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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Gets Monster Hunter Collaboration

Monster Hunter fans will be pleased to know that 4Gamer has announced that Capcom has teamed up with Nintendo for a collaboration in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS. You will be able to get Monster Hunter themed items and characters in the game. You will even get a Felyne who will visit your apartment. Japanese gamers that go to a 7-Eleven Wi-Fi hotspot in Japan from July 30th will receive 7-Go who will show up as a customer where you work. 7-Go puts in a request for a place themed like a convenience store. If you participate in this quest then you will get convenience store items added to your catalog. We should hear a lot more about this exciting collaboration in the near future.

Thanks, takamaru64

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Gets Monster Hunter Collaboration”

  1. Appealing to Munter Hunter fans through Animal Crossing or appealing to Animal Crossing Fans through Munster Hunter?

  2. Pokemon Trainer Blue

    There’s a brand new copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk marked down for 14.95. Still in shrink wrap and everything. I can’t decide if I should buy it before someone else does.

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