Here’s The Devil’s Third European Box-Art


One of the big third-party titles that is coming to the Wii U this summer is Devil’s Third. The action and adventure video game title developed by Tomonobu Itagaki’s Valhalla Game Studios is coming to Europe on August 28th and looks set to contain plenty of explosive action. We’ve finally got a look at the official box-art courtesy of Amazon and you can check that out, above.

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  1. I wish Devil’s Third was shown at E3. At least I can see whether or not I should buy it. When was the last time we saw footage, E3 2014 I think?

    1. What? Bro just like last week we or something got new Devil’s Third footage. an entire video released from Nintendo with Itagaki talking about D3rd alone. The graphics have been polished and the game looks great. It’s a definite buy for me. The online is pretty damn insane for a Nintendo game. MASSIVE, with TONS of features.

      1. That’s why I said “I think”, because I wasn’t sure. Gonna watch it now, thanks for the heads-up! Although I kinda wish Nintendo publicized it more, for ignorant people like me for big events like E3, so I still hold my original sentiments to a degree

      2. Yes, but it shouldve been highlighted in the direct. Was a massive fail on nintendos part as only the Nintendo core watch the regular directs, but a ton more tune in to the e3 direct.

        1. Hahaha. To be fair it DOES happen to every one. But that is hella funny, mostly because the dumb ass part wasn’t necessary.

  2. Sigh, was really looking forward to seeing more of this game. I mean it releases in a little over a month, doesn’t it? I feel like I’ve barely seen enough of it.

    1. >>>Probably a ND in the next few weeks before it’s release will happen>>>

      1. Really wishing for the best with this one. I’ve been dying for something like this for so long in general, especially on the Wii U. I hope the online multiplayer is good, since that seems to be Itagaki’s main focus.

        They just don’t make these type of multiplayer games anymore, even back in the day they were few and far between.

        I love the melee attacks. Throwing sledgehammers into peoples faces looks like so much fun. Lol.

        1. IDK if you know but how does it’s first person mode work? Turns first person when zooming/ADS or is it switchable via options as a static view from 3rd person?

          1. This is what the wiki says about it. Whether you can change that in the options, to only be in third person or first person. I don’t know.

            “While the camera is usually set to follow Ivan, the player character, the camera shifts into a first person perspective when aiming. Unlike many modern third-person shooters, it does not adopt an over-the-shoulder approach, instead opting for a more traditional camera that is directly behind the character, save for when ducking behind cover.”

  3. This game is going to fail badly and it will be tough to get marches started in 3 months. They did no promotion forthis game. Even gamers at e3 dont know about this game. The video that everyone keeps showing is in Japanese, not a good way to hype a new game in the west. Nintendo has no idea how to market mature games. Its like thyre embarassed that they made it

    1. It is a real shame. I really feel like it could have been big for them, if they had advertised it well.

  4. I would be surprised if this game even hit 100,000 copies sold. It looks clunky and they haven’t marketed it at all.

  5. That cover looks awesome – I honestly didn’t think we would be getting the same one as Japan when it was announced

  6. I thought it strange that they promote for Japan and Europe a week prior to E3 and then don’t mention it at all during the conference. (No need to call people dumbasses children.) No US release date? I’ve been wondering why and the only thing I can come up with is the possibility it did not pass the ESRB ratings system. If Nintendo only wanted to promote things coming out the next six months or so maybe this was absent because they have to figure out how to modify the game to get an acceptable rating and then figure out how to make two versions of the game run together online. I haven’t been on twitter in a while but maybe its worth tweeting to Itagaki to ask if it D3rd recieved an ESRB rating.

  7. I certainly hope theirs not a ratings issue. Maybe Nintendo will do a seperate direct that they would age gate. The only other reason for lack of publicity is that they are shying away from associateing the violence of this game with their more family friendly IPs.

    So maybe there’s nothing to this. I mean they didn’t even mention “hey there’s a splatoon bundle and new content coming” to promote their currently best selling title. E3 may be to promote what’s coming but it was odd not to throw in a sentence to capitalize on the spotlight.

  8. People that own a wiiu buy these games if you buy these games and support them more third party games would come to wiiu show the Xbox and Sony fan boys that wiiu isn’t a console just for toddlers and little kids when you get cool games like this and fatal frame xenoblade blood stained ritual of the night mighty no 9 five awesome third party games wiiu owners should buy this shit and the the wiiu will sell good if people are tired of Zelda and Mario then they should buy theses you have no accuses not to buy these good games

  9. This game will probably turn out to be the devil’s TURD instead. LOL! I couldn’t resist.

  10. Oh yeah, that game I forgot about because for some reason no one understands nintendo didn’t show it in their direct. You know, the one that everyone agrees was a disappointment.

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