Here’s A First Look At The Super Mario Maker Mystery Mushroom Unlock Page

super_mario_maker_mystery_mushroom_unlock_page_ScreenshotIn Super Mario Maker, we learned that we could play through our created levels with different 8-bit characters unlocked from amiibo. Well here’s a little look into how that works with the Mystery Mushroom unlock page! The page has 90 unlockable slots, but obviously, there aren’t that many amiibo yet, so not all of these unlockable features are via amiibo. A good majority probably are though!

And apparently, when you share a level that has a ‘Costume Mushroom’ in it, the player will be able to play through as the character without needing the amiibo. So, we can look forward to discovering which amiibo characters we can play as in Super Mario Maker, if not all of them. Do you think the Mystery Mushroom unlock page is a good feature?


    1. In one of Gamexplain’s videos you can hear a Nintendo rep talking about the amiibo and mentioning that Mega Man is compatible.

      1. Excellent! Do you know if Daisy is confirmed? I would assume that she is in it with so many characters, but it would be nice to have some confirmation

  1. I think it’s amazing. There aren’t a lot of ways to incorporate amiibo into something like this, but they made it work!

    1. Ah cuz iz reel cuz. Cuh I got all da amiigoz n errbody kno dat. I ce on herr errday tellin. I even ce slangin dem on da cheep t2o. Now iz a reel funktion f4 them so it coo. Finna unlocc errthan3g


  2. >>>This game takes too long to be released, just release it now>>>

      1. Well, as it looks, Big N is trying to nail it for Mario’s anniversary

      1. Did they confirmed if you can make sections of levels switch between the styles )or if you can switch styles at will)? It would be awesome if when you enter a pipe, it can take you to SMB1 style, but take another pipe and it takes you to NSMBU style.

        Then you can have a variety of different gameplay mechanic, items and whatnot in just ONE stage.

      2. Seriously!? That fucking sucks & is a huge wasted opportunity, like Marce2240 said! *facepalm* Ugh!

  3. In other words, you need the stupid amiibo to fully experience the game.

    Waddafuck, Nintendo!

      1. Doesn’t change the gameplay, but unlocks sprites.

        So, yes, I do need the awful amiibo to fully experience the game.

        1. “And apparently, when you share a level that has a ‘Costume Mushroom’ in it, the player will be able to play through as the character without needing the amiibo”
          So at least there’s that…

          1. Yeah, I see what you mean. But I still think this BS of sharing blablablah an annoying requirement.

            Heck, nowadays people have been scrutinizing everything! Even things that supposedly should be kept private.

            Mankind has lost the tune.

            1. Well that escalated quickly…

              I see what you mean though. I think ever since amiibos were decided to be a thing, this path was the only natural succession of events for them to become successful, in other words, they must be tied to exclusive content that people will care about, and people acquiring amiibos shows just the extent of how much this content is wanted, wether you see that as a good thing or not.

              1. Business wise, if the amiibo market is profitable (and indeed, it is), I understand that Nintendo indeed must keep the momentum and make them a big thing.

                However, what bothers me is that Nintendo always does one thing in detriment of the other. Like I’ve been vitriolic saying, this generation the home console front was completely overlooked.

                Gee, most of Wii U games have been forgetable. Other than Bayonetta 1/2 and MK8, which exclusive will be considered a timeless classic? I could name maybe only one or two upcoming games that have the potential to be so, which is really sad.

                This E3 made things clear: the Wii U is adrift. Totally lost.

                Do you get my point?

                1. Not only do I get your point, but I agree too. The fact that Nintendo always does one thing in detriment to another is because they have set themselves a limited operating budget and try to make profit with that, without changing it within the process. It is a stubborn strategy, but it is a strategy I understand nonetheless. They are a business and unlike many might say, they consider what they are doing very carefully, despite the results. My idea is that what they are trying to do with the Wii U is make profit out of it, which is obvious isn’t it? But they know that there is a limit to how much you can sell on the Wii U. And such in order to make profit they cut the expenses to correspond to the sales, and move them over to 3DS and the Research & Development department. It is a matter of balance in investment management.

                  1. I see. But, for instance, one thing still bothers me: Why not felixibilizing their strategy and spend a little bit more money in order to fund 3rd party titles for the Wii U? I understand that this practice has to be conducted within clear and reasonable limits, but see what Platinum has done with Bayonetta 2! Sometimes stiff strategies that lead to, for example, game droughts and lack of fanservice create badmouth and negative press towards a company, decreasing its mindshare and brand value.

                    1. Well, that exactly is my final verdict as well. To sum this up, I too believe that their strategy of keeping their budget and their distribution at that set value they analyzed might not be good for them macroeconomically. In other words, even if they manage to make profit off the Wii U, or at least minimal loss, I think they will lose profit in their long term, as now they have exposed their strategy of not willing to invest more at an average selling console, which for consumers translates as lack of trust. At this point, I think consumers will be more hesitant to buy the next system at launch if fear of their investment having a lesser impact, as happened with the Wii U in the end. I think Sony has a better strategy at the moment, which is invest a lot, sell cheap and create a big fanbase. Sony is creating momentum for their brand, while having losses, Nintendo is making a bad name for themselves, while having profit. Also its worth noting that the wii had a huge audience which didn’t transfer over, so in the end Sony might have the same problem and Nintendo might be doing right for themselves, but I think Sony’s fanbase is more loyal than the Wii’s on average. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

                    2. “Sony is creating momentum for their brand, while having losses, Nintendo is making a bad name for themselves, while having profit.”

                      Yes, my friend, you hit the nail in the head. This is of pivotal importance in understanding what will be the outcome in the long run.

      1. I understand, but this amiibo thing is alienating several people and has been promoting too much rage against Nintendo.

        I used to be neutral on amiibo, but nowadays I see how shady this amiibo move is.

        1. You know, if you are that salty, just play the godamn 100-Mario challenge, you’ll just have to make it through 16 hardcare courses to unlock a costume mushroom

          1. The overall situtation is pretty much more complex than playing whatever to unlock whatever. It’s about Nintendo business policies.

    1. Well, but that’s what amiibo is for, you have to use them for something exclusive. You should see it as extra content, not locked content.

        1. Wrong. The content would not exist without the Amiibos. The content was created because the Amiibos exist, therefore technically it is “extra content”, not locked content.

          1. But it becomes locked content since Nintendo is intentionally sending out limited stock of certain amiibo. Maybe this problem might be rectified later with amiibo cards but we don’t know that for sure yet. Nintendo could release those as limited stock, too. Which means what’s happening with the figurines will just repeat itself.

  4. I think it’s a great feature to unlock custom characters to use when taping amiibo. We need more games with interesting usages for them. I just think it is a bummer for them to work only on the 8bit style, but it’s understandable that a colossal amount of content would be needed to cover all the styles.
    I’m really hoping that at least ALL amiibos can work on it, a 8bit Megaman on Mario levels would be awesome!

  5. Enough with the amiibos already! I can’t believe they’re milking the fans with such garbage! I want to play all the content of a game I bought, yet they ask me to shell out for expensive and useless toys to do so.

      1. It’s not ‘extra’ content. It’s already there. You just need amiibo to access it…

        1. But it was made because of the Amiibos. It would not exist without them, therefore it is extra content.

  6. I wonder if the amiibos are just a faster way to unlock the sprites, but maybe you can unlock the sprites through other means. Maybe when you play a level someone else made with a sprite you don’t have, you automatically unlock the ability to use that sprite?

    Otherwise, completionists are going to go insane and lose over a thousand dollars in cash lol!

  7. 90 slots, eh? That’s going to be a lot of alternate sprites, and there aren’t even 90 amiibo out yet… Who could be the rest we don’t know about?

    If there’s ever a Waluigi amiibo, one slot had BETTER be his.

  8. In case you don’t know (I guess 99.9% of you), it has confirmed you can unlock costumes via the 100-Mario challenge

  9. Ew. Please remove this fucking thing. I don’t want something that is constantly reminding me that I won’t unlock some of those slots because the amiibo needed to unlock it is near impossible to find because of Nintendo’s shady tactic of releasing limited stock of certain amiibo. Bleh!

  10. The way I see that game will be lot of Dlc to come out at a premium price … Can’t wait to see that happening. Nintendo is not different than Sony and Microsoft when it comes down to DLCs. I just hope Zelda wii U won’t have DLCs..

  11. I’m really not disappointed with the Wii U. Yes this E3 didn’t have a big surprise ad was a big dissapointing; but I love this system to death. Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta, Smash 4 and Splatoon are all incredible. I loved Hyrule Warriors a lot more then I thought I would, it’s a ton of fun. I’m a big fan of DKC:TF. Nintendoland was fun and is still fun when a bunch of people come over who aren’t really gamers. 3D World and NSMBU were also really fun and I think I’ll eventually go back to them. I LOVED Pikmin 3, I just wish the main story mode was longer. Captain Toad and Kriby Rainbow Curse are fun and were worth the price points. Wind Waker was a true classic and the remake only improved the game, it was a joy to revisit. Wonderful 101 is underrated and really fun.

    After all of that — Star Fox looks great to me. I love the controls. I’m sure the graphics will be improved before it’s released kind of like what happened with 3D world. Everyone will have a blast with Super Mario Maker. It deserves way more hype then it’s getting.

    The promise of the largest Zelda game of all time coming in 2016 is enough of a reason to own a Wii U on it’s own. And you KNOW Retro is working on something big. Yes it was dumb of Nintendo not to show off stuff like Zelda and Retro’s game just because they’re more then a year away but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. Hopefully we’ll hear about more stuff in an upcoming Nintendo direct to make up for the fumble.

    Anyone who doesn’t own a Wii U is missing out, and will be missing out on a ton of amazing upcoming games for the next two years. 2016 will be big, mark my words.

    But that 3DS “Metroid” game is a joke. They should have just made that a new IP instead of slapping Metroid onto their space-soccer concept. That’s an insult to fans of the series. I bet if they introduced it without the Metroid name people would be more interested in playing it.

    And Paper Jam looks fun.

    That’s all.

  12. Dang! So much whiny hatred for having to buy an Amiibo figure. I don’t get that. Sure, it’s a costly bit of DLC basically, but unlike regular DLC, it’s has uses in multiple games. Pay for one Amiibo, get a new sprite in this game, a costume for your Mii racer in Mario Kart 8, a new weapon to use in Hyrule Warriors, a trainable rival in Smash Bros and extra lives in Captain Toad. Plus a cool little figurine for your gaming shelf.

    Is the distribution shit? Yes. Are the store exclusives annoying? Hell yes. But it’s still a pretty awesome concept. People should be happy to see Nintendo finally utilizing it better rather than pouting about not being handed extra bonus content for nothing.

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