Nintendo UK Says New Splatoon Map Bluefin Depot Coming Tomorrow

Yes, we are getting another free Splatoon multiplayer map tomorrow. The latest map is one that you will be familiar with if you’ve played the game’s single player mode as it is Bluefin Depot. The new map joins fan favourites such as Blackbelly Skatepark and Urchin Underpass. I’m not sure what time the map will be live, but it will sometime tomorrow.


    1. I agree, Splatoon on launch day (I was a day-one buyer) was pretty damn barebones For an online-centered game

    2. True, I guess it should’ve been released on day one….but I kind of like how they’re doing all of this. Releasing new guns and new stages every so often….kind of gives me a good feeling about Splatoon, like I wanna keep playing it cause new stuff is coming out so often
      I guess that was Nintendo’s intention when this game came out? o-o

    1. I’m glad I held off. $60 I’m not out for a game I was only going to play for a couple weeks.

      Maybe someday, but prolly not.

      1. I had a huge feeling this was going to happen, which is exactly why I have still not purchased the game. Same thing happened with MK8 and Smash Bros.

        1. But MK8 WAS a complete game with a ton of stages and content and was worth the day 1 for a MK entry. The bonus DLC is just gravy for that game and adds replay-ability.
          Splatoon was also a day 1 purchase from me, and it has gotten a little monotonous. Still fun by any means, but they should have released 2 new stages every friday as well as have more than 2 stages active at any one time. Should be atleast 4 stages per rotation.
          I play pretty much every other day now, where I probably did a solid everyday for the first 2 or so weeks.

      2. You should get it maybe at the November-December period, where the game’s more fully fleshed out. Then again, the online presence may also have dropped a lot by then, so yeah…

  1. If everything thing else is any indicator, I’m assuming it’ll be downloadable 10:00pm EDT/ 7:00pm PDT.

    1. >>>And you still bought it because you are impatient, there are always sales later but you humans HAVE to have all the DLC the minute they are put on the eShop, then the majority of you complaining are the ones supporting their overpriced DLC if there is one or pre-ordering games you don’t even like>>>

    2. Damn! I have smash, but haven’t played it too much. That’s ridiculous for one playable character. I wouldve expected the 3 player bundle to have been under $10

    1. >>>They aren’t really adding new things these coming 2-3 months, they are only “unlocking” modes, maps and weapons that are already in the game, that’s why they are free>>>

  2. Oh, this is from the SP campaign…. I wonder if they’ll release a weapon that forces knock back on your opponents. Then again, that may be too much of a game mechanic, lol. I just want to see players being pushed off the ledge. It always makes me giggle.

  3. the way Nintendo is releasing stages weapons and gametypes is great I for one was sick and tired playing games online shooters particularly and playing 13 different Maps in 12 minutes. this way you slowly get new stages over time where you’ve played that stage numerous times and you know it this way you can actually play the game and not run around like a fucking idiot on new stages every 5 minutes wondering where your at people are fucking stupid noobs.

    1. And to cover your opinion on a high number of maps in a short period of time, I agree. I am completely fine and in fact prefer Nintendo’s style of handling the maps. The problem for me is that I’ve played every Splatoon stage to death now (30 hours clocked in to the game), and feel that Nintendo should be more regularly adding new stages to spice up the 2-game-per-few-hours cycle they employ, to spice up the game’s variety. So far, they’ve added 1 stage in the past roughly 4 weeks. Perhaps it would be better for them to release a new stage every 2 weeks? That way, when players have grasped and am enamored with all the stages they’ve released so far, they can enjoy a brand new stage, also keeping players playing Splatoon, while keeping that sense of learning how a new map works and how to play it well. I think you’ve gotten my criticism in a wrong way.

      1. Nintendo has added a new stage every single week splatoon has been out. That sounds like once a week to me not once every four weeks. This way Nintendo can also polish the unreleased maps to ensure they are quality and to also give us something to look forward to every week!

          1. They added Port Mackerel (and ranked battles) the Sunday after release, Kelp Dome came out a week and a half later, I think, and now Bluefin Depot.

  4. How are these being delivered? As far as I can tell I haven’t had to download any of this content.

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