Super Mario Maker-Themed Cake Wars Episode Was Dedicated To Satoru Iwata

cake_wars_episode_mario_maker_satoru_iwata_tributeIt turns out that the recent Super Mario Maker-themed Cake Wars episode was dedicated to the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. The episode aired last night and featured a number of special guests, including Nintendo Minute host Krysta Yang. It was a neat way to promote the upcoming Super Mario Maker game, which launches on September 11 for Wii U.


  1. The outpouring of appreciation continues unabated. It’s like Jim Henson all over again…

  2. Thank goodness the female won, I didn’t like the guy’s cake. Also, I missed where it said it was for Iwata, probably because I was looking at the whole scene.

  3. i like how the judges try to find something to complain about the cake! well except for krista because shes not a professional judge :p

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