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Miiverse Has Changed Restriction Rules And Will Now Apply To All Accounts On One System

Previously on Miiverse, if you violated the Code of Conduct then your Nintendo Network ID would be restricted, but an easy way to get around it would be to just create or use another one on your device– simple. Not anymore! Nintendo have stamped down on their restrictions and now if you receive a restriction from violating the rules, it will apply to every account on your system, even ones made afterwards. If you share your device with family members, that’s not good news for them. So, play nice!



98 thoughts on “Miiverse Has Changed Restriction Rules And Will Now Apply To All Accounts On One System”

  1. This is stupid. People can be banned for no reason (I’ve never been subject to this as I barely post on Miiverse anyway) but if someone else were to use my Wii U/3DS and post something dumb, then ALL accounts are affected?

    I understand the thought process here, and it sounds smart for like, a minute or two, but in execution this is actually a serious annoyance and I’d now urge people to put locks on their accounts.

    I also think this is weird because it certainly doesn’t make Miiverse any more compelling.

    1. I got 2 strikes for relatively good reasons, but then I got a Third Strike and banned for no fault of my own. I then replied to the message with a ‘I did not violate the Miiverse Code of Conduct.’ I went for a quick shower and by time I came out, I was unbanned. Miiverse is a great platform for Fan Created Drawings, like what I do with Pixel Art, but it sucks for text based posts, because I’ve seen people get strikes for even as much as critising Nintendo’s E3. This one guy on my Friends Roster, posted about his dislike for Metroid Prime:Federation Force and his post was quickly removed. I’m surprised that I didn’t get a strike for stating that Nintendo’s Digital Event was disappointing…


    2. You’re responsible for your own console/ account – The console or acccount gets banned – not you yourself.

    3. Nintendo is just trying to fuck up everything they can. It’s actually incredible that they’re trying so hard to fuck up. Great job Iwata!

    4. I have a Nintendo 3DS and I am going to share my thoughts and complaints about Miiverse.

      I think that Miiverse should let people post friend codes.I mean in Animal Crossing:New Leaf,you could post your dream address,but what about your friend code to visit other peoples towns?It doesn’t make sense…I am nice and friendly so I do want to make friends.I do want to post my friend code,but I don’t want to violate the Miiverse code of conduct.

      I don’t get the violation type on Miiverse about advertising.What is advertising?If you know then could you please reply back to me.I would appreciate it if you did!

      Why does Miiverse has to be so strict?I’m not trying to be mean like that.I’m just saying that it’s true.Well,some of the rules should stay but they should let us post friend codes.Miiverse did make rules to stay out of trouble and Miiverse really protects us from trouble.

      Also,for some communities,we can’t post screenshots and we don’t know why.They should let us post screenshots for every single community.

      Still,read the Miiverse code of conduct carefully to understand and don’t even try to violate the Miiverse code of conduct.I’m warning you!I have never violated the Miiverse code of conduct.So make sure that you follow the Miiverse code of conduct and please make everyone enjoy Miiverse.Have fun and a nice day/time and Good bye for now.Thank you for reading this and I hope that you enjoyed this also understand what I said.☆:·)

      1. I know that you can’t share or post friend codes on Miiverse.So I’ll share mine here.You could pretend that your friend code is a community code or dream address.
        My friend code is 2492-5055-9279.Make sure that if you get my friend code,tell me yours only if you play AC:NL.

  2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Miiverse is probably the most dissappointing feature on the Wii U and 3DS, too much NN-Gestapo crap in there>>>

    1. There are lots of random very young people who say random things, but overall I like the Miiverse concept. Plus it is home to some of the best Nintendo art anywhere.

      1. I agree on art front. I think that I’m pretty good drawer on Miiverse, but my Pixel Art drawings can’t even hold a candle 3 planets close to how well other people on Miiverse can draw.

      2. I couldn’t agree more. Miiverse is like 6 year-olds who say random shit. This is so much proof how nintendo caters to little kids. Miiverse is a pussy version of a social network for whimps and queers.

    2. I cannot believe how critical of Nintendo you people are compared to fanboys on Nintendo Life. Holy shit. Those guys are worse than people on this site back in 2012.

      Wow, I’m starting to like this site a whole lot more. They probably even defended Nintendo’s E3 hahahah.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Nintendo Life is nothing but a civilian base, they are irrelevant to the grand design>>>

            1. Lol that’s what I did. I used to comment there all the time but I don’t go there as much anymore. This is my home now. :D

      2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Sadly, we got a few people on this site that would be right at home on Nintendo Life. Or… maybe these people on this site defending Nintendo’s bullshit ARE from Nintendo Life. Oh my god! That explains everything!

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Silly you and your conspiracies>>>

          -Notify me if anything suspicious though…-

          1. Oh I got more. And not all of them are video game related. *looks over shoulder like a crazed paranoid person* lol

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>I got very annoyed with High Command for the first time when they deleted Swapnote, I liked getting a flying letter>>>

        1. And you still play white knight for their ass. Speaking of which, Axiom Verge < "Metroid Prime" Federation Force: Chibi Sports Edition? lol Fuck you on that one "commander"

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Now you are assuming things again that aren’t even remotely true, are you that idiotic ape George W Bush? If you are not with us you are against us garbage?>>>

            >>>Like I said, I won’t waste my time with you no more, whatever anyone says to you it doesn’t stick in your head for more than 3 seconds, and you’ve said you were done with Nintendo completely since 7 weeks now and you’re still here>>>

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>It was like the Nintendo version of texting, a great way to communicate with your fellow friends in your list worldwide, plus you could send pictures aswell>>>

            1. WTF! That definitely would have helped for all those times I wanted to play Animal Crossing or Mario Kart with my cousin. I could never contact him and tell him what we could’ve played. I could only look at his “now playing” thing and hope he looked at mine (which he almost never did) and join my games. -_-

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Indeed, it was the first time High Command irritated me for real, I had many allied and comrades that I swapned notes with>>>

            2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

              Too bad some people misused it & Nintendo idiotically assumed everyone was using it for the wrong reasons.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>They didn’t, it’s just their outdated system of handling the useless cattle and children>>>

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        If the next Miiverse update makes the thing worse instead of removing the bogus time limits, the “update” to Activity Feed, & this new bullshit, I’m going to post something along the lines of “Go choke on a fucking dick, Nintendo! You’re becoming trash just like EA & Ubisoft! Trying to win that golden shit award for worst company this year, aren’t you!?” Then they can have a reason to ban my entire console from Shitverse!

        1. Go for it. I could care less if they permanently ban me or you from Miiverse. I can still play online, use Netflix and shop in eShop without it and it’s funny that they only ban your NN account in Miiverse but not everywhere else; another stupid flaw in their design. XD They still can’t get their shit right even more so with NN like Wifi Connection from last gem.

    1. So I just checked and the ban is NOT in place for people who were banned before this code was put in place, so I was banned, like, almost 3 years ago and I was not restricted by this.
      However if your friends are, like, planning on being banned, say, tomorrow, then they’d be banned.

  3. I actually like Miiverse, as drawing on Miiverse is the best way I have found to get rid of all of the stress that happened that day, no matter if I only get a couple of Yeahs on it. But this is just ridiculous. It started with the removal of the Yeah counter, then the post restriction, then the comment restriction, no this. Geez, this isn’t the Miiverse that I’ve loved since Day 1 of owning my Wii U, way back in 2012…

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      I know, right! The Wii U was meant to be a social console yet Miiverse is being turned into the the least social feature. People that defend Nintendo for “no voice chat” seriously need to reconsider their stance because it’s strongly tied to Miiverse becoming anti-social whether they like to admit it or not.

    1. Ain’t that the truth. I am slowly drawing myself away from Miiverse because of these stupid updates. The only good update to Miiverse in the last year, was the only having the latest post by friends and those that you are following, to speed up how long it takes to load the Activity Feed, update.

  4. What about those that have multiple people in the family that have their own Nintendo Network Account? They are essentially penalising entire families, for 1 persons mistake, or even if it wasn’t their mistake…

  5. I can’t believe the simple words they don’t allow on Miiverse. Like crap. What the heck is bad about crap?

  6. This is just ridiculous! One evening i decided to have a glass of wine, and I decide to draw a dong on Miiverse, and now my family members can’t access Miiverse! So sad. :(

    1. And your family should be band. You shoukd respect the use of the other family members and conduct yourself with that in mind.

      Otherway to say it is that you care aomlittle about other family members that youngot them band for being an ass.

      Not nintendo did it. You did it to them and cared so little that being rude was more important then respecting other family members right to use miiverse.

      1. I suppose if your brother kills someone, you and the rest of your family should go to jail. Makes sense to me.

        1. Compare apples with apples.

          If your brother parks illgeally in your car. The car gets a ticket which means the owner gets the ticket. You took that chamce sharing the car with aomeone unreliable.

          Sharing a console with unteliable person is fair because they just create a new account and hope back one.

          Any person drawing a dong on a forum where a bunch of 10yr olds hang out, need help. That person needs to step up and take the punishment even if that means the console is banned.

          1. If that is the case, you’ll just tell him to pay the ticket or not let him use the car anymore. Here if you get banned, there is nothing you can do. You cannot get unbanned if you’re permabanned. Also, the car situation is different as car is on your name and that is why you get a ticket. They have no one else to give it to, but they have to do that. They can’t just ignore everyone since the car may not be theirs, but Nintendo doesn’t have to do this.

            That’s the biggest difference, but another is the one that you yourself mentioned and that is that ONE person gets the ticket. ONE. The owner of that car. Not the entire family and not even multiple people. Is it the wrong person? Yes, but it’s A person. So this is not apples to apples comparison.

    2. One glass of wine isn’t enough to make you do that. Unless you’re like 60 pounds. You did that on your own, don’t blame one glass of wine. Even the lightest of lightweights, noobest of noobs, don’t drink one glass of wine and have urges to do things they normally wouldn’t.

  7. Best idea anyways you shouldn’t really be posting on it without reading the code of conduct what you had too doo anyways then you shouldn’t be banned oh wait this is the internet nobody reads the rules

  8. I’m sorry father Nintendo don’t punish me. Damn they have been fucking up alot lately it’s like they want there old fans to not like them so they can go full casual and stuff amiibos down the kids throat lol

    1. Well damn I think you just solved the mystery to what the fuck nintendo is doing these days. It all makes sense now.

  9. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    *facepalm* I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I fucking knew it! A Miiverse update is NEVER a good thing! I fucking knew it! I said it before I even read the article that a Miiverse update is never a good thing..! IWATA, YOU SHOULD BE FIRED!!! IMMEDIATELY!!! Ugh! First a post time limit that doesn’t effect the one community you posted on but ALL communities! Then the comment limit that doesn’t pertain to just that one post you commented on but ALL posts you commented on! Then the horrible so called “update” to the Activity Feed that made it worse instead of better! My, how far you have fallen from your glory days, Miiverse! Those of you that think Nintendo’s “no voice chat” stance is to protect people are delusional at this point! This isn’t about protection but control! Nintendo’s anti-social movement continues. If you think this is protection, you probably think the Gestapo in Nazi Germany during World War II were protecting people! Or that the Spanish Inquisition was about saving people from the Devil! Before you defenders know it, they’ll be getting rid of online altogether! And where the fuck will your defenses be then!?

    Incoming Nintendo Dick Riders in 3… 2… 1…

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        If you ever do by some chance become the Supreme Lord, don’t deny certain features just because you don’t like them or think they are irrelevant. We got enough of the current Supreme Lord doing that shit. So as long as you do that, you have my support. But since Nintendo is roughly a Japanese company, you’ll need all the support, and good luck, you can get.

          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            Like voice chat. There are just as many people for it as there are against it but it’s wrong to deny half of your audience just because the other half hates it. Besides, that’s what muting/blocking is for. Or simply turning the feature off altogether. I know there are more that Nintendo is neglecting to give us but that’s the only big one I can think of right now. Still waiting on a universal account that lets me backup my save data & download it to a new Wii U when my current one ever breaks down on me.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>My solution to those problems while keeping the “Nintendo Safe Law” in check would be to divide the civilians/nintendolings and the warriors in 2 factions where of course the warriors would be getting most of these features most of you want like Voice Chat and Universal Accounts if possible, otherwise something a lot easier than today’s system atleast>>>

              >>>But the most important of all, wage war on every front, eradicating the Xbots slow but surely>>>

    1. I have one and yiur right. Nintendo screwed it up from launch and never tried anything else since then.

      I will not get the nx at.launch, im waiting this time to see if it make it.

  10. I mean it’s pretty obvious what is acceptable to post and what’s not. But the Wii U is a shared system between family members a lot of the time. IF your brother posts swear words then you get screwed over. It’s not really fair, though I get why they’re doing it. I guess it’s better than them shutting it down like they did with SwapNote.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      At this rate, they might as well shut Miiverse down. If this keeps up, no one is going to use it anyway. It’s bad enough certain posts that are perfectly okay are getting deleted. “Oh! It’s a big breasted girl in a bikini! DELETE!!!”

    2. At one point years ago I replied “Praise the Lord” and it was deleted and I got a warning. I don’t go on Miiverse anymore, don’t care for it.

  11. oh my god… nintendo we are not 5 year olds! I can’t wait for NX!! because its totally going to suck :))

  12. Nintendo’s handling of MiiVerse is why I am no longer a fan, but a customer. I am a person who always does their best to follow the rules. I was inexplicably banned for 2 weeks. I called Nintendo, they refused to look into it and in fact questioned my integrity. I stayed on this as long as I could, but Nintendo refused to even tell me why I was banned saying they could not have the admins explain themselves and they could not make them over turn or do any actions.

    Yeah, Nintendo, you’re useless when it comes to recognizes your recognizing your weaknesses. You have developed quite an ego and level of self importance, just like any other company.

    Now, not only will they ban one person, but the entire community using that hardware device? Really, who cares, if you want to communicate, you can’t use any Nintendo services. They don’t know how to do online in anyway….. voice chat in Splatoon anyone?

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Yeah. IP banning is a last resort tactic & most websites, that I’m aware of, try their best to never resort to that since they end up punishing not only the culprit but the innocent bystanders that also use the same computer. Figures Nintendo would be the first ones to actually do this bullshit.

      1. Ip banning is stupid. You just get a new one everyday. Recycle you router to get a new one.

        I bet nintendo is banning the mac address.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Well mac address banning. Either way, it’s still bullshit & wrong. Fuck Nintendo with this. They’ve been wanting to kill Miiverse since they first released the Wii U. And soon, they’ll succeed. It won’t be long before the damn thing is just Nazi Germany 2.0.

  13. Yeah because untying my purchases from my console & tying them to my NNID is so much less important than untying my bands from my NNID & tying it to my console. Nintendo always does the dumbest shit first with their ass backwardness. I’ve seen a million useless Miiverse updates, & we STILL can’t get an edit button up in here. I’ve built databases way more complex than Miiserse & tied it to an online interface. This shit isn’t hard. I think they did some dumb shit like make the serial numbers their PK instead of the NNIDs, now they’re fucked. I don’t even think they made the NNIDs the FK, cuz even then they might be able to pull something off. They may have to rebuild the entire database from scratch depending on how deep they’ve gotten into their own shit. They’re either just evil & like seeing us beg for shit & not give us, or their coders are 2nd rate….maybe even 3rd rate.

  14. I agree with everyone that Nintendo should loosen up but I think this is good. I know a lot of ppl get notices or get their posts deleted by the miiverse admins for no reason. Unless you keep posting sh*t over and over, either by mistake or on purpose I doubt you’ll get banned. If you’ve been on miiverse long enough you would know that a lot of ppl on their deserve to be banned.

  15. Wait, so they can actually restrict your account on all platforms but they can’t have a universal account system yet? Smh.

    1. It’s pretty clear at this point: Nintendo won’t stop til they’ve utterly destroyed Miiverse. Between the admins & the updates, Nintendo has been trying to destroy their very own creation for years now.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      In Nintendo’s eyes, Miiverse was boring & irrelevant the moment they released the Wii U. They’ve been trying to destroy it ever since. First it was the badmins, then the crummy activity feed, then the post & comment time limits, then the activity feed made worse, and now this. Soon, Nintendo is going to implement one post per day & think it was the best idea ever!

  16. How many times is Nintendo going to make a fail this month?

    It’s bad enough they punish fast typers like me by putting a two-minute wait between posts, but now this?

    Not only is the Wii U clearly being left behind for the 3DS/NX, but it’s also turning into a Dystopian machine for those who do use it.

  17. Miiverse is becoming like twitch. I got ip banned from twitch randomly one time and an automatic email message saying I probably broke 1 out of a long list of rules. I still don’t know what happened and I never had any strikes on twitch before.

    That was while I was staying at my parents place so I’m not banned at my place.

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