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Gamescom: Here’s A Look At The English Version Of Xenoblade Chronicles X

As promised Nintendo Europe streamed 40 minutes worth of footage from the forthcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X at this week’s Gamescom. The footage is of the English build of the game which isn’t coming out until December. The video includes an obligatory walkthrough of the expansive game and also an interview with one of the developers. You can get your hands on Xenoblade Chronicles X on December 4th in Europe.


17 thoughts on “Gamescom: Here’s A Look At The English Version Of Xenoblade Chronicles X”

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  2. I SO wish they hadn’t scrapped the main character and had instead had the avatar be alongside the main protagonist. From what I’ve seen, the avatar is silent throughout cutscenes and it’s very jarring. I mainly enjoyed XC for its story…so you could imagine why this would disappoint me.

    1. You should know that the Xenoblade series (or the Xeno universe) is just like the Final Fantasy series… they never use the same characters.

      1. Wait…hasn’t there only been one game? So how can you know that, or did I miss something?

        It woulda been cool for them to connect the games…maybe they will? Like, have them meet Shulk as an old man, or his child…anything woulda been cool (speaking of story

        I thought this was our second game, so no president has been set yet?

        1. Xenogears, Xenosaga. You did miss something, Shulk isn’t relevant now and you should know that, get away from Smash.

        2. It’s not about the characters being the same (although I’d buy a sequel to xenoblade chronicles and shill in a heartbeat) as much as it is having a great set of new characters, an interesting new world and just a really damn good story. However, I would love to see a direct sequel to xenoblade chronicles! Maybe starting shulk’s kid.

        3. He’s talking about the fact our avatar IS the main character & he’s just a mute that has no real involvement in the story at all. This is the opposite of Link who is a mute main character but is still involved in the story itself instead of just being there for the sake of giving us an avatar. I’d be perfectly happy with losing the avatar & getting a main character that is actually integral to the story than what we got right now. But regardless of that complain, I’m still going to enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles X in the hopes we’ll get a plot twist that connects this game to the first Xenoblade Chronicles, whether the game is a prequel or a sequel.

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