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Square Enix To Hold Dragon Quest Press Event On The 28th

The latest edition of Japanese publication Jump Magazine has revealed that Square Enix will be holding a special event next week that will be entirely Dragon Quest focussed. The magazine also promises that it will have a feature on “that big title” in their following issue which is due out August 3rd. All the signs seem to point towards this being an official unveiling of Dragon Quest 11, which has admittedly been a long time coming. Whether the game arrives on the PlayStation 4 or the Nintendo 3DS remains to be seen, but it would certainly give whatever hardware it is on a significant boost in Japan. The event which takes place on Tuesday 28th July will also be live streamed and if you remember, this is exactly how they went about announcing Dragon Quest 10 for Wii U.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

9 thoughts on “Square Enix To Hold Dragon Quest Press Event On The 28th”

  1. Whatever it is, we aren’t getting it.
    Westerners don’t want Dragon Quest, according to Square’s CEO.

    1. Yep. I would have bought 2 copies of dragon quest 10. No seriously, I own 2 Wii u’s. But yea, I wouldn’t cuz like u said they think we don’t want it

  2. I’m guessing it’s on ps4. Haven’t bought one yet but if it doesn’t come to Nintendo platforms I will gladly buy a ps4… That is if it even comes to the west

  3. Since they seem to be announcing Dragon Quest XI, I believe that crosses off the NX as a potential console for the game to land on, which only leaves Wii U and PS4. Based DQ Heroes and Builders being on PS4, I think that’s the more likely choice. If is does land on that, I really hope it’s JUST PS4 and not PS3/Vita also, enough with this cross-gen crap.

    I think a Western release for this game is likely considering it’s a home console offline entry that will potentially land on today’s most popular system in the world

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