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Pokemon Shuffle Coming To iOS And Android Later This Year

The reasonably well-received Pokemon Shuffle has been a hit on the Nintendo 3DS since it launched. Nintendo has already mentioned that it has surpassed 4 million downloads, which is impressive to say the least. Now the inevitable has happened and the Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is coming to the iTunes App Store and Google Play later this year. No doubt it will be a massive success on each of these platforms.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is coming to iTunes App Store and Google Play in 2015! In Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, your goal is to clear various stages by lining up the same Pokémon and clearing these matches from the puzzle area. Within each puzzle stage, you can deal damage to the wild Pokémon you face by lining up three of the same Pokémon to clear them. Battle and try to catch the Pokémon before you run out of moves!

24 thoughts on “Pokemon Shuffle Coming To iOS And Android Later This Year”

  1. Well his GAME FREAKS and Pokémon company’s 15th Android and IOS app but you have to wonder when is Nintendo’s apps coming out my guess is fall or winter.

  2. Will it synch process from one platform to the other? Or would I have to start over without the 100+ levels I’ve completed on 3DS?

    1. Probably start over.. which really grinds my gears. It wouldnt be hard for nintendo to launch account systems that could be paired with android and ios to upload previously saved data. I would love to port my 130 or so completed levels and event catches, but I highy doubt it. I would prob play more as well, as I only get on that game like once a week anymore when i used to play several times a day. Being on mobile would make it much easier to spam the meowth $$$ stage.

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    3. It makes sense. I mean, I’m sure that at least SOME of us played Pokemon Shuffle and thought ‘Hey, this would have been a better fit on Mobile, than on a 3DS.’
      Right? Yes? No? Just me?

    4. If you really cannot port your previous save data thats just stupid as fuck. This is 2015 , no? Abd if you cannot link through NNID or some shit then N is dumber that i previously thought

    5. We knew a Nintendo game was coming to mobile this year, but it’s super disappointing that it’s THIS game. Because it already exists. It’s not a new game.

      I’ll save my excitement for when Nintendo releases something new to mobile.

      1. Keep in mind Nintendo only partially owns Pokemon. If gamefreak desired it, they could break all legal ties with Nintendo and instead release Pokemon for PS vita.

        Take for example Tembo the badass elephant.

        1. They can’t release Pokemon for Vita if they wished to, because, as you said, Nintendo owns a share in Pokemon’s rights.

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