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Nintendo America Announces The Next Splatfest For Splatoon

Yes, there’s another Splatfest coming next month! Nintendo of America officially confirmed the news via their Twitter account. This time the Splatoon Splatfest will be between Marshmallows and Hot Dogs. The Splatfest takes place on August 7th through till August 8th.


Thanks, Jacob

27 thoughts on “Nintendo America Announces The Next Splatfest For Splatoon”

    1. Personally I prefer “SMORES”.
      But, as much as I love marshmallows, Give me “HOT DOGS!”.

      P.S. I’m watching my cholesterol so in reality give me VEGGIE DOGS or TURKEY DOGS!! Lol

      Oh!! & I’m STILL looking for some “Low Fat Sugar Free Marshmallows!”

    2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      These are seasonal foods. None of which I really enjoy. I’ll just vote for whatever Callie likes more.

    3. Don’t have Splatoon, probably never will have it, but I’d join Team Marshmallow if I did. Good luck to both teams. They are going to need it when they run into the occasional group that actually camps out at their base. If they had voice chat, they could probably discuss some kind of plan to overcome that but oh well. I’m sure everyone will still have fun.

      1. Why would you never Splatoon?

        We usually agree on things, I’m genuinely curious about this, because I bought the game on launch and I love it.

        1. Voice chat is a gripe only because tons of people wanted it so I’m on their side because they are getting screwed while the few defending it get what they want. My problem is the lack of match customization. I don’t even like short matches in Smash, much less an action game like Splatoon. No thank you. Oh & the lack of maps when first released was another major problem I had. So I decided I’d wait for August when the game is complete with the updates. But my interest in the game slowly died over the wait. So Splatoon is not on my list of games to get anymore as I now got more important things to worry about: games I want more than Splatoon.

          1. I see, and understand your viewpoint. I am neither pro- nor anti- voice chat; I just say the option would be/would have been a nice thing to have. Lack of maps, as well as having only two per mode every four hours is a problem though, however previous Splatfests have shown they CAN add more to rotation; perhaps they’ll permanently add another slot after we get even more maps.

            This big August update won’t be the last update for Splatoon; I almost guarantee there will be many more.

              1. Eh it’s alright my taste in food has always been odd. I don’t like a lot of meats, hotdogs, hamburgers, sasuage, etc, more of a seafood type person.

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