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Nintendo Lists 2016 Wii U Games, But Zelda Wii U Isn’t Listed As One Of Them

One of the titles that Wii U owners are looking forward to the most is The Legend of Zelda. We were told it had been delayed and would be coming in 2016. However, today Nintendo listed the Wii U titles due out for 2016 and The Legend of Zelda isn’t one of them. There’s titles such as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, but The Legend of Zelda Wii U simply has a release date of TBD, which means to be determined. Let’s hope it is coming next year.


80 thoughts on “Nintendo Lists 2016 Wii U Games, But Zelda Wii U Isn’t Listed As One Of Them”

      1. They did confirm many times they wouldn’t do that. I still smell the dual Wii U / NX release à la Twilight Princess.

        1. We have a winner!
          Why wouldn’t they? Sony and Micro are doing new Gen/old Gen releases. It wouldn’t be ridiculous to think.


          1. Yeah. It got delayed, delayed, delayed, & delayed again. If this 2016 list is anything to go by, Zelda U might just suffer the same fate: delay after delay after delay til they have no choice but to dual release it or otherwise it won’t sell as most might jump off the sinking ship that is Wii U & swim to the NX to be saved.

          2. Keep calm, Super Mario 3 was like this until they started playing Wizard ads. Ocarina of Time was also very vague up until the holiday before it came out, then they alluded to the March date. Zelda A Link to the Past was the worst, it said TBA up until the January before it came out and then it was like Spring. Then at the month before they started saying April (I remember it coming out around Easter, if my memory is slightly off,,,sorry, but I went through these things as a kid).

            1. I don’t think these means it won’t come out 2016, it probably only means that they just don’t know when in 2016. I’m 99% certain.

            2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

              They delayed twilight princess for over 3 years after it was supposed to come out. I won’t be surprised if I see an eventual 2018 release date.

              1. They announced it in 04 or 05 and it was a launch tittle on the wii. I think your memory is a little off.

              2. :( Looks like it’s going to be Zelda NX. I’m not sad about that, that just means that it could have more content and better graphics because of better hardware. But we have to wait for so long :(

                1. It has windwaker style graphics so visually speaking it’s already unimpressive. They should have made it using the graphic style of the tech demo they had back when the Wii U was first announced.

                  1. That’s what may have had happened. They may have decided to go with a more realistic art style which is why they chose not to show it at E3 nor talk about it. I don’t know for sure if that’s the case but it does sound like it

                  2. And even with those graphics, Wind Waker is one of the best Zelda games ever made. Better than Twilight Princess. Realistic graphics does not equal great.

                  3. Look at that tech demo again and compare it with the actual footage from the new Zelda game. The new game looks so much better, it’s just your memory that plays tricks on you.

                    1. Ignore him. He’s probably one of those people that think if a Zelda game isn’t realistic graphics, like fucking Skyrim or The Witcher, it’s not worth getting excited for. If they want realistic graphics in a fantasy game, there are tons of alternates.

                    2. I am............ Batman!!!

                      Dude, do you know that’s fucking a weak comment? You trying to tell me that you like the fact that you have a system with no fucking Zelda game on it? Wind wake? That shit that was on GameCube and redone. WiiU and virtual boy, the two shitty systems of Nintendo both have no Zelda games. Think about that.

                  4. It doesn’t matter when it’s released anybody that wants the game will buy a wiiu even if the nx it out and doesn’t play wiiu games

                  5. They literally never said it was coming out 2016. When they announced the delay they never gate a time frame, they just said not 2015. That doesn’t mean 2016.

                  6. So… where’s this ‘list’ at exactly????

                    I wanna see what is listed for 2016 on Wii U.

                    Screw tht NX Zelda title…. makes me sour.

                    1. Sonic and Mario at the Rio 2016 ans SMT x Fire Emblem.

                      It doesn’t matter because some 2015 games still say Fall and Holiday 2015.

                  7. Found the list….

                    Hhhhhmmmmm, Project Guard is still listed.

                    That more newsworthy and interesting to me, I thought it died on the vine, as they say.

                  8. Hopefully they make it an NX exclusive cuz who wants a zelda with missing features because of a dumbed down dying console. Im sorry wii u was good for what it was but its slowing nintendo’s progression for the nx’s future.

                  9. No. Give us some information if you’re gonna have it be any later than 2016. We’ve had nothing for MONTHS. It’s so frustrating.

                  10. This is based on the first half of 2016. Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is was shown at E3 because it comes out during the first half of 2016. Nintendo said they didn’t show Zelda WiI U At E3 because it’s coming at the end of 2016. It’s not a delay from what we know.

                  11. Yup. At the very least, it’ll be a double release on the Wii U and NX. It’d be more ideal to just have it strictly be an NX launch title, but I guess they don’t want any more bad press from going back on their word to release it on the Wii U.

                  12. Galactus The Planet Devourer

                    It’s really noticeable that the Wii U has the smallest library of games of any Nintendo home console.
                    They said Zelda would release 2015 after Starfox. What happened? Why can’t they deliver on what they say?
                    What changed? Let us know something because it’s not like Wii u owners have all kinds of games to fill the void. Wii u only owners have the most abysmal pathetic selection of games of any home console in past 20years!

                    1. You do know the Jaguar and 3D0 where still kicking around in the last 20 years. And there are quite a few console that sucked just as bad (Ouya) during the time span. I would say this line-up is no worse than N64 which had some painful gaps during its life cycle (i.e. 3 games came out in the first 3 month {Pilotwings 64, Mario 64, and WaveRace} and had like 5 good {Turok and something else} games by its first Christmas).

                        1. Yes at the end of the life span is was a bit better (Wii U already has a list of very good games too). At the starting is was way more vacant, like no games not even bad ones. Gamers were so starved they bought Turok like crazy.

                          1. Galactus The Planet Devourer

                            Dude! Wii u does NoT have s list of good games and will not because Nintendo gave up on it.
                            Stop defending its crap. It’s okay. They’ll do better next time. But cmon man. Wii U sucks. When you can count all the great games coming out this year on basically one hand that means it sucks.

                            1. Wait a minute Galactus I gotta stop you right there. A Miyamoto developed Starfox game won’t be great? Xenoblade Chronicles X is said to be bigger and better than the masterpiece that was Xenoblade Chronicles and you’re not looking forward to that? Fast Racing Neo is not only one of the best looking games this gen but looks like one of the best playing games too. Fatal Frame looks like it could breathe new life into the declining horror game genre and last but certainly not least just look at Super Mario Maker. It could very well be on it’s way to being one of the greatest, if not the greatest and most customizable level creator of all-time. I know you’re upset that the Wii U won’t have Zelda or Metroid this year but there will be more good games to play later on this year, just give them a chance

                              1. Galactus The Planet Devourer

                                you’re right .. Mario Maker looks like the greatest customizable side scroller ever and it’s Mario. The one that started it all.

                                I’m a huge fan of Mario donkey kong puzzle games. Those games don’t get enough praise. They are the best yet simple amazing and challenging, fun, customizable puzzle games I’ve ever played.

                              2. Speak for yourself. I have plenty games for now and upcoming in 2015. All Wii U owners are not the same.

                            2. Now friends, let’s not panic about this. We know good games are brutally difficult to develop these days, and remember what happened to super smash bros brawl, despite it being slpwer than melee. It got delayed twice, but probably had the most content of any wii game.

                              1. TBD mean nothing except they haven’t figured it out or ready to put a release date up. I imagine it getting a little more clear after the holidays.

                              2. We’ve moved past the ‘panic’ stage to ‘acceptance’, because it’s pretty clear what Nintendo is doing. Regardless, this isn’t the first time Nintendo has done this, nor will it probably be the last, especially with a Zelda game. Even so, if Nintendo wanted to release the game in 2015, they certainly could have. Mismanagement with their priorities and focus on superfluous shit (Project Guard? lol…) has led to this, not because it takes time to develop. They could easily allocate the necessary resources, time, and money to put out more games that we want (Metroid, F-Zero, a Star Fox game that isn’t a piece of shit mess, etc). They just choose not to.

                                1. But it is the first time theyed have a console with no exclusive Zelda… Or 3d Mario platform

                                  1. Once you get a little older, things like this don’t bother as much. I played the StarFox game at Nintendo World store….the only was mess was the line to play it (or any of the e3 games). It took a second to get the hang of it but was fun once you got going.

                                    I feel like Nintendo got in over its head with Zelda and couldn’t get it finished the way it wanted, so they delayed it. They could have got it out in 2015 but it probably would have been a turd and that is one thing they couldn’t afford right now with that franchise.

                                2. Okay, this almost unofficially confirms that there will be a twilight princess scenario with the NXt zelda.

                                3. This just means that they haven’t decided on the release date yet and that it’s to early to make a good estimate. Nothing to lose your head about.

                                4. They dont list it,because they said,that they dont want to have a release date for it and instead take as much time as they need to make it ready.

                                5. sasori obinna: the puppet master

                                  am tired of playing old games, release a new game already. am considering getting bayonneta 2 with the first one.

                                6. Peanut Butter KitKat

                                  If they carry on at this rate it won’t even make NX, Zelda Wii U coming to NX2, you heard it here first.

                                7. It was TBD because Nintendo knows that the media will be clamoring for details, screenshots and demos as soon as a date is announced. I would be too if they did that. Remember what happened when they showed Link on the field? Everybody wanted more details, screenshots, etc.

                                  I guess it will be announced on the 3rd quarter of 2016, then released on the 4th. So far the Wii U has no games planned for late 2016, so probably Zelda U will be one of its last big hurrahs until the NX eventually replaces it.

                                8. It’s sad becouse graphically Zelda U looks like shit, there are PS3 and 360 games that are super old now that easily outshines Zelda U graphically. By 2017 the game will look like trash compared to other titles and that really sucks. It’s Iwata’s fualt for releasing junk hardware. The Wii U is junk and I don’t care what any of you say

                                  1. The graphics look great. It’s the quality that sucked. I expect Zelda U to look a hell of a lot better once it releases.

                                  2. I fucking called it and idiot fanboys didn’t wanna listen. I told you fucks that the next Zelda is going to NX indefinitely. Now shut the fuck up, sell your Wii U and stop believing in every BS you hear from Nintendo like listening to ignorant racist cunts of the Republicunt Party.

                                  3. If Zelda doesn’t come out in 2016, I better start making funeral arrangements for the Wii U. I LOVE the Wii U. It’s an awesome console. But it NEEDS ZELDA! It’s suffering from hardcore first-party drought.

                                    1. I don’t think the new Zelda is gonna skip the Wii U. They’ll probably make it a cross gen release for both the Wii U and NX if anything. I don’t think Nintendo wants to upset the 10 million Wii U owners that want to get a real new Zelda game

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