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Rumour: Universal Building Third Park Based On Video Games, Not Just Nintendo

We have already heard that Nintendo is working closely alongside Universal to possibly create theme park rides and attractions. What we hadn’t heard is that Universal apparently has plans to create a third park at Universal Orlando that is based heavily on video games. This park won’t just feature Nintendo rides, but also ones by big publishers and developers such as Activision Blizzard. A World of Warcraft themed attraction in apparently in the works alongside a Mario Kart ride, a Pokemon ride and a Legend of Zelda themed ride. This is a rumour at present, but it would certainly make sense to leverage other brands that are popular with children and teens such as Call of Duty and Minecraft.

48 thoughts on “Rumour: Universal Building Third Park Based On Video Games, Not Just Nintendo”

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Yes, human children “riding” Call of Duty is exactly what we need more of today on this idiotic beyond pathetic world>>>

    1. Not everything consists of roller coasters within a theme park… kind of like the Mario Kart implemention isnt. A COD rollercoaster would be a bit weird so it might be some sorta activity or other experience.

    1. The Pokémon “rides” are you walk in to the park and employees stuff you in a giant poke ball and close it on you….trapping you inside until a trainer says I CHOOSE YOU (Your name)

    1. Bahahaha that’d be hilarious xD Actually, a high-speed F-zero themed rollercoaster would be amazing

  2. The order of Paimon

    “but it would certainly make sense to leverage other brands that are popular with children and teens such as Call of Duty and Minecraft”.
    Emphasis on children, please

    1. that was a mistake, sickr wanted to say that nintendo is for children, but we know that only rat children buy that crap known as call of duty.

  3. How can you make a attraction out of minecraft? Also i doubt they would newer games, they most likely go after big names like megaman, resident evil, sonic ect. I doubt they would call of duty ride

  4. Why is everyone here acting like Universal is primarily a rollercoster park? It has 3D rides and other live cinematic experiences , so something like COD would probably get a live cinematic treatment.

    Anyways this sounds very exciting.

    1. COD really doesn’t have anything special its just a war shooter, I rather have RE over that shit

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>They should just openly advertise it:

        Take part in Universal’s newest attraction, Call of duty! Just buy a ticket for 25$ and we’ll take you on a ride to Syria, one of the hottest battlezones you know and experience the awesome blood, gore, weapons and your favourite terrorist enemies you know you love!


  5. Ok, I’m returning to make this one comment. I’ve been part of a forum dedicated to theme parks for over a year now with plenty of people who know what’s going on before its announced, an example being the fact that King Kong was well known to be coming to Islands of Adventure for a loooooooong time before Universal confirmed it this year. Same goes for the Volcano Bay water park. This is not what’s happening. While there there is a rumor of a third Universal park somewhere down the line (but not anytime soon) that’s not where Nintendo is going. It’s replacing Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone but E.T. will be safe.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>I don’t blame you, me on the other hand just need to get rid off the riff raff even if some hate me because they don’t understand anything>>>

  6. Like I said when Nintendo struck the deal with Universal Studios, a Star Fox Experience attraction would be a no-brainer. How it works is that the consumer gets to control and get inside of a replica version of the Arwing while being immersed in a 3D holographic version of the Star Fox world while being guided and aided by the other characters from the franchise via monitor from inside the ship. It would be the attraction I would constantly go to

  7. So what other companies would have to be involved in this “third park”? Capcom? Activision? Microsoft? Konami? Sega? Namco Bandai? Tecmo Koei? Ubisoft?

  8. So when is Disney going to have Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy rides & characters appearing at their theme park to rival what Universal is doing?

  9. Build it where? International Drive, which is where the current parks are located now, is completely packed with surrounding businesses and hotels. They would have to buy places out and clear land, which would be insane as far as cost.

    1. If Nintendo & other video game companies are helping Universal with the costs, I’m sure they’ll have more than enough money to get what they need. Hopefully Universal isn’t footing the entire bill for this because it would suck if this endeavor interfered with Universal’s other stuff… like their plan to reboot the Universal Monster’s Cinematic Universe.

  10. Oh gods, I would hate to see a Splatoon attraction right next to a CoD or Halo attraction. Then again, I would hate to see a CoD attraction at all, but the former situation would be 50 times worse…

    Gimme more info on this Mario Kart attraction though- if it’s anything like what Waterloo Labs was able to do, I’m SO in.

  11. peachypeach14-world

    I rather definitely just keep it Nintendo. I don’t like the sound of a C.O.D ride, especially if there are kids who could possibly see it. You basically just shoot people in that game. With Minecraft, what is there to be, a bunch of blocks and minecarts?

    Nintendo is a company for kids and adults! It’s colorful, fun and super creative!

    1. The sad truth is some, if not most, people playing Call of Duty ARE kids, so it’s not like any kid interested in checking out the COD area of a theme park hasn’t seen it all before.

  12. Nintendo should have partnered with Disney. Disney is better than Universal, and then we have this…

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