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Devil’s Third Coming To US In Q4 2015 And Published By Nintendo America

Devil’s Third, an upcoming shooter game with melee combat from Valhalla Game Studios Co., Ltd. and renowned game developer Tomonobu Itagaki, will launch for the Wii U console in retail locations and in the Nintendo eShop in Q4 of this year. The game is an over-the-top, third-person action shooter that combines modern military weaponry with ninja-style swordplay and melee combat.

“Devil’s Third delivers a unique combination of shooting and melee combat to provide Wii U owners with a fresh action-oriented experience,” said Valhalla Game Studios founder Tomonobu Itagaki. “We’ve been working hard on the game and can’t wait for fans to get their hands on it later this year.”

While the Wii U version of the game will be published by Nintendo in the Americas, Valhalla Game Studios will release a standalone version of the game for PC. The Wii U version will feature a full multiplayer mode as well as an exciting single-player story mode, while the free-to-start PC version will offer a multiplayer experience tailored for the platform. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

36 thoughts on “Devil’s Third Coming To US In Q4 2015 And Published By Nintendo America”

  1. Q4 2014? This game is coming out Christmas of last year? Surely a typo. No worries guys everyone makes mistakes sometimes :)

  2. I thought this was an exclusive to wiiu. Free to play PC version. That is probably what caused nintendo to pause. They probably got pissed.

    1. Actually, there’s no story/campaign mode in Devil’s Third Online for PC. The story/campaign mode is a Wii U exclusive.

    1. they never wanted too do voice chat for some reason maybe because of bragging and nasty stuff too the other players because sometime others cant be a good sport.

      1. What Quadramus said. Which is a good thing. Least they have an actual good reason for not using voice chat: had to sacrifice it for 8v8 multiplayer. Unlike Splatoon’s devs which assumed everyone were just a bunch of immature kids & that no one could use it maturely.

    2. There are many workarounds for voice chat like Google Chat, Skype, etc., I’m just relieved that there’s gonna be a 16 player online multiplayer mode but yeah not having a mandatory voice chat option does suck a little

      1. For a game like this, they probably made a good choice. ADULTS, do have workarounds…and they’d have added it if they could.

        Splatoon…Nintendo pretty much sent a ton of kids towards those work-arounds whrn they could have included it in a safe, family friendly environment. I guess policing families is only important when they feel like it. :/

  3. pink0crystal0midbus

    Interesting… There is a PC version and Nintendo is publishing the game in the U.S?

    Oh well. At least I get the game.

    1. The PC is just the Multiplayer. I’ll prob get it for comparison for the channel if you get me. I can’t see highest spec needed for this game, and that ain’t a dis at it. I guarantee XP will be supported for it. I’m looking forward to buying this on release anyways! :)

    2. Valhalla is publishing it for PC, which makes me think its a Steam thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t online battle agains PC people from your Wii U.

    1. sasori obinna: the puppet master

      unseen 64 is trying to hard to get any sort of attention since his website and you tube channel are dead.

    2. Since this won’t be out til end of the year, it’s most likely that Nintendo of America couldn’t handle the backlash & decided to publish it themselves. Unseen64 & that other girl are then made to look like liars because Nintendo fanboys believe Nintendo can’t do anything wrong.

  4. Ha. This is why you don’t trust sources like Unseen 64. Pretty funny considering all the people defending that crap heap.

    Still, I don’t care about this game in the slightest. It just looks crappy, like 90% of third party games these days. I’ll at least respect that it isn’t riddled with DLC content that should’ve been in the game to begin with. Maybe I’ll rent it, just because I actually enjoyed some of the Ninja Gaiden games. But if it’s around the time of Yoshi, Star Fox or Xenoblade.. then I will probably forget about it entirely.

    1. My WiiU is still in my house because 90% of what I play wasn’t developed by Nintendo… Interesting!

  5. Ok, my source was right for the US. Its coming out later this year and there was never a flip-flop, it was always being published by Nintendo, of it never changed on their own website the whole time so it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  6. This is a nice contrast to Project Cars, a third party developer not showing any complaint or disregard for the Wii U and its hardware, and developing solely for it fearlessly. Seriously, I haven’t seen the devs behind this bash the console once, and just for that I feel they deserve the support of all the Nintendo fans out there interested in the game.

  7. I’m buying it. I think it looks fun. Looks like a modern, updated shooter the way they used to be in the N64 dayz!

    Really looking forward to this. I know…might have a few dropped frames and a glitch or two, but it CAN’T be as glitched to hell as Watchdogs, and…it looks fun. So, yeah.

    1. Even if it is glitched as bad as Watch_Dogs, hopefully the fact this game won’t release til the end of the year means that they are hard at work on a patch to fix the issues we’ve been hearing about.

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  9. End of 2015, eh? Well that sucks. If it is glitched & has bad frame rate drops, hopefully they are working on a patch for the game to fix the issues. And it gives Nintendo of America time to make it look like they have been publishing this game all along, so people don’t realize they just caved in to the backlash they were getting because they might not be publishing it. Oh & the fact it was not advertised at all at E3 2015. If it was, I didn’t hear anything about it.

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