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The Console That RED ASH Could Come To Is PS4 If Funded And More Consoles Next


RED ASH is now coming to the PlayStation 4 if funded, but it could also come to other consoles as well. The game which is being developed by Comcept was originally only meant to come to a single console and it turns out that console is PlayStation 4. However, the team says the Kickstarter title could come to other consoles if the game reaches the stretch goals laid out by the team. Comcept also revealed which platforms the backers wanted the game on and it turns out the Wii U was a more popular choice than the Xbox One as you can see in the pie chart above. The PlayStation 4 stretch goal is at one million dollars and the game currently stands at $455K.

STRETCH GOAL UPDATE! PlayStation 4 has been officially confirmed as the first console port! Help us reach our goal and more consoles could be next!

12 thoughts on “The Console That RED ASH Could Come To Is PS4 If Funded And More Consoles Next”

  1. What is truly amazing is that Wii U got so much support having (less than?)half the numbers of the PS4 and XBOX get so little. This little chart tell alot of things about all the kind of owners of each console.

  2. I absolutely hated it when Legends 3 was cancelled. I loved the 1st one, never got far in the second one because my disc was scratched…. But I want MEGAMAN Legends 3, not Red Ash.
    I respect Inafune, but this kickstarter needs to die. There’s no gameplay, nor any chance of the game feeling “complete” if the 1st funding milestone is reached. Just finish Mighty Number 9 first and then we’ll see how things go from there, it’s sketchy enough as it is.

  3. I actually thought this was a Pokémon game before. You know, because of Red being the person’s name in that new Pokémon anime that was shown. And of course, Ash Ketchum.

  4. The concept of this kickstarter baffles me to no end. For 800k you get a little more than half of the prologue and to get a console port, they need to raise 200k more than their initial goal. I honestly think they should cancel this kickstarter and restart it later down the line when they have more to show because funding has definitely plateaued.

  5. PS4 stays winning, meanwhile, Nintendo can’t even secure a third party kickstarter for Wii U. I wonder, when it’s all said and done how my generation (SNES & Genesis) will remember the Wii U. SNES, PSX, N64, PS2, X360, Wii, PS3, PS4, and XB1 are all better than Wii U. That leaves Saturn, og XBOX, and a Dreamcast. Due to an overwhelming increase in DC fans and as a result of nostalgia and general incompleteness, no way will it stand up against DC. So all that’s really left is Saturn and og XBOX pioneered online console gaming and actually had a very impressive library, plus the definitive version of all third party games. So ya, only the Saturn might be shittier than the Wii U . . . only time will tell.

    1. Just to be clear, the Wii U didn’t add anything new to the game. It’s pretty much playing catch up with most of its features and aside from Miiverse, there is very little innovation with that console. Actually, I don’t even know if we can considered the dual screen design innovative since not only did Nintendo use it previously, but this time around they can’t even put it to proper use. Also, PS and Xbox both have the second experience as well and some would argue that it’s more refined as they allow you to go as far as syncing your phone to your console and using it.

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