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Tanabe Explains Why Metroid Federation Force Received Negative Reaction

Nintendo’s Kensuke Tanabe has explained why he believes that Metroid Prime Federation Force received a negative reaction from fans when it was unveiled during the Nintendo E3 Digital Event. Tanabe says that it is down to the fact that Samus isn’t an actual player in the game. However, he says she will feature in some capacity. Tenable says that he envisioned a backlash happening, but probably not to the degree that Nintendo received. He went on to say that once players get their hands on the game he expects them to be satisfied.

First off, I had in mind and expected that people would sort of act in a negative way when they find out that Samus was not an actual player. What I see happening is that once the players can actually have hands-on experience with the actual game, they’ll be able to understand and experience for themselves how the game actually feels and that the Metroid Prime universe atmosphere is there, and the music that is used in the game is also heavily related to the Prime series of course so while people would at first say, “oh this isn’t what I expected,” they’ll definitely understand the different perspective that we’re taking here and it’ll certainly make a difference once you get some experience with the game.

150 thoughts on “Tanabe Explains Why Metroid Federation Force Received Negative Reaction”

      1. That’s easily the silliest complaint about the game. I consider everything else a valid argument against it, but Samus not being the main character in a spin-off is NOT an issue. That’s why I said Tanabe doesn’t know shit, because he’s focusing on the most ridiculous and minor argument used the backlashers instead of the real, more spread complaints about the game.

        1. Honestly, it’s the biggest complaint for me. I really don’t mind the gameplay much, but it’s partially because I’m a big fan of all sport games (minus Golf) so Blastball looks like a lot of fun and the mission mode seems like a nice version of Hunters. It’s just that the game still needed a story mode with Samus being the main character. I can’t accept anyone else except for Dark Samus or Ridley taking the main stage from Samus. It’d be like Mario Galaxy 3 having a Mii as the main character or a generic toad. I wouldn’t stand for that and I’d have to play the game on my knees.

          1. Mario Galaxy 3 would be a mainline title, not a spin-off. You’re complaining about Mario not being the main character of Super Mario Land 3 instead of Wario.

            1. Wario was never the main character of a Mario game though. It’s okay if he leads a Wario game, but if I ever saw him being the lead in a Mario titled game, I’d have to binge eat a pizza pie or something to get the sour taste out of my mind.

              1. Except Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land. Or another example: Yoshi’s Island. Or, I don’t know, Crisis Core. There’s a load of examples that prove there’s nothing wrong with having a different protagonist in a spin-off. People have been asking for a GF oriented Prime since Echoes.

                1. Wario Land’s the key title. I don’t consider it to be a Mario Land and Yoshi’s Island is called…Yoshi’s Island. As long as Mario isn’t in the title it’s okay. A spin-off can have a new protagonist so long as the title is different.

                  1. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. Call it marketing strategy or what you will, but that’s the official name of the game in western territories.

                    And the name of the game doesn’t determine if changing the lead character is positive or negative.

                    1. If you really don’t think that the title determines the reaction, then I don’t know what to say. It’s just called Yoshi’s Island, nobody actually thinks of it as Super Mario World.

                      1. I never said that, I just said that the reaction to that particular change is stupid, as it has been proven time after time.

                        And it doesn’t matter if people call it Yoshi’s Island. The official title is the official title. People also just call SML2 ‘Six Golden Coins’ from time to time. Doesn’t mean it’s the official title.

                        1. So, it’s a bad reaction because you don’t agree with it? These things are all subjective and I personally find the reaction to be quite valid. Even if the gameplay is good (and it will be) not having Samus as the lead character is terrible and it would be like Nintendo deciding to take away their all star characters from a big shooting game and replacing them with random ink creatures…oh wait….

                      2. Those both have Mario in the title. Yoshi’s Island and Wario Land are the subtitles. You really don’t validate your own points well. Had this game had a new, named single protagonist with the atmosphere of a Metroid game would you still not play it. Samus is just a face to label the space suit you’re piloting. She’s as irrelevant to her own game as Link is to his, really. Which is to say that they’re both there for the player to impose their own image over to engross themselves in the the game. Samus has a bit more personal story in a few of the games, but these games are usually 95% gameplay, so her face could be replaced with any other fairly easily, with barely any noticeable change to the game, aside from maybe the main power suit or design that they use for the power suit

                        1. Would I play it? Dude, I didn’t even play Other M when I heard how bad Samus was portrayed. If a game has wrecked the title character, there’s no way that I’m getting anywhere close to it. I agree that Samus is as irrelevant as Link…because they’re both crucial to their games. The Legend of Zelda games wouldn’t be nearly as good without Link. Case in point, Majora’s Mask, since you played as kid Link the whole time and it’s easily the worst main Link title.

                      3. The complaint that Samus isn’t a main character is as stupid and irrelevant as someone hating a game due to it not featuring some minor insignificant feature that has no effect on the experience like spinning in circles or something.

                        1. Now that you mention it, I didn’t like Star Fox Command because of the bad controls and how you had to constantly move in circles so you may be right about those being valid complaints. I was certainly saddened to hear that Samus wouldn’t be the main character.

        2. Three things:

          1. Metroid is long overdue for a new entry, and they’re giving us another spinoff (Other M was a spinoff, too, imo).
          2. The chibi artstyle doesn’t fit with the Metroid universe and isn’t as popular with americans (Metroid’s core audience).
          3. Metroid is Nintendo’s only truly adult IP, and they should have kept it that way. Instead they found a way to make it for kids.

          Nintendo needs to admit when a bad idea is a fucking bad idea. In fact, having Samus in this game would probably only make things worse.

      2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>You can have all the Metroid Prime music and gameplay you want, having a childish style negates all of those by default>>>

        1. I was curious about what were your two cents on this game, Quadradus. I’m a huge Metroid fan, and consider all this situation pure lame.

            1. Yes, Tetris Quadradus XP.

              Lame in the sense that they ruined both the Metroid franchise and fans expectations.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>I see, well personally I don’t even see it as a Metroid game in any sense and so will be ignored for the rest of their lives>>>

        2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

          What bugs me the most, is that after it doesn’t sell well, they’re probably gonna blame the ip. “It seems people just aren’t interested in Metroid Prime.” Which is true ONLY in Japan.

            1. But Nintendo can be pretty stupid sometimes so I actually can see some, if not most, seeing it that way.

          1. they’ll do, for sure!!
            I am keeping my eyes on the game. for me, it looks interesting.
            I hope it keeps some elements that made the franchise, one of my favorites: the frustration. but i do not think this game will be based on exploration :-/

          2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>I seriously wonder who researches the “western territories”, they are so wrong most of the time>>>

          3. I agree with you, but if a game focused on different characters don’t sell, maybe they could bring back samus.

          4. That’s exactly what Nintendo’s going to do. It’s like how they keep on saying that nobody wants an F-Zero game or Star Fox because they release random spinoffs and Mii versions. At least Star Fox is finally getting a game!

          5. Or worst, all the kids and casuals thst don’t know what a Prime game is will buy it up, and Nintendo will be like, “See? It’s all good! We knew they’d love it!”

            1. “Kids and Casuals” – I’m sure there will be some metroid fans mixed in there, and I didn’t mean for it to sound as harsh as it came off, but the fact remains, the game could be a franchise killer if it succeeds.

              1. You disgust me.
                You treat people who casually play games like they are such a cancer to the gaming market when in reality, you are the cancer.
                You make everything about solely competition and refuse to let anybody have their own fun.
                And casual gamers dominate the majority of the gaming market.
                You aren’t actually a “hardcore gamer” unless you sit in a room all day playing the same game.

                1. The hell?? I just tried to clarify I wasn’t trying to sound harsh and you go ape-shit?
                  Get this guy his meds, stat!!

                  1. He’s one of the people defending Nintendo most of the time, if not all of the time, so don’t mind his damage control.

          6. If that happens, we should create a task force, kick open the door of Nintendo’s headquarters, and replace the head decision makers by force… with real fans that knows.

      3. I love how he talks about what he “believes” are the reasons people hate this aberration as if he is trying to decipher the esoteric meaning behind a coffee stain, when all of our complaints are perfectly readable and readily available if he were inclined to get his head out of his ass and actually listen to said complaints.

      4. Butt hurt bitter wii u owner

        Wrong. You’re wrong. Everyone will hate it except for the most die-hard Nintendo apologists. A 1080 60 fps true metroid game should have been made on the Wii U. Wii U owners were loyal enough to buy this console and Nintendo couldn’t be bothered to give a f zero,metroid,animal crossing or zelda*

        * at the end of its life as it’s being fuel released for the NX doesn’t count.

        Thanks Nintendo.

      5. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        You are off a bit Mr. Tanabe.

        People were upset because they wanted an honest-to-good Metroid game.
        No spinoffs.

        That wanted what was done like in Metroid Prime all 3 of them, or like the slightly different, yet still acceptable Metroid: Other M.

        They didn’t want a spinoff, whether it has Samus or not, they wanted a main series Metroid game.

        Perhaps the hate was a bit critical to a point.
        But this was not what we wanted

        1. Did you just call Other M “slightly different, yet still acceptable?”

          I was agreeing with you up to that point. Other M has NO redeeming factors outside of its music. I played it from start to finish and I can attest that the game is a living embodiment of Murphy’s Law.

          1. There will be those who hate otherM, and those of us that turned a blind, dissappointed eye at the Samus Character flaws (The horrible, horrible flaws) – but we still enjoyed the game.

          2. Other M, in my opinion, was enjoyable in term of gameplay and exploration… but lacked (samus’s silence) and story. I still enjoyed it as a spin off… even if back then I was hoping for another great mainline Metroid game.

            Now I haven’t even bought a WiiU… they failed to deliver enough games that were worth it.

          3. Well Other M did stick to the atmosphere, for the most part, & the usual realism we expect from Metroid. Plus, it was fun as hell to play even if the portrayal of Samus was total crap. So yeah. Other M is definitely more acceptable than this… trash.

      6. The state of denial is strong with this one. I don’t see critical reception to this game warming up anytime soon. Maybe IGN or Gamespot will end up liking it, but the true Metroid fans will never stand for this!

      7. I won’t change my mind until
        1 good graphics (look at iron fall)
        2 good artstyle. no chibi looks
        3 good story not oh no some animals are lose on their own planet lets trap them in dumb cages
        4 you make blast ball make sence give it a proper name. yes the metroid universe can have a sport I don’t have a problem with that.
        5 samus has her proper metroid prime 3 suit and not this garbage
        6 proper music from kenji yamamoto
        7 proper difficulty

        1. To be fair to blast ball’s name, we name our sports football, american football, basketball, baseball, and the like. It’s just following that standard formula. The rest I’ll give you. Though I did hear the game looks/plays smooth, aside from the artstyle

      8. Nintendo is not going to have my money for this aberration, no matter how hard they damage control this horrid thing.

      9. What bothers me the most is not the gameplay it looks like it could be fun to play in the perspective of the federation in teams. But the artstyle man, it’s not very appealing to me. Looks pretty bland and the proportions of the chibi federation bothers me, as I recall they look about similar in size to the mechs in blast ball. Which just brings to question why the similar sizes? It seems kinda of lazy.

      10. wrong. It’s the fact that this game looks like utter shit. it looks like a rip off you’d find in a mobile app store or the eshop for $10. i couldnt care less if samus wasn’t in the game. so long as it stayed true to the series…actually, i take that back. not having samus is a bit of a shame, I’ll admit, but if you made the game telling someone else’s perspective and did it right, then maybe it would make up for it but no, this shit looks like you hired a bunch of 8 year olds to design characters for you. then threw the plot of metroid in a shredder, and retrieved the strips, putting them in incorrect order and turned the gibberish into what you call a video game. Nice try trying to defend that useless game by blaming the people for what you assume is the problem, cunt.

      11. I just look at the photo sickr included in the banner up top and I already see the absolute lack of a Prime atmosphere this game has. I’m not denying that this game may turn out to be fun and perhaps a personal favorite, but this simply isn’t a Metroid Prime game.

        Other M was tolerable even though people hated it (I personally enjoyed it other than the annoying motion controls) because it did its own thing and the lack of Prime in the title paralleled that. Other M tried to be unique rather than ride the Prime legacy, but it still had the Metroid atmosphere so it was called Metroid Other M, no Prime in sight.

        This game having the Prime name is an insult to the fans and is clearly a marketing tactic to sell units.

        1. Absolutely NO offense to you at all, but I’m afraid there will be so many people like you that will buy this game, Nintendo will never know they’re killing the franchise, and if sales are high enough, you may be part of what transforms the franchise…and not for the better (from a classic Metroid perspective)

          So, you do what you gotta do!

      12. There are a lot of things I don’t like about art direction but even if you look at the gameplay it doesn’t seem anything special. It’s a concept other company already try and do succesfully and I also believe this game need more fps-ish control, pacing and speed. Have a lock on ability has sense in a prime game because you have a lot to explore, look around ecc.. so you need to semplify combat and give it the proper pace but now his more about the action, you don’t need to auto-aim or move so slow, just go with a really fast and spectacular gameplay. Show a different side of the Metroid universe, not with chibi people, but with new and fresh gameplay that make sense with the game design direction you take. Just my two cents : )

      13. More like “Tanabe minimizes the reason why people took issue with the game by attributing all the blame to Samus being absent”.
        Samus is not the problem since ideally she would have never had any personality and the GF soldiers would have been just color swaps of her, the problem is that they changed the aesthetics and genre of the franchise and in doing so heavily altered the tone ans essence of Metroid Prime, and they did all of this after making us wait 8 years for another (Good) game.

      14. FUCK OFF NINTENDO!! Enough with the damn excuses! Stop damage controlling and admit that you fucked the hell up with this game. I doubt they even care what the fans think (the arrogance is strong with them) but here I shall logically, brutally RAPE his whole argument about how, as we haven’t played the game, we just don’t “get it”. How we need to play it first to “understand” how it works as a metroid game…

        You don’t need to touch fire to predict, accurately, that it will cause you a lot of pain…just like buying this abomination of a game!

        We, the fans, KNOW that it will play nothing like metroid because we understand that exploration is the foundation of the gameplay in pretty much every legit metroid title. Sure, some were more linear than others, but in the end they were still about…

        1.explore alien environments
        2.Battle huge bosses
        3.get rewarded with awesome upgrades
        4.Continue exploring as your upgrades allow you to access more areas now.

        …and since the theme of the game is Chiba-style “4player co-op missions in the metroid prime universe”, with exploration nowhere in sight, it’s pretty fucking obvious it’ll be nothing like an actual metroid game.

        This isn’t just an issue with metroid though (instead of delivering what fans want (proper entries) they give them something that try’s to reinvent the wheel every time) but with Nintendo as a whole. Paper Mario, China robo, star fox, etc…

        Well Nintendo, it’s sink or swim now, cuz by having barely any franchises supported on the Wii u, you’ve destroyed a lot of consumer trust…

        …seriously, no kirby or animal crossing!?

      15. If it’s Prime gameplay, then please show me where I get to go explore and platform. Do that and I’ll acknowledge it as a weird looking Metroid. As of now, it’s not a Metroid, just a fun shooter

      16. Why people are calling it a spin off? It’s supposed to be a “Metroid Prime” after all… anyway this thing looks likenan early DS game, i wonder why Nintendo is too lazy to work on a good engine thy’re just reclycling the MK7 one (ac new leaf, tomodachi life…) i hope they don’t kill Metroid after this huge flop shit.

        1. Its called a spin off cause it’s a relation to the main series ut not quite the same. like how paper mario is a spin off of super mario

        2. What I’m afraid will “kill” the franchise is all the people that are going to buy it anyway. Nintendo will believe they dun good, and Metroid as we know it will be gone. :/

      17. You could blame it on fans being upset that Samus isn’t a playable character… Or you could own up to this shit and admit that you took a risky jump and it was a stupid, stupid decision.
        But back to that first thought, that’s like making a game with ONLY toads and enemies and calling it a Super Mario Bros game. Oh wait, they’ve done that before and they actually gave it an ORIGINAL name. Yes Captain Toad originally appeared in Super Mario Galaxy, but they don’t call his games Super Mario Galaxy Star Force.
        And you know what? I don’t fucking care that Samus isn’t a playable character. I hated the game before I knew that. If you try and look under the masks that these guys are wearing, you’ll notice that you can’t even imagine what a human would look like under there. This style is lazy and doesn’t allow for any true story/character building since they all look IDENTICAL except for the colors. Do they even have names?
        Fans want a Metroid Prime game that has AT LEAST good quality, which Federation Force does not display, GREAT story, which can’t be achieved because THE CHARACTERS are not believable or dimensional. If you made a Metroid Prime game with a different character that showed these elements and was related to other Metroid Prime games, I would totally buy it. Federation Force just doesn’t make the cut.

          1. When it comes to Metroid they do. From day 1 of this franchises’ birth, it was about keeping the graphics as close to realistic as possible.

            1. Ummm… wait… what?
              What do realistic graphics have to do with believable characters? I was only talking about the characters, not the graphics.
              Also, having cartoony graphics shouldn’t even be an issue since this isn’t even a main Metroid game.

              1. This isn’t Zelda. This is Metroid, a series heavily inspired by the Alien franchise. Keep cartoony graphics away from it! I don’t give two shits if it’s a spin off or not! If Prometheus, a spin off of the Alien franchise, had been a cartoony 3D movie with the gore removed, it would have been hated a hell of a lot more than it already is.

                1. Nonsense
                  Spin-offs can have the artistic style they please because they’re spin-offs. Spin-offs derive from the main series, but are NOT part of the main series.
                  The only problem with this game is that it’s not a main Metroid game.

                  1. You do know that Metroid Prime is technically a spin off, right? If it was turned into cartoony bullshit instead of what it is today, it wouldn’t have sold nowhere near as well as it did. In fact, it’d be getting the same shitstorm this trash they call Federation Force is getting right now even WITH Samus as the main character. Tanabe is a fucking idiot & anyone who actually buys his bogus reason why Federation Force is getting bad reception is just as idiotic.

                      1. xD Tell yourself whatever makes you feel better for defending Federation Shit. Oops. My bad. I meant Federation Farce. No. That’s not either. Federation Crap? Federation Dung? Federation Trash? Federation Garbage? Federation Go Die? No. No. Federation Force? No, no. That’s not right. That’s way too awesome of a name for the horseshit that is Federation Shit, the worst shit to ever happen to Metroid next to Other M.

                          1. If this trash succeeds & it causes Nintendo to fuck up the rest of the Metroid fanbase with kiddy bullshit, you’ll be wishing you had listened to us complaining about it when you all had the chance. Nintendo catering to the casuals NEVER ends well.

        1. Samus not being in the game is not the problem, the problem is the game doesn’t look nor does it play like a Metroid game, it looks like shit. I’ve been saying Tanabe was shit to the Metroid franchise since MP2 Echoes glad everyone finally realize this. for Nintendo’s sake they better hurry up and release that Metroid Fusion sequel.

          1. I loved Echoes, but that’s just me. Even knowing they threw it together, I liked the story, gameplay snd ending. Don’t be hat’in on Echos!

              1. There was an article a while back…the game was “forced” practically, low time-line, eh…I’ll see if I can find the article.

        2. I honestly don’t get the hate for this. I may not be a metroid fan but your complaints are really stupid in my opinion.

          1. Samus isn’t the Protagonist: To that, I say open your mind a bit. This is a spinoff and is meant to tell the story from the perspective of the Federation Force, which could be interesting if done right. Honestly, you guys would be pretty hyped if the words “Metroid Prime” were taken out of the title even though the game would be exactly the same. They are probably just testing the waters for a Metroid on a newer system and if anything, this shows that Nintendo still remembers that fans want a new metroid.

          2. The graphics look like shit: Who cares? Since when did graphics at all affect good story, gameplay, characters, ect. Graphics don’t make games good. Example: Final Fantasy 7 looks like shit, even when compared to other PS1 games, it looks more blocky and pixelated. It’s still considered one of the greatest games of all time. I’m not comparing this game to FF7 but I’m explaining that graphics don’t make games.

          3. The game is too childish: That’s what everyone said about Wind Waker. You know, that critically acclaimed Zelda game which is often considered the best in the series? There are plenty of similar examples but just because the art style is Chibi doesn’t mean the game can’t be mature.

          4. No exploration: First off, you haven’t played the game yet. You don’t know about exploration or not. Second, it is a spinoff. It’s like being disappointed in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon because you can’t capture Pokemon. It’s a spinoff. It’s meant to be different.

          Seriously, if you are a die-hard metroid fan, then don’t shoot down the game unless you know how it actually is. Wait for reviews and such. If you aren’t a die-hard metroid fan, than get the game and see how it is before shooting it down if you can look past your petty complaints and open your mind a bit, if you are a little interested.

          1. 1. I don’t care too much about the protagonist, it’s about the gameplay. And no, I wouldn’t be hyped about this game even if the words “Metroid Prime” we’re taking out because the game looks like a garbage, generic sci-if kiddy halo than metroid. Also, where did you get the idea that a new, proper metroid game is on the way and this is just teasing. Tanabe said if they started development now it would take 3 years for another prime game (likely on NX). No news whatsoever on another 2d instalment.

            2.No one is saying that, because the graphics are complete kiddy shit, that this game has no potential. It does have a chance to surprise us (although everything points otherwise). However, people would like to play a game that doesn’t make your eyes bleeds due to the terrible graphics.

            3. The chibi art style would clash with this hypothetical maturity the game may have. Also, the wind walker comparison is completely worthless. Wind waker still had a lot of the gameplay elements people loved about the series. This doesn’t (as far as we know).

            4.People have a right to be concerned about the possible lack of exploration if the devs never show or talk about it. I can remember waiting for pikmin 3′ hoping that the “caves” mechanic from the one before would appear, that it just “wasn’t mentioned”. When I played it for myself, I realised they weren’t hiding anything.

            Also, the fact that it’s a spin IS a bad thing. Your comparison is flawed-Pokemon fans don’t have to wait 5 years for another main Pokemon game…only to be given Pokemon mystery dungeon instead. Then again, you aren’t “a metroid fan” so that could possible explain things.

            The complaints are far from petty…they’re about the gameplay itsself-the most vital part of any videogame. Also, while I agree it’s a tad early to claim this game will be shit, there’s quite a lot hinting that it’s likely to be shit.

            1. If the your complaints are about the gameplay, that’s even worse in my opinion, since you haven’t played the game or seen very much gameplay from it. You don’t know if this will have gameplay elements from Metroid Prime or not.

              1. You don’t need to touch fire to predict it will hurt. While you won’t fully understand how the game plays unless you play it, you can get a very good idea of what to expect. Take ‘Paper Mario:sticker star’ for example. It’s an RPG and there’s no level up system. In short-you get nothing for battling enermy’s…making a lot of the rights completelypointless.

                Similarly, since it seems clear that exploration won’t be a big focus on this game, I can also predict that this won’t bring me much enjoyment (as metroid games are about exploration). The other thing is that, on its own, it also looks bad. Terrible graphics, generic sci-if shooter gameplay that offers next to no originality, horrible sound tracks. As I said before, the game has the potential to emerge as a great game…but it’s not looking like it though.

              2. Look, if you are not a Metroid fan then go somewhere else. it’s gamers like you who ruin great franchises like Halo and Metroid b/c you keep asking for stupid shit that other games have to put in them. I just want a Halo game that plays like Halo and a Metroid game that plays like Metroid is that so hard to ask? Metroid doesn’t always need to have Samus and Halo doesn’t need to always have Master chief to be a Metroid or Halo game. Both series just need to build on the foundation of the core gameplay that pushed them both forward.

          2. Lol. Ok dude. The first thing you ssid was you didn’t understand how we felt, the second thing you said was your not a Metroid fan…

            Sorry, I didn’t even bother to hear anything else you wrote.

          3. *facepalm* Everything everyone said to you all said the right things. Besides, you’re not a Metroid fan so get the hell off the topic, telling people to “suck it up & deal with it.” Are you a fan of the Alien franchise? If so, how would you react if the next big movie in the franchise, after it’s been many years since the last one, came out & it was rated PG, was animated, & was full of chibi art? Are you saying you would actually pay to see that bullshit of an Alien movie?

            1. I have a bad feeling you two won’t be alone. “Old School gamers learn to enjoy them casual games, For the times, they are a chang’in” x.x

              1. Haha! You know we won’t be alone, but don’t worry too much. I’m still expecting a great Metroid game out there on the horizon, and if it’s like Prime, Echoes, and Corruption then I’ll be ecstatic. If it has anything to do with Fusion or 2D then I’ll enjoy it very much. I know I’m not alone there either. I always thought that Metroid Prime had to do with the outreach of Phazon and everything within that arc like the Federation Forces. I’m not sure what another “Metroid Prime” would be about after Corruption. That being said I don’t know how MPFF fits in with that regard. Also you said you slightly liked Other M. I did too. I hated what they did with Samus, but I enjoyed it for what it was worth.

                Yeah, I’m an Old School Gamer, but I like the innovation Nintendo brings most of the time. From what I saw in the TreeHouse, I have a feeling MPFF won’t be too casual, and I hope it isn’t. I certainly don’t think it will destroy the franchise from a Metroid perspective. (I know nothing about Blast Ball… yet) As for the Metroid we were expecting, maybe Retro needs to take the reigns again.

        3. Wow, you just refuse to acknowledge that maybe you took a chance and it didn’t/won’t work out?

          As it stands, I will be ignoring this game unless they change the art style and design, because this does NOT look like Prime game in the slightest. I can look past Samus having a diminished role in this, but not the design.

        4. I like the shake up here. Metroid Prime does not hold up very well anyway, I tried to play the trilogy a while ago and stopped after 8 hours…got about 8 hours each through 1 and 3. They ok, but not the games I were expecting after listening to all the fan boys all this time.
          Whenever Nintendo mix it up they always get a backlash, people don’t like changed, that is until they realise how much fun the ‘new’ thing is. I hope it is ace, and all the sounds I am hearing from the productions team is that it will be, once you start playing it

          1. I’m sad that you didn’t enjoy the games enough, but I am glad that you played 8 hours of the three at least, though it would have been nice if you finished the first one. Those games were great when they came out and I still feel their ambiance and intrigue when I think about them even now. I must stay away. But I agree with what you’re saying. I wasn’t expecting this game at all, but I’m not going to backlash especially when what I saw about the game at E3 looked so promising.

          2. Honestly, the Metroid fanbase isn’t any different than the Sonic one, save for the fact that all Metroid games are good, but are in no way the best games ever and appeal to a VERY small audience. They reason Nintendo is doing this is to help broaden the Metroid market and bring more people in the series for when the next main series game drops and those people who never knew about Metroid before can get sucked in.

            1. That’s a bad thing. If you think it’s a good thing, apparently you missed the last time Nintendo tried to cater to the masses: Wii. So tell me, where are all the millions upon millions upon millions of people that flocked to the Wii at? Hm!? Everywhere BUT Nintendo, that’s where! So when are you going to actually fight for what you really want? Or do you enjoy just taking whatever bullshit Nintendo throws at you? Sorry if I’m being pissy but you Nintendo apologists/defenders/fanboys/whatever you want to call yourselves are just doing more harm than good. Nintendo is never going to own up to any of their mistakes as long as people like you just accept whatever you’re given. There’s a word for that: sheep.

        5. In game were exploration and immersion are crucial factors in creating the atmosphere, essence, and emotions is a crucial factor ARTSTYLE AND GRAPHICS ARE IMPORTANT!

        6. “Tanabe says that it is down to the fact that Samus isn’t an actual player in the game. However, he says she will feature in some capacity”

          SMH. He’s only going to piss off Meroid fans even more! It’s worse that she even appears on the crappy ‘spin off’. It’s only ripping off the name, and now the protagonist….good move…not.

        7. The reason for the negative reaction is that gamers simply didn’t want this game. Core gamers have been asking for both a new 2d Metroid and a new HD console Metroid, and MFF was a confirmation that gamers were getting neither.

        8. People should stop butthurting about this game already, it got old. If you don’t like it, don’t get it, don’t give your money to it because that’s your power as a consumer. Stop crying as you were entitled to ask a company to fulfill all your demands, just because you are not getting the toys you wanted. I can’t help but think that all the people >still< raging about this game are spoiled brats who doesn't have anything else to do other than complain.

          1. >.< That's a nice pro-company, anti-consumer attitude you have right there. As neodark93 said, we're consumers! We have a right to ask a company to give us what we want because we, as consumers, ARE entitled to it. We're the ones buying the damn things, after all.

        9. I have been waiting years for Metroid 5 but Nintendo just doesn’t seem fixated on continuing the new storyline created by Fusion. With Samus Metroid DNA, the return of the X-parasites, Samus going AWOL against the Galactic Federation, and the connection the animals in her ship have with the ancient Chozo species. I mean come on when will they finish this story? I can care less if we ever get a Prime 3 sequel I’m far more interested in 2D Metroid.

        10. Pingback: Tanabe explica por qué Metroid Prime: Federation Force fue tan mal recibido por los fans – Arcadiavg

        11. The Prime games and its fans bring me pain. Next year I have better see a 2d Metroid, no Primes, no fucking Other Ms (this game was an insult to 2D fans), just 2D Metroid. It also better be a sequel to Metroid Fusion 13 fucking years going on 14 is too long of a wait. After the first Prime what the hell has the Prime franchise brought with its sequels. Prime 2 and 3 were mods of the first game with small changes, Hunters was trying to be an FPS, and now FF is some stupid ass co-op shooter. Just give me a 2D Metroid and stop experimenting with the franchise. One more thing NO MORE REMAKES there is a reason no one bought Zero Mission we want a damn sequel not an over written dumbed-down unnecessary remakes.

        12. It’s not about Samus’s apparent absence you damage controlling retards. It’s the unfitting chibi style that makes the graphics look like a huge joke and insult to both Metroid/3DS top standards and the game mostly focused on a fucking soccer game. That’s why it’s hated and deserves to be canceled on the spot now and reworked by Retro Studios into a true Metroid/Prime game.

          1. I agree, but unfortunately Retro can’t make this into a true Prime game b/c Tanabe would just make them make the same game as NLG. Metroid Prime Federation Force is Tanabe’s game so if Retro made it, it would look and play exactly the same. Retro is not in charge of Prime, Tanabe however is in charge of Retro. Also since Sakamoto is in charge of 2D Metroid and Metroid itself Retro can’t make that either since Tanabe and Sakamoto wouldn’t allow it.

            1. Except it wouldn’t look like shit, ends up on the fucking home console like everyone asked for (in HD so minds would be blown away like Prime 1 did) and more importantly, NO FUCKING MINIGAME CRAP TAKING THE FRONT ROW SEAT TO PISS OFF FANS.

              1. What part of Tanabe in charge of Metroid Prime do you not understand? If Tanabe told Retro to bark like a dog and hold their leg up to piss in the corner they would have to do it. It’s not Retro to decide what goes on what console or handheld, so this piece of shit called Federation Force will be the same pile of shit either on 3ds or Wii U b/c that is what Tanabe wants. Tanabe had control over every Metroid Prime game so I do not understand why you Primefags keep sucking Retro dicks like they have full control over what they make, the truth is they don’t. The only reason NLG is making it is b/c Retro is making another game and no it’s not Metroid, be happy you Primefags got anything even though I believe the Prime franchise should have ended after the first game. Either way I really don’t give a shit, this game is for you Primefags, now you see how we mainline fans felt when Sakamoto gave us the other pile of shit called Other M. I hope we get a 2d Metroid soon, IDK if I can handle anymore of this Prime shit. We got one in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, and now 2016 enough is enough give us a 2d game, Jeez.

                1. And what part of “This FF shit is not the real Metroid Prime” don’t you get? It’s a fucking generic chibi shooter minigame ported from mobile phones with Metroid Prime name slapped on it. Wake the fuck up. They wouldn’t know how to manage Metroid even if Samus turned real and starts kicking their ass all over the studio.

                  1. You wake the fuck up Primefag until you and the rest of the garbage Prime fanbase learns how Nintendo runs their company, stop bitching about Retro Studios and Prime. We 2D fans haven’t got a REAL Metroid in 11 fucking years and haven’t got a sequel to a REAL Metroid in 13 years. So when I hear you Primefags bitch about this piece of shit, it maks me sick. You mother fuckers don’t deserve to complain. Nintendo has been kissing your asses for six for years with Prime in 2002, Echoes in 2004, Hunters in 2006, Corruption in 2007, Trilogy in 2009, and this garbage in 2016. We 2d fans have every right to hate Nintendo and this game b/c we still haven’t got a Metroid Fusion sequel, and no dipshit Other M (Metroid version of Halo Reach) doesn’t count.

                    1. Yup, you just a pretentious retard claiming yourself a fan by loving garbage. You wanna bitch about not having a 2D Metroid for 11 years? Newsflash asshole, Nintendo canceled Metroid Dread (Metroid 5) because they don’t know WTF to do with Metroid anymore.

                      Prime changed Metroid while respecting its tried-and-true core much like Super Mario 64 did for Mario. Don’t you dare trash Prime because it’s not 2D. Go trash Other M because it rehashed/shorten Fusion, made Samus sound like a whiny bitch and ruined the lore. Halo Reach was at least great for the series as Bungie’s love/goodbye letter. Other M said “fuck you” to fans in every way. Get it straight retard.

                      1. You just proven my point that your not only a Primefag but a COD fag too. The fact that you would defend the worst Halo game in the history of Halo just proves to me that every Prime game after the first was made to cater to the generic shit heads like you who kept bitching to Nintendo why don’t we have an FPS as good as Halo? Halo Reach did the same thing to Halo what Metroid Other M did to Metroid. I through out established canon from not only the Extended Universe but the fucking mainline trilogy as well. The game had no heart Bungie ruined firefight, and turned multiplayer into a scrub fest for COD trash like you with no competitive value, and even without the canon breaks the campaign from not only a story standpoint but a level standpoint was below any other Halo games but when you have Halo 3 the greatest Halo game ever release it’s understandable that the next game would suck, just didn’t expect Reach to suck that much. Also Metroid Fusion had its issue but comparing the worst Metroid to any 2d Metroid is fucking insulting. By the way dipshit Metroid Project Dread wasn’t cancelled it was put on hold. Sakamoto last year already had a conversation with Takahashi (head of SPD) that he had plans for 2d Metroid and Takahashi sat with Miyamoto at e3 last year to announce their plans for it, shows what you know PrimeCODfag.

                        1. Trolls like yourself is incredibly as stupid as a drunk. WTF even said I’m a CoD. I’m a former because the series blows now. Try again and the next time, stop using predictable and failed argument points that a 12 year old in the internet always use.

                          1. If you like Reach that means you like Destiny and if you like Destiny then you like COD you got it CODfag. This is not about Halo vs COD this is about you praising a game that was intentionally made to kill the franchise b/c Bungie didn’t want to make anymore Halo games. I understand that they no longer wanted to make Halo games, but don’t actively ruin your own franchise on your last game b/c you don’t want to make it. Bungie from 2001-2007 to Bungie of 2009-now are completely different, troll. I bet you buy this FF garbage when it comes out, til then I will wait until the real Metroid Takahashi, Tanabe (on Sakamoto’s plans), and Reggie have been hinting at. That proper Samus Aran game for 3ds.

                            1. Retardation level of yours just hit the shitfan. Reach is not like ODST which THAT game is nothing more than an overpriced expansion scam, exactly like Destiny. CoD sucked and has remain unchanged since after MW2.

                      2. So much hate for the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I want Metroid to go 3rd person in a 3D world, not counting Other M, so I don’t agree with going 2D again. Fusion was a great way to end the 2D era of Metroid. For that matter, if we do get a Metroid Prime 4, I want it to be a sequel that takes place AFTER Fusion & features a 3rd person perspective for people like me & a 1st person perspective for people that prefer to play Prime traditionally. If not a sequel to Fusion & MP4: Corruption, I at least want it to be a game that leads into Metroid Fusion so the next 3D Metroid can be after Fusion.

                        1. While I don’t agree with you on the 2d era ending b/c its been to long since that, I do agree with you on 3d Metroid taking a new direction. Nintendo needs to do what they did to create the original Metroid and combine Mario and Zelda’s gameplay again but this time in 3d. Metroid Blast was a great example of where to take 3d Metroid, but for that to happen I believe it’s time to drop the Prime franchise since it ended with Prime 3 and fully move on to this new direction, since it would be perfect for Metroid.

                          1. Yeah. They can explain the Sylux following Samus at the end of Metroid Prime 3 WITHOUT making another Prime game. For all we know, Sylux doesn’t actually interact with Samus til after the events of Fusion where they are both enemies of the Galactic Federation as he reveals that he was one of their illegal bio-weapons which is why he himself hates the Federation so much.

                            1. Exactly, plus the game can finally connect the prime and main series together while also bringing in a new fanbase with both the 2d and prime fanbase.

                            2. Who even cares about those idiotic characters?
                              They are stupid beyond belief anyways.
                              Metroid is about Samus, and not about anyone else.
                              See how in the next Zelda game you play a fat baker named Brotbackenmann and you have to save Zelda by earning enough money for they royal cake eating, that she will have against Ganonstadt in the end… But

                              GOD the amount of retard in the Zelda series… Why can’t we just have good games again?

                              Oh yea… right… all those retarded children that actually buy the games…

                          2. Or MAYBE after like… 10 years of trying and failing horribly, they could simply go back to making awesome 2d game? No? we need another 10 years of failing until we realize that fast 3d games JUST DON’T WORK LIKE THIS???
                            You can either make the game slow, way too easy, or you end up dying every few seconds, like you are SUPPOSED to do, in a fast 3d game i.e. quake arena. The things that make Metroid Metroid, CAN’T exist in 3d. Either you make the game slow and crap, too easy, or too hard. That’s why those nintendo morons need to go back to 2d, until we have better VR technology, and you can actually i.e. hear an enemy behind you, and shoot him with your gun, without turning around, which would be IMPOSSIBLE atm, this is why 3d metroid sucks. You can literally get hit by an enemy, not realize it, keep getting hit and getting hit, and then at some point, turn around, be like “oh, hey there” and kill it… It’s like… the game is slow as hell AND the enemies are NO thread, because IF they were a thread, you would have to watch out SO MUCH, that you cant watch out enough. When you get attacked from behind in quake arena, you get respawned, and continue, when you get attacked from behind in Metroid prime, you would probably loose an hour of progress. That’s why the game needs to be slow and designed for 6 year olds, because otherwise, you would keep dying, on literally nothing… enemies that would NEVER be able to sneak up on you, are suddenly behind you and hitting you… How could you even attempt to make a good combat out of this?

                            i would like to see an animation, of how the controllers are used during gameplay.
                            I bet you could see the controller buttons of Metroid being pushed like…. 10 times per second, while the player goes wild on the d-pad. while you can see the controller of MEtroid Prime, being held up for 10 minutes, occasionally pressing the a button to jump, and very rarely the a button to shoot…

                            Metroid is an awesome action game
                            Metroid Prime is a pathetic slow exploration game, with some puzzle elements, that are stealthed as shooter elements…
                            This is as much of a shooter as Portal… Just because you have a gun, doesn’t mean that THIS is shooting… the enemies are so slow… i don’t feel like i am shooting at them, i am feeling like i am clicking on them…

                            1. You are over exaggerating about Metroid Prime being slow. When in battle, you have to hit the fire button a lot. That’s hardly “very rarely pressing the a button to shoot.” Now jumping is another story, though. But even in that regard, there is plenty of jumping required in the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Uhm… how far did you even get in the game? From what I’ve read, it seems you followed a set path straight towards the first destination all the while ignoring every single enemy that actually attacked you & never went past the first big room in the Chozo Ruins in the first Metroid Prime game.

          2. Pfft hahaha! Tanabe, shut the fuck up. You did great with producing Metroid Prime, Echoes, Hunters, & Corruption, but you fucked up when you decided to also produce this abomination to the Metroid franchise.

            1. Metroid Prime sucks. And this money hungry piece of garbage should get fired.
              Freaking give us METROID again, NOT METROID PRIME. Freaking sick of like… playing UT on 10% speed… i want the old 200% speed Metroid back, not some slow ass game, that could as well be a point and click adventure… seriously, the fights are SO slow, you could do them in the SCUMM engine XD
              – push armcanon
              – aim gun
              – fire lazor
              – move north
              – eat pillow
              Would really like to know what happened at Nintendo, that they are unable to produce a single good game for like… 5-10 years…. feels like 20…

              1. The only bad Metroid game is Other M (and the only bad thing about Other M was the portrayal of Samus & certain story segments.) Well that game & this trash they dare call a Metroid Prime game. But I will agree that we need a new Metroid that isn’t Prime 4. Well I’ll be fine with a Metroid Prime 4 if it comes with a setting that allows me to play the game in 3rd person mode & has Samus being quick like she is in 2D games or Other M.

          3. Tanabe is a complete idiot.
            The game got backlash, because it’s GARBAGE!
            Every 6 year old makes better games in Unity, and THEY don’t have to steal famous titles like Metroid…
            Really start hating those Nintendo developers… Is every single one of them brain damaged?

            1. I have to agree, the quality of Prime games dropped after the first game. Originally there was never suppose to be a sequel to Prime, but Nintendo decided to milk it to death and put a hold on Fusion’s sequel. The only good thing I got from this is Nintendo’s in-house 2d Metroid team may be working on a Metroid Fusion sequel after the Miyamoto and Takahashi interview last year. That will definitely make up for this Federation Force crap, Nintendo continue the damn mainline 2d franchise.

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