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Take A Look At A Load Of Gameplay Of Yo-Kai Watch

A lot of people are excited for the Nintendo 3DS game Yo-Kai Watch, and most are pegging it as the game to watch out for. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out these videos of some game play of the title– the video above shows 10 minutes of direct feed game play, and below shows plenty of off-screen footage to check out the bottom screen too. How do you think it looks?



  1. On one hand, I like this game a lot and might get it eventually.
    On the other hand, I wish Level-5 was working on a big RPG instead.
    I’m just saying, because I love their console RPGs, all of them.


    1. I did hear they are working on something for ps4 a while back. I haven’t heard anything about that for a while though.


      1. I’m always confused as to why, like sure countries like France and Germany need extra time for localization, but why does UK, an english speaking country have to wait on “translation” months after US release? Same thing with Wooly World, would’ve been a nice title to play during the Summer but US has to wait till October…


  2. I’m so fucking angry they changed the human names. Stop making Asian people fucking white. Kids wont die from learning some CULTURE!


  3. I’m glad their finally releasing this game in the West but wth took them so long their already like on the third one in Japan


  4. Another Japan-pandering piece of shit from Level-5, quit making this crap and get on a new Layton, Japan pandering is why we haven’t got a new Metroid.


  5. I have absolutely zero interest in this game. I’d rather play checkers..

    If it wasn’t for Xenoblade Chronicles i’d say this is Nintendo’s worst year they have ever had…. Xenoblade saves that from happeneing..


  6. starts out like a pokemon game, another clone, another cute anime style game..yeah, On the 3ds, a handheld that once had great graphical games like Resident Evil..sign.


  7. I can’t watch a video on youtube through my Wii u. Weak and stupid perhaps? If they thought about making it more powerful in 2008 I wouldn’t get an error message. But they were too stupid and made it slightly more powerful than the 360. Nintendo is stupid I tell you.


    1. You should be able to watch a Youtube video. Are you using the Youtube app, or using the Wii U’s browser? That makes all the difference…

      I never have any problem with Youtube videos on my Wii U. In fact the Wii U has a pretty decent internet browser… A little slow sometimes, but then again so is my Ipad…


  8. Well I like Level 5, I love anime, and I love RPGs. Not sure if I’ll watch the show but the game looks like it could be decent. The running ’round the neighbourhood vibe reminds of MegaMan Battle Network. I like that.


  9. Guy’s help. I just bought xonoblade and it won’t work, it says new 3ds on it and mine is a few years old. Is this why it won’t work? I’m confused!


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