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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Gets Monster Hunter Collaboration

Monster Hunter fans will be pleased to know that 4Gamer has announced that Capcom has teamed up with Nintendo for a collaboration in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS. You will be able to get Monster Hunter themed items and characters in the game. You will even get a Felyne who will visit your apartment. Japanese gamers that go to a 7-Eleven Wi-Fi hotspot in Japan from July 30th will receive 7-Go who will show up as a customer where you work. 7-Go puts in a request for a place themed like a convenience store. If you participate in this quest then you will get convenience store items added to your catalog. We should hear a lot more about this exciting collaboration in the near future.

Thanks, takamaru64


  1. Appealing to Munter Hunter fans through Animal Crossing or appealing to Animal Crossing Fans through Munster Hunter?

  2. There’s a brand new copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk marked down for 14.95. Still in shrink wrap and everything. I can’t decide if I should buy it before someone else does.

  3. I’ll post an unboxing and card unwrapping when I pick it up July and film the spot pass event

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