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Check Out The Shiftlings Announcement Trailer For Wii U

There is already a lot to be excited from in Nintendo’s indie scene, however it turns out that Rock Pocket Games and Sierra’s game, Shiftlings, is on its way.

Described as an action, adventure, puzzle-platformer, the title follows two dim-witted aliens as they try to navigate 50 interplanetary levels. Check out the video below detailing some of the antics. While the game is officially announced for Wii U via the eShop, no release date has been announced.

34 thoughts on “Check Out The Shiftlings Announcement Trailer For Wii U”

    1. lmao everyone who signed this petition should prolly have to wear a badge to warn everyone else what colossal cornballs they are

      1. You realize they are in the majority right? Also look at the youtube video, dislikes outpoint likes by like 10 to 1. Only a blind fanboy would defend nintendo and this garbage.

        1. They are the loud 1% the rest of us who are still interested in what the game brings have been quiet. And agreed Shiftlings looks good, still want Kings Quest though.

    2. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

      Almost 20 000 supporters, also youtube trailer has 63 330 dislike vs 6 599 likes LMAO, this game is gonna fail so hard, this is what happens when Nintendo ignores their fanbase. I wish that awful Zelda Fashion Party that has Link wearing a dress would have gotten this kinda reaction aswell.

        1. Why couldn’t they follow the roots of Metroid Prime Hunters? That game was a truly great game looks/ is way better than Federation. Hell it even has a great online multiplayer with different modes AND voice chat unlike a game starting s certain space fox.

    3. I know I’ll get some hate for this, but if there’s anyone I should reply with this it’s probably you. And I want everyone else to read this too. I’m not saying this was the game I wanted from Metroid, it certainly isn’t, nothing but disappointment on my face thinking what did they just try to sweep by me, but have you gotten a good look at it? Take a look at the TreeHouse segment for the game, Day 3 preferably. It covered some levels on it and the game doesn’t look half bad for a 3DS FPS. I liked seeing the creatures from the Metroid Prime series like hoppers, barbs, the different pirates, brutes and flying, and the gameplay looked like it should. It really got me thinking of what a Wii U version of it would look like with an appearance similar to the Federation scenes at the beginning of Echoes and the Bomb Mission in Corruption. Perhaps we can expect something truly great for 2016, the 30th Anniversary of Metroid.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Well I don’t mind the gameplay much, except the Blast Ball part, I find it very silly, I’m bothered with the “Chibi” type of style, it takes away the essence of Metroid, feeling dark and barren>>>

        >>>They turned it into a happy colourful game and that’s my main argument against it, it’s similar to the movie franchise Alien which Metroid takes most of its inspiration from, nobody wants a chibi Alien type of movie and the same argument is the one I use for Metroid, I would be satisfied enough if they changed the style into a more “serious” tone, similar to Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion but in 3D of course>>>

  1. annibo irosas: master puppet

    “There is already a lot to be excited from in Nintendo’s indie scene, however it turns out that Rock Pocket Games and Sierra’s game, Shiftlings.”

    The suspense for how this paragraph should end is killing me .

  2. I think it’s pretty amazing how Nintendo are finally giving Indie devs a chance on their console… now if only they could do the same with 3rd Parties.

    1. There is a system there and multiple engines to program on, don’t know how that is not giving the 3rd parties a chance, they just need to make smart choices. The problem is they are not.

  3. annibo irosas: master puppet

    Kudos BubbleButt

    Nintendo giving indie devs a chance only to have the devs turn their backs on Nintendo after they make it big …. Sigh

  4. If I were to get Yoshi’s Wolly World, it’s just sad that I can’t use my regular Yoshi amiibo for the extra features (aside from normal Yoshi skin).

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    1. I don’t mind indies but we get a lot of shitty indie games on wii u. I don’t even understand Nintendo accepting some “games.

      Shiftlings though looks awesome. All about the gameplay.

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