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UK: Grab A Free Super Mario 3DS Holder When You Buy A New Nintendo 3DS Summer Pack


The Official Nintendo UK Store often has some great special offers to entice consumers to purchase hardware and software and this latest one should be very appealing. If you purchase a New Nintendo 3DS Summer Bundle, which includes the Xenoblade Chronicles 3D bundle, the Pokemon Omega Ruby bundle, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate bundle, then you are entitled to get a free Super Mario 3DS holder. You will need to enter the code (MARI0HOLD5) at the checkout to get it.

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17 thoughts on “UK: Grab A Free Super Mario 3DS Holder When You Buy A New Nintendo 3DS Summer Pack”

    1. I am............ Batman!!!

      Fucking wordless? More like fuck NoA. They barely bring out games that hit other areas for Nintendo, and look at the rewards and the shit they did with Devils and other Third Party games. We didn’t even get the small new 3ds or colors. Dudes don’t give a fuck about us.

      1. That’s all a straight up lie. There is no replacement because all other nations still have it with better fucking perks and prizes. Face it, Nintendo is now giving US the shit end of the stick.

        1. I’m afraid you’re right and we are not getting a proper replacement rewards program. Heck, we are the biggest market for Nintendo, and the only thing they can offer us are the pathetic Reggie’s excuses.

        1. You brought up a valid question earlier: Will Nintendo ever establish another rewards program for NA? I’m starting to think that this will never see the light of the day.

            1. for 3ds… who has a 3ds…?
              everybody has 3ds xl
              its to small for that…
              epic fail nintendo… like everything in the last few years :-(

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