the Wii U came out, almost every Nintendo fan hopped on the graphics whore train. Feeling the need to senselessly compare their games graphics to everything else.

  18. I happen to be a huge fan of platinum games. For better or worse, I’m buying this game and kissing the ass of the gaming gods it’s going to be great.

    It REALLY, REALLY fucking needs Local multiplayer modes. (It needs online, but we’ve already been fucked on that front.)

    Metroid Federated Shitforce? That would have been a great mini game if it were tweaked and added as a mini game HERE. in Starfox Zero. If Platinum Adds their challenge, big explosions and epic boss fights…this could be a great game…but for fuck’s sake, it needs a multiplayer mode…otherwise, I want a huge-ass game with multiple endings, 3-4x as many worlds as SF64 and a few innovative gameplay twists.

    Common Platinum, Don’t pull a Ninty. Do this!!

  19. i dont know what happen with people this game is very good (star fox zero…also xenoblade chronicles). Also is only an E3 presentation they will fixed many things until release. Nintendo is giving very good games with news ways of playing.
    But people still love blood and death and they make a bow to playstation and xbox, corrupting your mind and children with gore and violence.
    Also people is so control by mass media in games, politics, economy, food, and what mass media said they do it, if mass media said is a bad game, a bad politician, a bad product people only said yes.
    I think nintendo is the one giving us something different, good games, funny games trying to make people good people, not violent. The others only use our inner violence to buy their games.
    With this mass media control you are loosing the opportunity to have this gems of games, personally i am not going to loose it.
    Not only games are you loosing, you loose the planet, the ecology, the animals, your health, good and organic foods, respect to others different from their color or status.
    If some one likes nintendo try to combat those bad mass media and nintendo haters.

    1. Nintendo is turning Zelda, Animal Crossing and Metroid into “Mario Party” games…so I strongly disagree that they are creating “great games” these days.

      You want to see great games? Look at the Metroid Prime series, Super Metroid, Metroid Hunters, Twilight princess, I was even a fan of skyward sword!

      I do NOT give a fuck about a mario-party game for every IP. It’s lazy.

  20. I just looked at the Xenoblade Chronicles picture right below this article, and I can’t help to think that Star Fox Zero looks EXTREMELY lazy. There’s no planets, or Astroids, or Black Holes, or ANYTHING in the backgrounds! The grass in that picture has Zero texture.. God I hope Nintendo doesn’t deliver a half assed game..

  21. lazy and cheap? artistic? both?

    idigitaltimes has an article about that.

    star fox zero graphics: stop complaining about the graphics! it looks like that for a reason

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