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GameStop Holding Super Mario Maker Demo Event On August 29th

If you are in the United States and wish to play Super Mario Maker before release you may want to think about heading down to GameStop. The company will be holding a Super Mario Maker themed event which will be held at GameStop stores on Saturday, August 29th from 12pm – 3pm (local time). If you decide to pre-order Super Mario Maker from GameStop then you can get a free poster. To see whether or not your local store is participating just visit the official site, here.


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18 thoughts on “GameStop Holding Super Mario Maker Demo Event On August 29th”

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  1. Nintendo collaborates with a major retailer like GameStop and they can only get two out of hundreds to participate? Are these pre-order posters made out gold?

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  3. seriously?, the only Gamestop doing the event is all the way down in San Diego, near Chula Vista, thats almost a 2 hour drive…..why cant the one thats 5 minutes away be doing one…..*sighs*

  4. Can I get the game for free so I don’t have to pay for it if I attend this stupid test drive thingy? … Oh. Oops. I just noticed it’s not August 29th anymore. NEVERMIND!!!

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