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Kimishima Has Been Elected For One Year And Open For Outsider To Run Nintendo

The newly appointed Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has spoken to The Nikkei regarding his new position. Kimishima says that he has been elected for one year to run the Kyoto based company and is uncertain what will happen next. He also revealed that he is open to someone outside of Nintendo taking over the company one day in the future. Kimishima remains convinced that their foray into smartphone development will continue and that the main task at hand is to develop new businesses.

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75 thoughts on “Kimishima Has Been Elected For One Year And Open For Outsider To Run Nintendo”

  1. I hope really that if sombody from outside Nintendo is going to take over that he/she not turning Nintendo in somthing like EA or going to milk game’s by releasing them yearly at the other hand in the right hands it can become somthing good but for now good luck Tatsumi Kimishima you while need it.

    1. I’m sure they would choose very carefully. I’m pretty sure that statement means that if the right person was found then they wouldn’t have to be from within the company to qualify as a candidate.

  2. Wait … so it’s not a permanent thing? Oh okay, thats cool then. I guess, it will be a sort of temporary experiment/test to see if it is necessary to have a newer president… or just until the company can catch up with all their necessities.

    1. Every year the Nintendo board of Directors votes if they want the President to continue or step down. Remember when people were shocked they kept Iwata in power after his goof ups? So it’s a typical thing, if they like what he has done a year from now they will allow him to keep going another year.

  3. Wait a minute. One year only? ONE FUCKING YEAR ONLY?! I don’t understand, they always have temporary roles and then a permanent President soon after, and now he’s only there for a year? He’s perfect for Nintendo and they set it up so perfectly. Now they have have another leader soon after and now we have to pray and hope that this “New” guy after him isn’t some idiot that WILL bury Nintendo to the ground. Why did this have to be true? Why can’t I just be happy for one day?

        1. I can’t he’s only President for a year. What’s Nintendo going to do when he leaves? The Board has to intervene if he’s successful enough. If he was meant to stay for a year why couldn’t they say he is Acting only? Why go through that big announcement that he will be Iwata’s length Nintendo President only for that to come? Forgive me being upset but I really wanted him to stay longer than this. Was it like this when Iwata first came in office or what?

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  4. Uh he hasn’t even been there day one and he’s already talking about giving up and passing the baton to someone outside Nintendo?
    Dude, don’t?
    It’s like they picked a name out of the hat, and this unlucky guy isn’t up for the challenge.

    They gave you a year to try you out, they didn’t give you a year so you can give up and pass it to an outsiders.

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  10. Someone out side of Nintendo I think someone from Sega world be a good choice they been doing pretty good releasing 3d classics and new sonic games sonic boom shattered crystal was fun

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