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Miiverse Gets Its Controversial Redesign Today


Notice something different about Miiverse today? That’s because the free family-friendly service that lets players communicate with other Nintendo players around the world just got a redesign. The makeover is not only visual – the update comes with new features that make sharing tips, drawings and comments about Wii U or Nintendo 3DS games more enjoyable than ever.

The new features included in the redesign include the following:

  • Screen Shot Album – Saving and organizing screen shots that people take in games are made easier with the new Screen Shot Album. The private album can only be viewed by the player and can hold up to 100 screen shots from a variety of games. The images can even be neatly sorted by game name for easy searching.
  • Play Journal – With the Play Journal, players can record their unique game experiences by writing journal entries about games as they play them. Creating a journal entry is as easy as opening Miiverse while playing a compatible game, and each entry will include a screen shot that shows exactly what was happening in the game when the player pressed the HOME button. The new Play Journal feature replaces the ability for users to post directly to their own activity feeds.
  • New Look – In the main community for each Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game, posts will be categorized in three easy-to-browse sections:
    • Play Journal Entries – All Play Journal entries from players about a specific game will be located here. By viewing the displayed screen shots, players can quickly find other players who are in the same section of the game, making it easy to find relevant tips, comments and experiences.
    • Drawings – Miiverse is full of incredible drawings from fans. This community section will display artwork other players have created about the game, in order of popularity.
    • Discussions – If players want to ask questions or start conversations about a game, this is the perfect place to do it. The inclusion of tags in these discussions makes it easier for players to find what they are looking for.

Source: Nintendo PR

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52 thoughts on “Miiverse Gets Its Controversial Redesign Today”

        1. To reduce/prevent spam, they are having it so you are limited to 30 posts a day. People are really getting salty over that.

                  1. I didn’t have to add it, but as I said to someone else, I have received quite a few angry emails about the changes. So people that I’ve spoke to generally aren’t happy with it.

                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                          >>>I think I heard something, but I guess it was just garbage floating around with the wind>>>

                        2. Na. If you’re actually ON Miiverse you’ll see how hated this update is. It felt as if most people using Miiverse didn’t want it implemented. See Nintendo’s like a government with an agenda. They keep throwing eye candy at their members as a distratction while slowly at the same taking away freedom of speech and how much you can speak on the whole. It’s been happening since day, & the nicer Miiverse gets aesthetically, the less you can say while using it. It’s insane. My friend had his status taken down on Miiverse cuz he wrote “I love Atari”.

                      1. I don’t know about anybody else, but I am at least going to give it a chance. It is unfair for some to say anything bad about it, without even trying it.

                                  1. Because nintendo is limiting even more how often and how many times a day you can post. So having a conversation with something can be stopped because you post toany times for that day.

                                    I stopped using miiverse when they put up those tme limits between post. You cant even help people asking questins about a game with out 2 mins between post. I dont response to people asking helo anymore because if there is somethinh else later i want to talk about, i dont aant to be stopped.

                                    Its lead to most of my friends leaving miiverse.

                                    1. But if you’re Friends with the other person on Wii U, you can just use the Message feature.

                                  2. i honestly dont like the redesign. i preferred it as it was before. now there isnt just one central community for game discussions, its all split into categories. there isnt even a place for people to jump on and leave simple comments about the game. i also really dont like all the posting restrictions they have now.

                                  3. I hardly ever touch Miiverse. I only did off and on, but never really got a lot of enjoyment out of it.

                                  4. i think Miiverse is ok with the new update but i just not used too it just yet and i did have a friend who left miiverse yesterday because of the update what a baby he was.

                                  5. Well I used Miiverse an hour ago and it looks great. Sadly, it’s beautiful packaging hides a hideous abomination that never should have occurred in the first place: post/comment limit, only one discussion can be open at one time which means you have to “close” one post to “open” a new one, & the horrendous art is in order from most popular to least popular & you can’t switch it around.

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