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Itagaki Says Devil’s Third Will “Become A Breakthrough In The Industry”

Devil’s Third producer Tomonobu Itagaki has a lot of faith in his latest video game and says that he believes that it will become a breakthrough for the industry and also that it will take the third person shooter genre to the next level. We shall be publishing our review of the game next month so we shall have to see whether or not it lives up to Itagaki’s hype. Speaking in Famitsu, Tomonobu Itagaki explained why he has kept the project running for such a long time and his answer is that he didn’t want to let down the fans. Here’s what he had to say.

“Of course. You can [enjoy the multiplayer] even without playing the single-player game. Even so, the single-player is packed with Itagaki-like things, so I’d like you to try it. In order to make both the multiplayer side of the game and the single player side of the game enjoyable, each of them required an amount of quantity, quality and scope. There are these two parts of Devil’s Third. That’s why it took time [to make the game].”

“When I became independent and thought what I’d create next, I had a strong desire to challenge myself with new things. Therefore I decided to create a completely new shooter game by using all the skills I have gained from making action games and fighting games – so Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive fans alike would want to play it.”

“I didn’t want to betray fans. I didn’t want people to throw away their anticipation. The game is a grand sum of the work from all of the developers, so I really hope you pick it up. I think the game will become a breakthrough in the industry and take shooters to the next level.”

97 thoughts on “Itagaki Says Devil’s Third Will “Become A Breakthrough In The Industry””

      1. And you need to face reality. I was super excited for this game myself too, but there is no reason to be blind to the issues it has. It honestly isn’t looking great, and since Sickr either missed my submission or did not want to post it.

        Here. There are tons of gameplay videos that popped up yesterday and today. Why none of it is being reported here, I don’t know. People need to know what they’re getting into, and this probably exactly why Nintendo didn’t want to show it at E3 this year.

        Look for yourself, the game doesn’t look that great and everything these reviewers have said seem pretty spot on. The AI is super buggy, the game is buggy in general, and the controls do look very stiff.

        As someone who was very excited for this game, it doesn’t seem likely they’ll be changing all this within a months time. I’d sure hope so for the sake of people like me who want it, but based on what I’ve seen I’m probably not buying this day 1, anymore. I’m definitely going to wait and see if any of this improves.

        1. That’s a lot of boasting for a game he thinks will break the mold for FPS, especially if it comes out looking like crap and they did not do anything to make it look better. Then, what the hell was any of that about? I know my questioning is weird, but do you get what im asking? Like, why boast if everyone can see its in such a bad position. It would be a total let down crying shame if its been in the works for all this time for it to be trashed as soon as it comes out. Just seems odd to me.

          1. I suppose, it would just be sad for all the hype to die out for those people who wanted a good FPS on the Wii U. It reminds me of Time Splitters, but sadly without all the gnarly characters.

          2. First he needs to put in time to polish the game before it release or it would be doing nothing I’ve heard to much bad about this game from people who already got review copies of the game and so far they say the frame rate is bad textures are poor the controls are not good that’s not good for a game that could be a hit for Nintendo

          3. More like 'Devil's Turd'

            He likes to toot his own horn more than he likes to sexually harass women. Which is a lot. The game is going to be mediocre at best.

            1. No offense, but the Wii U is not the best place to start. Should’ve went with PS4 if you were going exclusive.

              1. Nintendo funded it him, but seeing the polish of this game compared to bayonetta…it looks like shit

            2. It seems like a lot of people say it’s horrible, but going through videos of the game, I don’t see anything wrong with it at all.

              1. Funny, I’m going through the complete opposite situation. Everyone said it looked horrible before when it looked alright, but now that gameplay videos are being released left and right, I’d tend to agree with these people.

                The game just seems broken as all hell, but I’ll say it again because I was looking forward to it, I hope I turn out to be wrong when it actually releases.

                Just maybe they can fix all these problems by then. Maybe?

                1. The video you posted up top made me laugh a little, to the point where I want the game even more. Red Dead Redemption had a lot of glitches and they always brought a smile to my face. If it’s fun to play I really don’t care about the graphics or glitches.

                  1. Red Dead Redemption was actually a very good game, that’s the difference, this just looks bad. Red Dead Redemption was also a much bigger game in every way, and not linear like this, which should give it even more reason to be in better shape than it is now.

                    I wouldn’t compare the two, but to each their own. Some people enjoy very bad games like this, and I’m not saying it still can’t be enjoyable in that sense. I was just hoping it wouldn’t even be remotely this bad.

                    I’m not really talking about the graphics really. And yes, glitches can be fun to an extent, but it really depends on the glitches. That can really suck if they exist online also, and people end up abusing them just to piss people off who are simply trying to enjoy the game.

                    1. Red Dead Redemption had a huge team working on it compared to this, but I agree this is nowhere near as good as Red Dead and I can say that without even having played this. I’m just saying the game looks like it might not be boring. Yes I think the graphics kinda suck, the AI is kind of retarded, and the game is cheesy at best. It looks very unpolished, but it might still be fun. Not writing it off completely just yet, although it won’t take much more to convince me.

                        1. It was supposed to be a response to thestrangablog. He’s the Billy Madison of the gaming Community.

                          That’s how sad it is in life. XD

                        2. Just look at my post above, or look online. There is tons of gameplay videos out now and sadly it doesn’t look that good. Which is a real shame, breakthrough or not it had potential, but it doesn’t look like that potential was lived up to.

                              1. Man, I still wish that E3 demo would’ve been the real thing. I still haven’t bought Watch Dogs yet either. I tried to watch more videos and gameplay but it didn’t work. It’s just not that interesting anymore.

                                  1. I’ll give it a try. Physical Copy…Just in case it is shit.
                                    I hope it’s fun tho. What else am i going to play on my WiiU? (besides launch window games?)

                                      1. I’m not into smash, and am not supporting splatoon for MANY reasons.
                                        I’ve owned and played both Bayo and Hyrule Warriors for a LONG time now.

                                        I want a new game. No Smash, DK, Yoshi, Mario, no party games.

                                        I want a NEW game. Gamecube had Eternal Darkness, Rogue Squadron, PN03, Gauntlet Legends, Timesplitters, games for adult audiences, not just fucking Donkey Kong and Mario brothers. We all don’t want to play games built out of rainbow ribbons all the time.

                                        1. I enjoy Mario, Donkey Kong, & Smash but even I need to play some more mature titles every now & then.

                                          1. That’s all I’m saying! And we’re getting NONE of that. Thank God we got Bayonetta. And I’ve had a Blast with Mass Effect 3, Straight Right kicked ass on that port, ashame it didn’t get the sales it deserved. Epic online multiplayer with Voice Chat.

                                            It’s really nice to have a team of 4 Strategically working together. “You two take out the Atlus, we’ll keep the grunts off your back!” – Yeah. It’s nice.

                                            I’m happy for all the Kirby/DK/Mario/Yoshi etc folks…but if Nintendo is going to exist with no 3rd party, that leaves the mature audience out to dry.

                                            1. Mass Effect 3 on Wii U would probably have done great… if EA didn’t totally run it over with a damn freight train as they released it on the Wii U for 60 bucks while releasing Mass Effect Trilogy for the same exact price. So that was less the people that bought the Wii U & more on EA.

                                            2. Smash Bros
                                              Bayonetta 1/2
                                              Mario 3D World
                                              Captain Toad
                                              Mario Kart 8
                                              Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
                                              Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
                                              Hyrule Warriors
                                              Wonderful 101
                                              Yoshi’s Wooly World
                                              Super Mario Maker
                                              Star Fox Zero
                                              Fatal Frame
                                              Xenoblade Chronicles X
                                              SMT x FE
                                              Wind Waker HD
                                              New Super Mario Bros U

                                              Not many games to play or look forward to, right?

                                              Meanwhile this is what I get on my Xbone.

                                              Dragon Age (mediocre)
                                              Batman Arkham Knight
                                              Rare Replay
                                              Killer Instinct


                                              1. The games I will be buying aren’t out yet ass-hat. The games that are out have been out a LONG fucking time.

                                                And I’m not playing any more Yoshi, Kirby, toad, mario, and fucking Donkey Kong.

                                                God. Stupid fanboys are stupid.

                                                1. Not all of us swallow every rainbow-colored IP Nintendo puts in our baby bottle.

                                                  Starfox, X, Fatal Frame – In case you haven’t been keep’in up with current events, they are not out, and the older, hardcore gen has been neglected for nearly 8 years. Thrown a bone once in a while, or just a few lies to keep us believing.

                                                  Ugh. There’s really no point trying to communicate to you. You’re obviously not in my demographic.

                                                  1. Try WONDERFUL 101 it’s one of the best games ever! and I don’t know why the hate to mario games. Every mario game on the wii u is meh except Super Mario 3D World. You have to play the game and you’ll sure love it.

                                                    1. Good suggestion. Again. Old game. I did play it, I actually really liked it.
                                                      Sorry my friend, that’s been out so long, Nintendo was giving it away as a club Nintendo reward. :/

                                                    1. With all the videos I’ve seen today, that seems very debatable. I would have said the same thing before, but I can’t bring myself to say it now. I can only hope when the game releases, it looks better than what I’m seeing today.

                                                      I mean you might still have fun with it, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a quality game that is polished well.

                                                      1. Fun? Wtf… this looks so empty and boring, Michelle youre my heroine ❤ idk why people like this gc game.

                                                    2. This game will be fun it’s made by the guy that created ninja gaiden one of the fastest action games with crazy combat it will be good

                                                      1. That’s the problem. Everyone who has reviewed the game are all saying the same thing. Usually I don’t pay too much attention to reviews, but when everyone who has played the game are baffled as to how the person who made Ninja Gaiden, made a game like this, you’d be surprised.

                                                        With all the videos I’ve been watching of the game, it doesn’t even come close to Ninja Gaiden.

                                                        Again it pains me to say all this, because I wanted this to be good so badly, and at first I thought it was until I saw more of the game.

                                                    3. I really want to play this game. I need my Red Steel 2 fix & this might be the closest I’ll be able to get to that. If it’s buggy, damn it all to hell. I just hope they are in the process of working on patches to fix the game up. In fact, I’ll gladly wait for this game if they decide to polish it up before Nintendo of America, or whoever, publishes & releases it for the Americas.

                                                      1. From what I’ve been hearing, it would probably be in their best interest to delay the game & polish it up before releasing it in America so it’s initial sales aren’t bad. The Wii U in America can ill afford to get another game that sales horribly it’s first month because it wasn’t polished before release. If Nintendo of America has to fork up some of their own money or manpower to help polish it before release, so be it!

                                                        1. The Wii U in America is already an afterthought. Nintendo has moved on. Nintendo is busy creating another underwhelming system with no games.

                                                          1. They definitely give that impression. It would be nice if Nintendo would actually prove us all wrong for a change. It’s sad to see that Nintendo is slowly becoming this generation’s Atari, if they haven’t turned into Atari already… :/

                                                            1. You know…Nintendo might actually be ok. Reading the comments on this blog, and seeing the direction they are going…they want the casuals, the people who will buy games that have become as rehashed as Cod. I’m so sick of Kirby, Mario, DK, – but a shit-ton of kids and the huge number of Nintendo fans that don’t care, Party Game, rehash, whatever! It’s awesome! – plus, if they play their cards right, their Mobile games may sell really well… I mean, the Nintendo we grew up with is more or less gone, but there are not as many of us left from the old days still gaming. The current gamers are new and there appear to be a lot of them.

                                                              In a bittersweet way, I guess you have to hand it to Nintendo for evolving to survive. Casual and kiddies. Maybe that’s where the $$$ is at…but if they are wrong, they are fucked. Because their original hardcore crowd is done being treated like shit.

                                                                  1. True. They’ll be okay at best. After all, there is always going to be suckers buying their stuff, even when it’s total crap. Most consumers these days are sheep after all. I miss the 80s & 90s when consumers were actually smart & didn’t buy every single game that came out or didn’t buy roughly the same game every year. *cough*CallofDuty&sports/racinggames*cough*

                                                                  2. That would be the wise thing to do. I actually wish that would happen even though I know people would be disappointed. This game could be really good.

                                                                  3. I’m kinda oldfashioned (obviously) so I didn’t really think the game looked bad at all. I don’t care about a few dropped frames (as long as it’s within reason) and the graphics looked fine, aiming in 1st person is how we did it in the n64-gamecube era, so what if it doesn’t have a Gears of War control scheme.

                                                                    IDK. Still looks ok to me! :D

                                                                1. Who gives a fuck what entitled self righteous reviewers have to say? A bunch of miserable over payed fucks who hate everything that isn’t COD. They hate Devil’s Third so everyone else has to hate the game too. I’m buying this game day one. Who the fuck is going to tell me what I think a fun game is? Don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s not complicated. CHEERS!!

                                                                2. I’ve always had this saying. That if you talk too much, you usually aren’t telling the truth, as someone who bears the truth would never need to talk so much to prove it.

                                                                  Itagaki sure talks this game up a lot, instead of just showing us. I’ve had to look myself from other people providing footage, not him, and it is far from what he has been claiming.

                                                                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                                    >>>I just watched the gameplay video, I see nothing that changes the “FPS genre” at all, even worse, he makes the same mistake as all the other FPS lovers, they show single-player, nobody cares about single-player>>>

                                                                3. Michelle is right guys this game looks super wack, it looks like it was developed on ps2 and ported on wii u the textures look outdated and the level design looks so uninspired, too much glitches and bugs, no wonder it wasn’t shown at e3,it looks worse then anything that came from ubisoft.

                                                                  this game will be lucky if it gets a 6/10 its that bad.

                                                                  just watch the recent videos posted… not buying this shit.

                                                                  PREASE UNDERSTAND.

                                                                4. After seeing a delightful, heaping load of sh- I mean gameplay videos, it’s pretty damn clear that this is certainly a breakthrough. A breakthrough from the shelves to the clearance bin. I know it’s not quite as hyped, but this almost brings on the Duke Nukem PTSD.

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                                                                6. I’ll buy it if there’s a like…2GB day-one patch to iron the shit out. Then another patch after that to be safe.

                                                                7. I was wondering why this game don’t get publicized so much in MNN. We get click bait news, troll news and Playstation news, but somehow videos of Devil’s Third are absent even if they are around for a few days now.

                                                                  Personally I’m still hoping the videos are not of the final version because it does look like shit and buggy. I wish it were the Devil’s Third shown last year when it was first announced.

                                                                  The Wii U can handle HD graphics as demonstrated by Bayonetta 2, so there’s no excuse to what the video are showing.

                                                                8. Am I the only one who couldn’t care less about the graphics here? I think it looks decent (not great, but oh well).
                                                                  As far as actual gameplay is concerned this looks exactly the kind of game I’d love – I loved Ninja Gaiden 3 despite everyone else saying how terrible it was (although that was the supposedly better Wii U version, of which people described as being slightly better but still nothing to write home about). Devil’s Third looks like stupid fun – bugs n all.
                                                                  In fact, I’ve watched a bunch of videos of the game – looking out for the terrible bugs and framerate previewers have talked a lot about – and it looks fine. The framerate ain’t 60fps, but previewers are really overstating how bad it is. Same goes for the bugs, all I’ve seen so far is an enemy standing in a wall – I had this issue in Bayonetta, Sleeping Dogs, Just Cause 2, heck, this issue comes up in pretty much every action game I’ve played, and it has never put me off the game, in fact, silly bugs like this can be great fun (like they were in War in the North for me).

                                                                  Devil’s Third looks like a fun, violent game – I can’t wait for it, warts and all.

                                                                9. The graphics don’t bug me. It’s ok. Not great, but I’m no visuals whore. I’m more of a frame rate whore. Don’t like anything severely dipping under 30. In any case, people shouldn’t expect this game to look great just because other Wii U games look great. You’re forgetting to calculate one thing when talking about graphics, and that’s talent. All devs aren’t the same, and aren’t as good at the same styles. Platinum Games is a highly skilled studio. Every dev won’t be able to pull off a game like them graphically. Coding skills hello? It’s like people forgot games don’t make themselves.

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