Reggie Implies That NX Is Nintendo’s Next Home Console

Little is known about the NX, and Nintendo has mentioned the system several times this year without going into much detail about it. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime implied that NX is the company’s next home console and not a handheld. Nintendo said multiple times that we won’t hear a lot about NX until 2016.

“From a Nintendo perspective, we clearly have strength here in the Americas, we have strength in Europe and we have strength in Japan,” Fils-Aime said. “That isn’t necessarily true of some of our more direct competitors. We’ve also said publicly that we are already hard at work on our next home console and that’s another element we’ll be talking about much later.”


  1. now we wait for iwata to pop up and lie to us about how the console will be for the hardcore gamer, no game droughts, third party support etc.

    we wait for console release.

    and the cycle repeats itself, they have been doing this shit since the cube lmao.

    please understand.

    1. well, if they make it more powerful than the ps4 it won’t have game droughts as it will get 3rd party support, if they release it next year then they don’t have to worry about making it even with the ps5, which will come in 2019, which yes, it would make NX have a short life span, but what can you do, if they make it urber charged now it’ll be too expensive

      1. yeah nintendo developers need to find a powerful hardware to make good as possible and also sony did talk about PS5 its gonna be out after the NX be release.

          1. World wide wise. The xBone is at 10M Unit, while Wii U is at 9.5M… That’s pretty close.
            If you concidere that everybody laught at the Wii, and that in the finale, the Wii outsold both xBox 360 and PS3 by 20M unit… Yes, Nintendo is in the game and is strong !

            1. If you honestly believe that the X1 is still at 10 million…. well that’s just sad.

              Everyone laughed at the Wii. BEFORE IT CAME OUT. Everyone’s laughing at the Wii U years after it came out. Comparing Wii sales to Wii U’s makes even the most hardened Nintendo fanboy embarrassed.

              Nintendo isn’t in the game anymore. Since preaching to the casuals, Nintendo has benefited immensely money-wise. Fan-wise? It lost many of its core audiences: The true gamer. That’s why they have to turn to mobile now. That’s why they have to turn to physical DLC now. That’s why they have to make the sleep-project thing Iwata was talking about. They need to find other sources of revenue because no one except the small minority of gamers (AKA most people on this site) care about them anymore.

              Nintendo isn’t in the game. They DEFINITELY aren’t strong.

            2. No nintendo is not in the game? They’re r the game company and they’re getting stronger!!!

        1. Agree. While I’m not a graphic whore and big on gameplay, it’s clear that nintendo can always be better than every other system if they produce a system that is stronger graphically and give a normal controller to customers. They can give family options for accessories like a tablet or a different control to engage families, but the fact of the matter is that nintendo has a lot of great games and a lot more than other systems. They can’t bank on just their games alone and they need third-party and other companies to help with their systems. Since N64, third-party has sucked and the controllers and graphic output is a big reason.

          1. I agree. They shouldn’t force any gimmicks on anyone. They should for the most part make them optional. They need to make sure that the NX is at least 7 to 10 times more powerful than the PS4 so that they don’t get left behind and give 3rd parties an excuse to not support them. I think it’s time that Nintendo ushered in the new next generation of gaming and return back to it’s glory years of the SNES. I hope they will do it with the NX. I still believe in them

            1. 7-10 times more powerful…sure if you want a £2000 nintendo console XD.
              I don’t think it’s as much of a power issue as architecture, we’ve seen amazing games on the wii u and with a bit more power it could rival or even surpass the games we’ve seen at e3 this year(especially on the nintendo front as they know how to use hardware), from various sources it seems that the console is just hard to develop for in general, that mixed in with the lack of risks publishers are willin to take is gonna keep hurtin ninty consoles until they change it regardless of power. Devs are’nt gonna change the way they work just because of power, especially when the pc xbone and ps4 all work similairly enough for good ports.

              1. Yeah, that’s been the big issue with Wii U.
                It’s a similar issue the PS3 had.
                The ARM CPU is a pain like the cell CPU.
                Developers are used to using X86 CPUs, and it’s easier to plop games around on different hardware when they all use the same architecture or the same CPU at the very least.
                Most people would scream “no Nintendo! NO!!!!”
                And scream that Nintendo should stick with ARM CPUs.. but the fact is.. if they do, it will be the same situation that sony was in.

          2. maybe because third partys are for other consoles and sure they can be in nintendo comsole as a third party character game but some companys has to pay alot of money to get those third partys characters on there consoles and it cost expensive to put third partys on 1 consoles and i’m not saying its a bad thing but its a good thing.

      2. Precisely! If Nintendo makes powerful hardware and can give a little persuasion to third parties,, their first party studios won’t have to stress over making so many games so quickly, and people won’t suffer droughts.

      3. You don’t really get console loyalty do you dickface. 3rd party is EVERYTHING but Nintendo. No on will touch a Nintendo home console after this failure

      4. I don’t think the NX will have a good launch since most people have lost faith in Nintendo. In order to get 3rd party support you need strong initial sales, and the NX will have to be offer fantastic experiences.

      1. What disaster? The only disaster is the dipshits who didn’t buy it and the gme ‘journalists’ who bashed it.

        1. You are totally right! Once the media gets hold of some idea and they run with it and everyone else will cling to their every word.

        2. And why didn’t people buy it? NO marketing. NO efforts to raise Wii U awareness. NO third party. You honestly can’t blame the consumer for not buying something they don’t want/know

        1. guys i was extremely disappointed with Nintendo’s showing at this year’s E3 too but i can assure you the reason they had such a bad showing is because they are pushing all their big games over to NX. they decided to bite the bullet this year to ensure they have a fantastic launch line-up for the NX. this is why Zelda WiiU was delayed and not shown this year. it will be the last big title for WiiU and a launch title for NX. the fact that they insist that Zelda WiiU is still coming in 2016 guarantees that the NX is coming for holiday 2016.

          1. You’re missing the damn point. People who bought and own Wii U, like me, are now officially screwed by wasting hundreds of dollars for nothing but a few decent games. That’s exactly how Sega screwed themselves of their console business. Wii U is gonna be the very last console I’ll ever buy. I’m reselling it but keep the 3DS and all the games I got but not buying another damn Nintendo product from this point forward. Oh and the Amiibo to me is now just a gimmick selling point of Wii U (it’s only selling point) which is dying out faster than a common house fly.

            1. Since the next Meteoid and Zelda for home consoles are a ways out…you could pick back up a used wiiu for $100 in 2 years just for Zelda…wait, Metroid won’t be for WiiU, Nintendo said NX…yeah, nevermind. Sell your WiiU.

              I’m keeping mine tho. I won’t get much for it, and I Have a few fun Games I’ll play…like the ones I bought at launch. x.x (and a few great Indies.)

              The 3DS has great support. Def need to hang on to that!

            2. Why do you feel the need to say you’re “abandoning” Nintendo on EVERY single fucking post.

            3. I don’t think it was a waste. You have to remember that the console was released in 2012. Nintendo will probably unveil the NX at E3 2016 (or not, they don’t seem to give a shit about E3), and release it in 2017. That’s a five year cycle, which used to be the norm up until recently. Nobody can argue that Nintendo abandoned their hardware, except it is true that Nintendo is probably dedicating most of its development resources to the NX now. It’s sad, but I get it. Nintendo has never been very receptive to their fanbase. You either like what they do, or you don’t. If you don’t, they aren’t going to change for your sake. I’m honestly at a place where I don’t know whether or not I’ll buy the NX. I feel like Nintendo isn’t giving me what I want as a gamer, and it isn’t willing to change. I think it’s trying to cater to a shrinking or non-existant audience and that their endeavors will ultimately prove futile. But I don’t for one second think I didn’t get money’s worth out of the Wii U. There’s a feeling of resignation, even frustration, but I don’t feel as though the company has robbed me; there’s no reason to be indignant.

              1. I’m talking about now. They mentioned the NX just months ago and the Wii U just barely turned 2 years old and now it’s apparent that there’s no more support from Nintendo and its fucked up for the owners now. They didn’t even mention the Club Nintendo replacement or changing Nintendo Network to be a universal account system instead of the failed system-linked account or how about the promised third party games this E3? Still nothing. Wii U, either you’re intelligent to realize it or not, is now thrown under the bus and it’s not even halfway through its life. This is exactly what Sega pulled generations ago that got themselves screwed of their console business. Now it’s suddenly okay when Nintendo does it like when they also repeat what the third party does that pisses off their gamers? FUCK YOU!…

        2. The reason behind that disasterous E3 was because Nintendo is focusing their efforts on the NX. You know damn well if the NX turns out to be an amazing system you’re gonna hop back on the Nintendo bandwagon and praise them to the high mountains again so stop fooling yourself. It’s just your frustration talking and I clearly understand why. I myself was looking forward to Zelda Wii U, a new REAL Metroid, and a HD F-Zero and like you I’m very pissed off by it but let’s face it a majority of 3rd parties weren’t gonna support the Wii U and needless to say the system really suffered from it. I know that Nintendo are behind the times in terms of technology and features that gamers of today want but you gotta commend them for at least trying to fix those problems by pushing out a new system. If you wanna buy a PS4 hey by all means do it hell, I plan on buying one once Last Guardian, Horizon, Uncharted 4, and Shenmue III get released on it but I’m not gonna give up on Nintendo because of an underwhelming E3 presentation. Out of the big three, Nintendo still has the best lineup of games coming for the remainder of the year but hey, do you but just don’t say I didn’t tell you so if the NX becomes a smash hit

            1. Well I tried to talk some sense into you but I might as well be talking to a fucking brick wall. To be honest I really don’t give two shits or a fuck about your frustrations in life, that’s your problem but you just seem like a bitter person who doesn’t like it when someone calls you out on your hypocrisy and if you hate Nintendo so much then why are you do

              1. *then why do you constantly come to a Nintendo fan site just to post Nintendo-hate comments? I think I speak for a lot of Nintendo fans when I say we don’t need a flip-flopping bitter Pretendo fan in our camp anyway. Good riddance

    2. They seem to have been bankin on the success of the wii with the wii u, that coupled with the awful advertisements, third partys who did’nt even give it a chance and the fact that while the archiecture for the console was good it was different then everything else(seems to be the reason why nintendo games look amazing while the third partys graphics are usually rubbish).

      I think they’ll try something different this time, personally I think up till now the wii U has been the best console, Sony and Ms have’nt had a single truly interesting exclusive while the wii u while few and far between they’ve all been system sellers to me, I only just got a ps4 for bloodborne and even then was wary of my purchase but damn did Sony steal the show this year, same goes for bethesda we’re actually starting to see stuff that looks well…next gen! aside from being told it is and having lackluster lookin games like the last two years.
      Anyway awful nintendo showing especially for us wii U gamers, it’s not as bad as everyone is saying(i’ve heard comparisons to the wii music one) but it was defineitly devoid of anything truly interesting especially on wii U and insulting to fans of metroid and animal crossing like myself, they practically pulled a banjo nuts and bolts with federation force.
      The only reason I can think for such a lackluster showing would be because they ARE focusing all their efforts on the NX, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your outlook at the very least it’d allow them to avoid the wii u’s drought at launch which can be a deciding factor for 3rd partys, regardless they’ve screwed over the wii U fanbase this e3 and this seems to be were it’s slow death will start :/.

      For the next console i’m hopin they keep the gamepad and wii remote support, while giving us a regular controller for main play, the gamepad and remote are too interesting to not use, admittedly this could become a kinect scenario though as since it’s not mandatory devs would’nt use the controllers, which’d be a shame when we could get more shooters for the wii remote and interesting ideas for the gamepad, a great idea which has sadly been underutilized.
      Aside from that they just need to make their hardware more easier to use for third partys and fix wii u issues like the online store and voice chat, I think they could do that while still keepin the nintendo charm to the system with stuff like miiverse.

    3. Way to be optimistic, that said IF they keep up efforts for web development and the SDK partners with unity and havoc. If they switch to X86, if they have more power then Xbox One and ps4 (and almost certainly well). And if they continue to be more open with developers and their IP they well be more likely to draw those needed developers, but its also about customers buying those games.
      But the other things they need to do is update all their controllers to more modern standards, as well they need to simply just need to understand we dont want every game to be a family friendly, kid first design, and all that. They should rebased “Wii” as a family friendly game (like a stamp on the cover) then they can make games that just dont have that stamp (simple fix, and keeps the “wii” brand relevant)

        1. Practically, he said that the new system that they were discussing was a home console, and the only system they have talked about is the NX. So that means that the NX is a home console.

    1. The NX is a design platform, in other words the NX well be like ios, it well be a home system, handheld, controllers, SDK, and possibly more

    1. yes he did say that because he mention that the NX is not a replacement for the Wii U and 3DS he said that a few months ago and he told everyone on his video about it.

        1. it is called the wii U isn’t it? I mean, I have the use of the wii remotes and mtion and all that… basically just more power and a gamepad

    2. He did, but it seems very unlikely that will be the case. Nintendo says a lot of things that end up changing.

  2. Alba please do not put words on Reggie’s mouth.

    Stop manipulating stories they never mentioned NX and the word “Implies” is just your excuse to say you are not manipulating anything.

    That is YOUR interpretation and the MEDIA interpretation as it seems you just said what any other site said…

    1. um, he did if you remember few months ago. so you don’t even know what you’re talking about and other site says the same thing and one of them is from mynintendonews. just because some of news not on mynintendonews doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean anything , in fact, mynintendonews not even nintendo official news site just like other sources, so don’t start crap if you don’t know what is going on.

      1. Thats the whole point mynintendo news its not an official source, they should be making claims of anything that has not been said. They just copied rearranged and pasted the information that other sites are showing…

    2. You people need to realize, Nintendo is the one causing all this damn confusion. They say one thing, then they say another. It isn’t anyone’s fault for trying to piece this crap together.

      And even though, yes, they did say it would not replace the Wii U. It doesn’t make much sense that it wouldn’t, even if that was not their original intention. It also wouldn’t make much sense in my opinion to make a system that would not replace the Wii U. Cause if it isn’t much better than the Wii U and given the Wii U’s situation, why would people want to buy it?

      It’s also just a known fact, that the development of these systems can turn on a dime, if need be. So I’d take what they say with a grain of salt, until you actually see it for yourself.

      Whatever it does end up being or replacing, it seems pretty likely it will be a console.

      1. The reason that Iwata said that the NX will not be ” a simple replacement ” for the Wii U &
        3DS, is because the new system will most likely be using x86 architecture meaning that the NX will probably not be natively backwards compatible with the Wii U or 3DS and in saying that, he’s most likely confirming that the NX will be a handheld/home console hybrid system. At next year’s E3 the mystery behind Nintendo’s NX will finally be unraveled

        1. i have a feeling that the next console would cost or than the wiiu they cant sell new console same price as the wiiu.

      2. it’s common sense, they said it’s not to replace the wiiu. they just going to make some games on the wiiu and the new console as well at the same time even though the new console might have more new games than the wiiu depends on the spec of the new console is.

  3. i guess i was right nintendo is making another home console not a handheld version so soon the Wii U games that nintendo made will be done soon and nintendo will be selling alot of games for the next console on NX and they will be funding alot of money to make this gaming console happen and well made but my guess is the Miis might be remove on the next home console you know i like the Miis because its a little funner.

    1. Sorry, I don’t usually go grammar Nazi but run-on sentences irk me like nothing else. Punctuation is a thing.

      For my actual reply, I highly doubt Miis will go the way of the dodo for the next console/handheld, whatever it is- Miis have been Nintendo’s avatar system since the Wii and since the 3DS have acted as part of a user’s profile, like the avatars on XBox 360 and whatever Playstation does. Those are likely here to stay.

      1. yeah your right the Miis was founded in the wario game and some fans think that the Miis will be remove after Nintendo lunches its next home console its not like nintendo is gonna keep on making games on Wii U forever they have a contract on making the next big thing.

        even so nintendo is working on it now so the NX is a mobile console but i don’t know because i doin’t know if the NX will be played Mobile games for that console of the nine generation.

        1. either upgrade those generic fucks or simply get rid of them. It’s fucking 2015 and mii’s still look fuckin ratchet. No fingers, no Damn ears, and no Damn clothes. Your console is an HD one now. There’s no Damn excuse to they still look like that. Fucking pitiful.

    2. nintendo would be stupid if they release new handheld since new 3ds xl just came out…. i wonder if people even bought 2ds

  4. there’s more people who want Nintendo to release a true next gen system then their are people who want the wiiu to be drawn out, believe it or not but the wiiu is causing Nintendo game quality to drop as the need to rush and handle multiple games at a time so we don’t go 7 months without a new game, which leads to less modes at launch (smash) lower quality graphics (star fox) and more broken levels (pikmin 3)

    1. I’m not getting Nintendo Next console if it we can’t log into account on to another console and it better have blu ray so we can watch movies on it and saying stuff like” people should own blu ray player at home already” what a lame excused for reggie to say that because if that were true, i add netflix, hulu etc… on the console if most people own a blu ray player that has those apps

  5. Well, we all know that Nintendo is working on the next home console. They always are. Whether it’s the NX or something that hasn’t even been mentioned yet. It’s what they do.

      1. It’s just like Project Reality(N64), Dolphin(Gamecube) and Revolution(Wii). Unfortunately, that means that NX won’t be the official name. But I wish it was.

        1. I just hope that the FINAL name of the console isn’t something totally stupid again. I hope it’s something that makes Nintendo seem awesome again (though they still are to me).

          1. >>>Whatever it is, no Wii brand nor anything like that again, it should be called the Nintendo Command or something>>>

            1. Nintendo Cross or something like that would make sense if they are going to use the same OS between handheld and homeconsole systems.

              I have given time of thought about this and imo, Nintendo would be stupid to release new homeconsole soon, they should release new handheld first because 3DS is showing its age, handheld that has specs little bit better than in Vita. It would launch like end of 2016.

              Then keep supporting WiiU and not killing it 2-3 years still. And new homeconsole would then come like in 2017 or 2018 with specs clearly superior to Ps4 and One.

              Now then these two platforms would use the NX OS to make it easy for Nintendo and developers to develop 2 games at once, sharing is caring baby! It would make so much sense and lesser the work between releasing titles like Smash on both handheld and console. AMD had the rumour that Nintendo has made a deal to use X86 architecture in dedicated gaming system and mobile platform, it would just make sense. Also 3rd parties would have easier time to support One/Ps4/NX(both console and handheld) with similiar architecture.

              But if NX is a new homeconsole set to launch in late 2016, then they are screwing it with WiiU owners that are loyal fans and spec wise too because no way in hell they would be able to make PS5 equilevant power machine that early.

              Just my thoughts.

              Then its like

              1. >>>The empire never released in the last 3 generations a console the same year it was announced, and probably never before either, as earliest, it will be released holidays 2017>>>

                >>>If they do by any chance release it by 1 year earlier than that, they better have some sort of “promotion” to attract gamers>>

                1. Yeah agreed, WiiU was demoed in 2011 and it came out in 2012.

                  I wish they still have some unannounced big exclusives for WiiU before NX comes out. Late 2016 release would be a suicide for the system imo, late 2017 would be lots of better choice because of newer tech they could implement in this thing and still keep WiiU supporters happy with some few titles until then.

                  When i see title NX, it just seems that it stands for N=Nintendo X=Cross, im sure they will have somesort of shareability concept used in this thing and the eagerness of Nintendo giving games like HyruleWarriors and Smash to handheld and console just makes you wonder if they are going to easier this proccess.

                  1. >>>They will have several new games in store before the NX comes out, it’s the idiotic handling of their products that annoy me the most, they show the great games at less important events while at the biggest they show mostly garbage nobody wants but civilians>>>

                    1. Yeah i remember when they went to gameawards to announce a freaking Cranky Kong LMAO, if only they would had showed some Zelda footage and this E3 was complete disaster, its like they put more thought on a regular random direct than in E3 these days..

            2. If Nintendo is investing in 4K for the NX they should call it the ” Nintendo 4K ” abbreviated as the ” N4K ” but if it’s a handheld/home console hybrid system like it’s heavily hinted it’ll be, then they should probably call it the ” Nintendo Hybrid “

  6. You do realize that mobile gaming is much more popular than console gaming right? because nintendo needs to focus on Wii U titles and 3DS titles after that they can focus on the features on the Next Home Console so they can test everything guys and make sure they done things right for the console just to be sure the Wii U owners will have everything they have.

  7. I was thinking, due to them mentioning that this is a “New Concept” and the sudden increase in console-sized Gaming PCs which isn’t really new but is fairly recent… what if this next home console wasn’t just a console, but a Gaming PC.

    It’s a new platform for Nintendo and they can still develop their own OS. It could also mean Nintendo can get a lot of the PC gamers on board because it’ll be a gaming PC with Nintendo IPs and possibly (If they don’t fuck it up again) 3rd party support. Then we’ll hear on the news that Nintendo has partnered with Valve to allow the HTC/Valve ReVivi VR headset to work on the Nintendo NX.

    1. That would be awesome. I mean, I have read many times, that it’s a Nintendo console for the great 1st Party titles and PC, for the high profile 3rd Party titles. This would help sales of the NX as PC Gamers would join, it would avoid Nintendo needing to create their own VR headset and if they partner with Valve, then their Online Experience will improve tenfold. This is genius, quick, get an application form to get a job at Nintendo in Japan and help with the development of the NX.

    1. “We’ve also said publicly that we are already hard at work on our next home console and that’s another element we’ll be talking about much later”

      1. which …. does not include anything about the NX….

        they HAD previously stared that they are working on their next home console… pretty much directly after the Wii U was released before they even announced the NX project.

        whenever Nintendo finishes developing a console, they start work on the next one. Does not mean its the NX he was walking about.

        1. You just are not getting it, are you? Lol, why is this so hard for you to figure out? You know what the word imply means? Right?

          That is a very heavy implication, that he is talking about the NX. Considering it’s the only new console they’ve spoken about, and it is clear it’s not this QOL thing. So it’s pretty safe to assume, he is referring to the NX as a console, as it is the only other system they’ve publicly spoken of.

          1. >>>I hope this QQL is nothing more than some civilian program without costly devices so that they focus more on the NX, but as I see it, just abandon it, we already have Biggest Loser and Cat Centers to improve our life, I love cats>>>

            1. Lol, the cats part.

              I’d hope the same for the people who want to use it. I personally have no interest in it.

              I still don’t really understand what the hell it even is exactly. I wonder if Nintendo even does, cause they did a really bad job explaining what it was. I do to some extent, but it still feels very vague.

  8. For me, I am going to wait until Mario Kart 9 (Or if Nintendo go the Microsoft route and skip 9 for 10) and for the launch price to go down, before I buy the NX. I have no regrets about buying the Wii U, the Wii U is a great console, but after the Digital Event, I questioned whether it was wise to buy the Wii U at launch, rather than wait for a few games that I am interested in to launch and buy a bundle for one of them. I mean, had I not bought the Wii U Day One, then I could have gotten the Windwaker HD bundle, that had the awesome Zelda themed Gamepad, the Mario 3D World bundle, the Mario Kart 8 bundle, with the Mario Kart 8 themed Gamepad thing, I could have picked up the Splatoon Wii U bundle that may or may not have been released by now. I know that they will do a Mario Kart themed bundle for the NX and that will be the one that I will pick up and I will also pick up one or two other games alongside it that interests me.

    1. Im gonna wait for NX to prove itself, when it has games both 1st and 3rd party and launch price has gone down a little bit, sure why not? But im never gonna pick a system at launch anymore, doing that is just getting screwed left and right.

  9. Will Nintendo go back to traditional one screen gaming? Heck, will they innovate and do more than 2 screens this times? Who knows.. For the NX, Nintendo is going to have to get the trust back for most on their fans by the looks of it and will need a pretty kickass lineup on release day. They are going to need something like the next big Zelda game, along with the next 3D Mario game, Metroid, Earthbound, (and by the look of it so far), the next Animal Crossing game. They really need to impress consumers!

    1. >>>What I need is 3 Metroids, not 3 screens, just improve gaming creation and have a stable production rate, focus more on online multiplayer on the NX, not handhelds, and maybe invest in great Third Class games and the NX will be successful>>>

      1. What the robot said.

        Screw all these unused innovative things today, they need to really strike a better balance between this. I still do not understand why they tried so hard with the Gamecube… They tried so desperately to make it different, but it was completely unnecessary.

        Please don’t do this with the NX. Please… I’m all for innovation, but innovation that works, and ideas that are actually put to use.

        I feel the same way about the Gamepad, although that has to do more with the fact Nintendo didn’t even know what to do with it for years. Even now, the things they’ve used the gamepad for are far from aw inspiring, or show the actual need for this controller.

          1. Why so mean? You think it makes a kid like you though? generation, the ones that use foul language after losing miserably in the first stage of SuperMarioBros.

    2. Keep the DS family’s two screens, they’ve shown that they work wonders for gaming and it would harm backwards compatibility if it didn’t have two screens.

    3. Is that really smart though? I want a great launch lineup as well, but a company should never use all of its eggs in the basket. Hopefully nintendo learned it’s lesson from the wiiu.

  10. It does not matter how good the NX is with near zero 3rd party support it will fail.
    With no COD,GTA and other huge 3rd party games again it will be a console just for Nintendo exclusives and nothing more.
    Still dumbfounded as to why Nintendo did not just pay Sega 2 Million for them to make Shenmue 3 a Wii U exclusive years ago.
    When it was announced at E3 that Yususuki said it was kickstarter that needed 2 Million by July 14th,the gaming world exploded and it reached that goal in less than 22 hours proving how popular the game really still is!
    Nintendo are dumb,they keep releasing Wii U games no one asks for then wonder why they bomb when they are released a trend for 3 years with the Wii U.
    If Nintendo had any sense they would buy Capcom and have them just release games for Nintendo only.
    With no 3rd party it will the Wii U all over again, with new NX games released every 6 months with nothing in between to fill the gaps.
    The Wii U ended 3rd party from EA,Ubisoft,Activision and many othersand doubt they will ever get them back.

  11. Nintendo sold out. Lol but still even if they release a high powered console, it will be beaten by the next installments of the Playstation and the Xbox. Then it will repeat itself. What they should do is wait for what the competition has instore then see what they can do. Sure power and graphics isn’t everything but it’s clearly what the majority of gamers go to.

  12. I don’t care as long it comes out in 3-5 more years don’t cheat the people who got a Wii U Nintendo

  13. This is actually pretty easy for Nintendo to pull off. Consoles , especially Nintendo’s, always had 5 year cycles. THIS gen, Sony & MS will be supporting their consoles for 10 years, according to them. This means that Wii U can have a full cycle, & NX can come out alongside PS4 & X1 just fine & have a full cycle, & Nintendo won’t be late to launch ANOTHER console alongside the up & coming generation. It’s so easy. Nintendo’s so fucking dumb however I can see them still messing up. The only sad part is, all the games PS4 & X1 got before NX launched, I’m not sure we’ll get most of them.

    1. So the 10million who just bought a Wii u are screwed. I’m not buying another upgraded console this soon. What they should do is support both wii u and NX. . They can discontinue the Wii U but the server can still support it.

  14. But but but guuuuuys. Iwata said the NX isn’t meant to be a replacement to the Wii U! Just like the DS wasn’t supposed to replace the DS!

  15. I hope they thinking of 2019 specs and not a dumb ass like thinking slightly more powerful was a good idea. It was dumb.

  16. At least wait until we find out the specs of the next ps and xbox. It would just be a repeat of what happen with the wiiu and a slapped to the face of fans whi bought one if the nx doesnt cone out in 3-5 years later

    1. PS5 and Xbox 4 will come out in 10 years. The Wii U won’t be able to resist another year because it has been dead since arrival.

      1. Just because PS4 will be supported for 10 years doesn’t mean PS5 will launch 10 years after PS4. They said the same 10-year -thing with PS3 and it continues to be supported. More likely is PS5 and the next Xbox will release around 2020, 2022 at the very latest.

  17. He didn’t say NX, and he said MUCH later, 1 year from now is not MUCH later. We already knew Nintendo was working on their next home console as soon as Wii U launched, thats what they always do. Same with the next handheld with the 3DS.

  18. Comon nintendo why in the hell fans buy nx and some people bought a wii u and I felt like I got a wii u for nothing.

  19. I’m personally digging the Nintendo X (Cross) name that combines Home and Handheld gaming. In order for Nintendo to recover it would be best to release the NX early. E3 felt like Nintendo is also distancing themselves from the Wii U anyway… And unlike the PS4 and XBO, the Wii U has always been bringing profit for every console bought and it has surpassed production costs since last year. So yes in order to save the Nintendo name, they should release the NX early.

    The NX should at least be 2-3x more powerful than the PS4/XBO and not just slightly more powerful like what they did with the Wii U.
    Ditch the 2 console in 1 idea and make NOT the Wii U part of the NX architecture.
    Ditch the gamepad but make it an optional accessory, we don’t need it all the time but it does come in handy at times. I know they can’t remove the gamepad on the Wii U now unless they drastically change the OS.
    To ensure max install base, sacrifice some profit to make the console affordable enough, something PSXB learned painfully.
    Release a Zelda U bundle on the first run.
    And release your best IPs on release day and not after 1-2 years (worse is 4). Better yet, release Mario Galaxy 3 or Mario Sunshine 2!

    1. The PS4 was profitable from the beginning. It’s one of the few things that is keeping the entire Sony corporation alive.

  20. What the NX needs to have to be able to compete with the other 2:
    -Copy the Steam/PSN/Live online model. No one will care.
    -bluray player. Not propertary Bluray this time. It’s time to finally pay some royalties to Sony.
    -Netflix, youtube and the likes of it at launch
    -Better specs than PS4 (it shouldn’t be hard, PS4 is a mid end computer)
    -No gamepad bullshit. Just a regular controller with gyro. Tbh not even Nintendo developers liked that thing because no one could find a use for it. In DKCTF they outright shut it down and in MK8 is just a stupid useless horn.
    -Consult every single third party developer about the specs and online system. Open your legs. Allow Uplay, origins, and I’d love to see Steam. It’s against Nintendo’s philosophy, but it always works well for Sony.
    -Give third parties as much incentive as possible. Like free marketing.
    -Learn how to moneyhat. Yeah, moneyhat the right things, like COD and AssCreed, not some Skylanders bullshit.
    -Streaming and native video capture because I want that. It’s so dope on the PS4.
    -Good marketing. Make sure no one misunsderstands the product.
    -Killer first party launch. Make sure Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing and Metroid big games are there at launch. Worked fine for the N64 and Wii.
    -Reveal the console next year and launch it next year, so the hype maintains high. Just like the king PS4 and Xbone.
    -I still want Miiverse in some form because I like Miiverse. It was the only good thing about the Wii U online.

    Granted, that’s everything they won’t do.

  21. The wii u had some good quality games but they screwed it up with the name and no third party support. The wii u is going to be the first console with no PROPER animal crossing.
    Nintendo is gonna have to have some good launch titles with the NX to convince me to buy another Nintendo console

    1. Nintendo is going to have to pull several rabbits out of their hat. I have a feeling this is going to be a rough couple of months for the big N.

  22. He actually doesn’t imply anything about the NX being a home console, all he is talking about that is Nintendo is working their next home console. This is something we already knew was happening, cause its been said repeatedly.

    Oh by the way DeNA is a google cloud partner, and they were on the many list of logos at the Google Next events.

  23. Nintendo should harness their strengths and not keep trying to bandaid their weakness. The 3DS is successful. So make NX a mobile platform, and then add an AppleTV-esque component that allows multiple 3DS systems to play multiplayer games on a TV. Maybe it has some co-processing power that can make the games a bit more higher def when played on the TV. Make sure the NX has 3rd party support, true dual analog sticks, and voice chat for online games. Stop thinking your market is all 8-14 year olds you need to protect from online predators as I mostly see adults playing with 3DS systems when collecting streetpasses at Disneyland. Grow up Nintendo. Fire Iwata and Reggie as they have NO vision and have almost driven the company into the ground.

    1. God damn! You see it! Why can’t Nintendo see it? I hope they feel and hear and see the internet cries for justice and change!!!!’

  24. I won’t get Nintendo next console if it doesn’t let me download all my eshop purchases with the ease of something akin to iTunes or other services.

    They can choke on a dick if they think ill pay twice for something.

  25. And it’s gonna be another sales disaster. Trust me, this company NEVER learns. Nothing will change until they receive new leadership from somebody competent.

  26. Good god.. the comments section here is as bad as IGN.
    People flipping the fuck out and cursing at others and insulting them cause they have a different opinion.
    That’s pretty messed up to jump down someone’s throat just cause they feel differently about something than you do.
    But hey, it’s the internet.. that anonymity really comes in handy when you wanna just be a dick and treat others like crap.

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