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Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Is Massive

Koji Igarashi seems marveled by his own project, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, which is surpassing his own limits and expectations. In a recent discussion, Igarashi noted that the game will likely have more than 1,600 rooms — roughly 1.5x the scale of the critically acclaimed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. In fact, the game is so big, Igarashi has mentioned that the development team will need to add more enemies types to fill the space as well as expand the story to motivate players to explore. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night currently holds the title of most-funded game on Kickstarter, netting more than $5.5 million ($5 million above the funding point).

15 thoughts on “Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Is Massive”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t SotN have something like 1890 rooms? Or are those the number of squares in the map and not the actual number of rooms?

    1. I think the original count wasn’t including the inverted castle sequence, from what I remember. :)

      1. Makes sense, I guess they don’t really count as ‘new’ rooms. Anyway, I’m absolutely looking forward to this project. The wait is killing me.

    1. Awesome! I’ll definitely keep my eye out for this game when it releases, so hopefully it will get funded.

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    1. But it’s longer than anticipated so that’s more than enough “fun” time for most. XP As long as the content and challenges are well design to met expectation, then it’ll succeed.

    2. Agreed. I felt 100%-completing the previous GBA & DS titles offered quite a bit of content, enough that I felt satisfied putting 1 down & playing another game from a different franchise & genre. I think the current trend of enlarging games on such a massive scale helps feed into the lack of variety in the market today: players focus on fewer games & thus devs focus on making fewer games, franchises, & genres (granted, AAA budgets & huge teams are the main reason for this dearth).

      I’m all for robust content (as it was in previous gens), but I’m also for playing other games. My libraries haven’t looked so sparse since I started gaming, & that was largely due to lack of internet & its limitations back then. Now, it seems technology offers so much that there’s actually less choices, or harder to find variety & quality/robust content on par w/ the past.

  3. The fact that after finishing the game it randomly generates a completely new castle for another play through makes the size irrelevant when it can be played over and over and each time with a different castle :)

  4. I think I will try this. I’m not much of a metroid style of play fan, but the game sounds interesting enough. :)

  5. Can’t wait for the…… “o yeah the Wii u version is turning out excellent and our fans are going to be pleased with the final product” not only ps4, xbox1, and pc versions only come out but the Wii u version was actually never in development!……story to come out.

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