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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Pre-Orders From GameStop Come With Poster

animal_crossing_happy_home_designer_posterIf you pre-order Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer from GameStop, you’ll receive an exclusive poster. According to the video game retailer, quantities are “extremely limited” – so it might be a good idea to act fast if you want to secure a poster to appease the Animal Crossing fan in you. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer launches September 25 in North America and October 2 in Europe for Nintendo 3DS. A set of 100 Animal Crossing amiibo cards, which are compatible with the game, will be available at launch.


    1. it’s more that they never properly showed what the game had to offer, you can still go around the town and do a bunch of stuff, it’s made to be the opposite of new leaf

    1. Assuming you are ungodly lucky and somehow manage to get all 100 in each pack without doubles….
      6 cards per pack ÷ 100 cards in all x 5.99 per pack = $99.83 USD…not including tax and such.

      1. WELP It should actually be 100÷6 but you get the point. Obviously certain cards will be rarer than others and more expensive out of their packs but whatever.

    2. There are 3 cards per pack, if you manage to get everyone in one try you’ll need 34 packs. They cost 6$ so 34×6 which is 204$

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