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Reminder: Pokémon World Championships Conclude Today

Winners of the Pokémon World Championships will be crowned today! Since Friday, hundreds of young Pokémon masters have been competing in the annual contest held in Boston, Massachusetts. After two days of competition, the best video game and trading card game players will face-off in the championship rounds. Winners will receive $500,000 in scholarship awards – over four times the amount winners were awarded in 2014.

For those competing in the Video Game Championships, winners will be awarded $10,000 in scholarship fees, which can contribute towards tuition, books and various supplies at a qualified educational institution. But for those who are victors in the TCG championships, they’ll be awarded with a $25,000 scholarship. You can watch the matches live on Twitch, here. To find out more about the championships, head on over to the official Pokémon website.


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