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Here’s IGN’s Best Of E3 2015 Awards

It’s been a busy week and now E3 is officially over. It wouldn’t be E3 without the best of show awards from IGN and you can read their choices for Game of the Show, Best Wii U Game and Best Nintendo 3DS game, amongst others. Interestingly, Platinum Games long-awaited Star Fox wasn’t in the running for best Wii U game. The games that were are Super Mario Maker and Yoshi’s Woolly World. Here’s the IGN’s best of E3 2015 award winners and runner ups.

Game of the Show: Star Wars Battlefront
Runner-Up: Fallout 4

Best PS4 Game: Horizon
Runner-Up: Uncharted 4

Best XB1 Game: Cuphead
Runners-Up: Fallout 4, For Honor, Star Wars Battlefront

Best Wii U Game: Super Mario Maker
Runner-Up: Yoshi’s Woolly World

Best PC Game: Fallout 4
Runner-Up: For Honor

Best 3DS Game: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

Best Vita Game: Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Best Action Game: Uncharted 4, For Honor
Runner-Up: Horizon

Best Shooter: Star Wars Battlefront
Runners-Up: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Best Fighting Game: Street Fighter V

Best Platformer: Cuphead, Super Mario Maker
Runner-Up: Unravel

Best Sports Game: FIFA 16

Best Racing Game: Need For Speed

Best RPG: Fallout 4
Runner-Up: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Best Strategy Game: XCOM 2
Runner-Up: Fire Emblem Fates

Best Music Game: Rock Band 4

Best Adventure Game: No Man’s Sky
Runner-Up: Below

Best Trailer: SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire
Runner-Up: Dishonored 2

Coolest Tech: Microsoft Holo-Lens

Biggest Surprise: Final Fantasy VII Remake
Runner-Up: Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Best VR Experience: Adr1ft
Runner-Up: Edge of Nowhere

74 thoughts on “Here’s IGN’s Best Of E3 2015 Awards”

  1. Its crazy in what position both Wii U and Vita are in.

    Wii U: very little if any 3rd party support, Nintendo at least tries to bring first party big titles to it.

    Vita: no first party support but it lives and breathes on 3rd party.

      1. I hate it that they completely give up on stuff and fuck over their fan base in the process. It’s an amazing console, if only Sony gave it the support it deserves.

          1. I’ll never understand why Japan loves anime so much. I wouldn’t like being in Japan for that reason.

    1. Xbox being the clear winner, sorry to seem Nintendo didn’t really show up like they could have. And Sony was Just boring as usual. But I have a feeling its cus Nintendo is winding down the Wii U for the next next year, and Sony is just trying to not do anything to radical cus every dollar spent could be their last

      1. I don’t play either console but you must be incredibly biased if you think Xbox beat PS. Xbox conference was boring as hell except for the Minecraft hololense. PS had the biggest cheers, the biggest surprises, and the biggest announcements of the whole weekend. They also showed some genuine creativity which I wouldn’t have expected from either Xbox or PS, but there you have it. Xbox had nothing of the sort though, just shooters for days.

        1. Too bad the biggest titles announced at E3 for Playstation will end up on Xbox One at some point. Like Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy VII Remake: both titles that would have been awesome exclusives for the PS4 but nope! Off to the Xbox One they go.

    2. Judging by what I saw on Nintendo’s digital event, it doesn’t seem like they’re trying very much. They had one big title, and it looks like a PS2 game. Vita has almost zero support from 3rd parties. It’s the indies that is keeping it from dying, and just barely I might add. They both need to drop their respective failing consoles and come up with something new and better or just stay out of that market completely. If Nintendo stuck to handhelds and Sony to home consoles, I’d be perfectly okay with that.

    1. I will agree, I think Microsoft Holo-lens was the coolest tech shown as well, that minecraft demo made the audience excited :)
      As for Nintendo, it was pretty much obvious that Super Mario Maker was going to be in list in some form.

      Hope they do a worst of E3 as well .-.

              1. -Lie down
                -Try not to cry
                -Cry a Lot…
                I took a break for studying and after years you’re still here T.T
                Your services to the Empire will always be remembered…

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>Considering you know who I am, may I ask who you were back then?>>>

                      1. I didn’t comment too much back then as I thought many people here at the time were dumbasses (or primitive apes, as you say), and the few times I did, I did it as anonymous. I was mostly following the news and enjoying some flame wars. We only had a talk once about the Empire and why you detest XBots, so you probably don’t remember me as an individual :)

            1. Oh. My. God. Microsoft’s Holo Lens…wow…the gaming applications…the scientific and engineering applications… Wow.

      1. Fifa 16 is rated Best Sports Game. This list is now officially null and void. Any other Sports game would be a better option. And this is coming from someone from the Fifa crazy Country in the world, the U.K.

      2. I’m kind of surprised Kingdom Hearts III didn’t make the Best RPG or even the Runner-Up position. I mean, the audience went crazy when it was announced. Fallout 4 is overrated.

        1. I’ll be honest, I’m not big on making my own levels and stuff, so I will probably make a few levels and never play again. I’ll get it to support the 30 years and all, but I really can’t see myself playing it longer than a week. That may of course change when I play it, but I highly doubt it. Not saying it’s a bad game either, I just don’t like creating levels as much as playing them.

            1. Ya dumb bitch I don’t want to. There’s no story or anything so it doesn’t have much incentive to play. I like platformers but I also like story and other things. I’m not gonna play a hundred thousand levels of created mario maps. And damn this site went downhill when trash like your stupid ass came here. Go listen to some eminem. You’re the only one left who does.

              1. 1. Then shut the fuck up then lol
                2. Then play the platformers with story lol it seems you will force yourself to buy the game even though you don’t like the game and will barely play it now that is stupid ya dumb batch
                3. Ha ha lol oh really I made this website bad lol I have been reading news from this website since 2011 and have just made my account recently and I still only comment on certain articles and or certain comment I find funny or not and I’m messing with people unless I’m informing them on something they missed or didn’t know now I do it harshly but I well
                4. Yo dumbass should know this website was turned to shit years ago
                5. This is just a username I made that I have been using so I thought why not I’m going to use it for this website and I haven’t listened to him in years I have been focusing on dubstep and glitch hop for the past 5 or more years get owned and eat shit ya bitch
                6. So you will be buying a game you will barely play lol you are retarded

                1. 1.You’re a fucking retard
                  2.You I don’t have time to sit here and make a numbered list like you love to do so eat a dick
                  3. Check out Glitch Mob

                2. And one last thing if you listen to dubstep for the love of god tell me you don’t like skrillex cause he isn’t even true dubstep and ruined it.

                  1. 1. Yo dumbass made a numbered list lol
                    2. It only took me some minutes to make its not that hard lol
                    3. Glitch mob is old I have been known about that and I mostly check out anyone and listen to several songs from them then decide to get songs
                    4. Don’t buy the game because apparently you don’t like it and will barely play it lol thats fuckin stupid
                    5. There is no Such thing as true dubstep Are You Really This Stupid LOL And of course I Listen to other genres or sub genres in dubstep or that branches off from dubstep
                    6. I listened and liked his old stuff but haven’t really listened to his new stuff but if I like something then I will get it lol it doesnt matter what anyone says lol they can drink fresh shit from the source like you do ya fucking dumbass

                    1. No shit glitch mob is old they are broke up even at this point dipshit and there is skrillex type “dub step” and then there is actual good dub step that sounds nothing like his trash. It’s not hard to make a list but if you think I am wasting a bunch of time making lists for losers like you you’re crazy. I actually have a life thank you. So go fuck yourself and your stupid ass lists. And enjoy your shitty taste in everything.

        2. The problem started when Nintendo wanted to give Project Cafe 1 gig for gaming in 2008 and release it in 2012.

        3. Have a little imagination. Mario is the greatest platformer of all time, and now it’s INFINITE. How is that not incredible to you?

            1. It would be extremely nonsensical to release a 3D platform maker without first releasing the more obvious choice of a 2D level maker. It the start of the franchise, it’s easier to make and it’s more straightforward to use.

              Nintendo should keep making the 3D Mario’s themselves, instead of a level maker.

              That said: a captain toad level creator would be very interesting to me.

      3. …At least this makes me hopeful for Battlefront if nothing else. Fallout is so ridiculously overrated… if people could climb down from Bethesda’s dick someday and view their many flaws a little more objectively it’d be nice.

            1. 1. No because we have a spinoff and a 2d or 2.5 game if the spinoff isn’t that game coming later with the 3d game
              2. No if the franchise was completrly abandoned then OK but that is not the case don’t be retarded kid

              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                Wow. >.< Federation Farce is a joke of a Metroid game. Nintendo is making fun of us that support that franchise. If you grew up with Metroid, you'd realize that. Like Lord Zedd said about the people defending that turd, you probably started gaming in the 64 or Gamecube era so you don't know what it's like to wait years for a Metroid only to get an insult to the franchise as a game. Oh & then there is the fact Ridley nor Dark Samus was added to Smash as a playable character. It's just Samus & an alternate Samus for Smash as playable Metroid characters. If that isn't neglect, I'd hate to see what you people really consider as neglect for Metroid. Oh & if you haven't noticed, Nintendo is abandoning the Wii U for the NX so we won't get a true Metroid til then. The Metroid Prime guy pretty much spelled it out for us when he told us if they started making it now, it wouldn't be for the Wii U.

                1. 1. I have played every metroid game but have only beaten some of the titles my favorite being metroid fusion since I still have my gameboy advance from 2002 and my metroid fusion game and I played that game so much my gba is unplayable I played that game for 6 or more years then got bored because I couldn’t get faster times but then I got a ds lite and a game shark and started getting much faster times with the codes
                  2. 24 minutes with 0 percent and 42 minutes if I remember correctly with 100 percent which can be improved but I won’t try 100 percent until I get a ds lite just for that game because the previous one broke
                  3. You may be insulted by the game just like many others but it is a spinoff and I was disappointed to see it at first but the producer said it is like a prequel for the main game and that piqued my interest and we need to know more about the federation anyway we know what goes on the surface but what about underneath and now I didn’t see the treehouse live event with the game but will whenever
                  4. I will at least try a game then say something unless if it doesn’t fit into racing and fighting and action/adventure and rpgs and strategy games and some shooters then I may judge it but may still try it out and look at game play before I try it out since everything gets posted online so fast
                  5. We know what is going down with metroid so stop being so butthurt because I’m sure you will be sucking Nintendo ass once the game or games comes out like I said above federation could be the 2d or 2.5d game and or another metroid game on a handheld can come out
                  6. Nintendo is not abandoning the wii u the system still has 2 or more years that we know of because obviously no one knows when the nx is coming out and that could be delayed so it could be 2017 or 2018 or even longer until the system comes out who knows and yeah I read it and the next metroid game will be on the nx and all because a few or several 1st party games fans were expecting are not on a console does not mean it is dead
                  7. I just bought metroid other m recently and am going to get it soon from eBay and I’m sure you know the flack that game has gotten from the metroid fans but I like the game the only thing that needed improvement to me was not doing the look around parts and the voice acting for samus kicked in at the end
                  8. Now I don’t brlieve any official time line because something or several things may be wrong with them like how for example the aonuma said the official legend of Zenda title was wrong and that can obviously be the case of the metroid time line
                  9. That people complain how sames is in the game with ridley I would say samus is just getting over ridley killing her parents etc etc and wants revenge because in the beginning she seemed like an arrogant kid and this game is said to be based in between super metroid and metroid fusion so apparently a lot happened in that time and so when sames sees ridley again for the first time after the killings I will presume she remembers all of that stuff and goes into traumatized mode but then realizes she has the tools to destroy him but a lot of people don’t think like that and bash the game on that and you can see all of this stuff in the game and I’m sure there is more I want to type but that’s it
                  10. Don’t be retarded anymore kid

            1. 1. I don’t need to list them when you can easily find a list of games on the system and upcoming games it’s not hard lol and of course other people might not know the franchises and or like different games
              2. I would only list the games that I enjoy which would be a lot but I don’t feel like going to the ps store and typing them all out
              3. keep being retarded ya dumb bitch

                1. 1. Of course there will be many games that are playable on other systems on the vita and other consoles
                  2. One of the reasons for getting a vita is the exclusives which I’m sure it has a good amount and the continuous 3rd party support and the ports from other systems because obviously not everyone has all of the systems to play all of the games on the vita
                  3. That was the vita from the beginning and that will be what the vita will continue to be and I’m sure there are many other reasons but people get what people like duh ya dumb bitch

                2. Doesn’t really matter if they’re multiplatform or exclusive. Most of the other games on other systems are multiplatform too, save for the Wii U and 3DS.

                  They were there on the floor so they could have chosen from them.

      4. Horizon looks awesome! *just finished trailer* And holy shit! Another free roam Need for Speed!? No Man’s Sky seems to be getting better every year. :D

        1. Oh right. I totally forgot the topic of the article is a list of ign’s best of E3 2015. *shrug*

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