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Miiverse Gets A New Update

As I’m sure most of you are aware Miiverse recently got a visual refresh along with new additional features. Today, Tom from Nintendo has detailed some small and refined changes to the service which include being able to share screenshots saved to Screenshot Album in the Drawings section. There’s also the option to filter Open Discussions in the New Discussions area. Here’s what he had to say.

Hope you’re enjoying summer Miiverse! It’s Tom at Nintendo. I’m here to bring you a quick Miiverse update. [Wii U, Nintendo 3DS/2DS versions] Until recently, screenshots saved to Screenshot Album could only be posted to Play Journal. Now, you have the option to post them in Drawings. To post from Screenshot Album, simply click on a screenshot and select the option to post in Play Journal or Drawings. [Wii U, Nintendo 3DS/2DS and web versions] In New Discussions, you can now filter Open Discussions. Click this option in the Filter tool to see Discussions that are still open. That’s all for now, thanks!

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17 thoughts on “Miiverse Gets A New Update”

  1. Fuck y’all miis, fuck y’all posts, miiverse can gobble deez nuts because it’s nothing more than a wannabe social media for fanboys.

          1. Haters will hate what they don’t have… and don’t understand.

            Anyway, I miss the old Miiverse. The last update before this one became a lot more confusing. I get lots of Yeahs before, but since that update I get by with 1 or none at all…

            And I miss Swap Note.

            1. Fucking Swapnote was superior and fun to use. If only it had been 3DS’s own Miiverse messenger service with its moderation to prevent more perverted images from surfacing, we would’ve enjoyed having that more than fucking poor man’s Twitter with more restrictions than a communist country.

            2. I agree, Miiverse is has become really confusing with all the stupid journal stuff they’ve added. I don’t even feel like posting anymore or even going to Miiverse. They should change it back asap.

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