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Sanzaru Says Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Is Aiming To Play More Like Classic Sonic

If you are a Sonic fan then you will be relieved to know that the upcoming Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is set to play more like classic Sonic games than its predecessor. There were a lot of surprised people when we found out just before E3 that Sanzaru were developing a new entry in the Sonic Boom series. However, we’ve been assured at this year’s E3 event that Sanzaru is listening to fan criticism and are trying to make this feel like the classic Sonic games we have had in the past.

  • Developer Sanzaru is listening to fan criticism.
  • Studied the map layouts of past 2D sonic titles especially Sonic Rush and the Genesis games.
  • Controls have also been revamped to feel like Classic Sonic.
  • Not necessary to gain collectibles to move forward through the game
  • 5 playable characters (Amy now playable)
  • Folks at Sanzaru would love to make another Sly Cooper.

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15 thoughts on “Sanzaru Says Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Is Aiming To Play More Like Classic Sonic”

    1. Freedom Planet looks and feels very promising. It’s as if the Indies are the true successors of the gaming industry because they know how it’s done and what fans want plus respecting the established work and icons of gaming history. Sonic is ruined, Banjo is ruined and even the famous Castlevania, Metroid, Megaman and such. So what would indies do? Make another game that spiritually continues those trends. They say the old ways are dead and that mobile gaming is the future? No. Indies ARE the past and future of gaming because the old ways worked for one reason: Memorable and fun gaming.

    2. pink0crystal0midbus

      Freedom Planet looks amazing. Love the chaos-look to it and I love the anime-looking animal characters and the gameplay looks spot on.

  1. I love the random Sly Cooper fact at the bottom.

    “Yeah, we wanna make try making sonic boom cool by doing this, this, and this. Oh and a new sly game would be great.”

    Honestly though, it’s about time we get a new Sly Cooper. Just forget about Sonic Boom

  2. That’s not saying much. Since I hate even the classics. Well, the original Sonic was ok. But I never cared about the rest.

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