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New Pokemon 3DS Themes Announced For Europe To Arrive September 18th

Three new Pokémon 3DS themes have been announced to arrive in Europe this Friday. There’s a Pikachu Dance theme, a standard Pikachu theme, and a Mewtwo theme based on the Pokémon 151 clothing line. According to, the Pikachu theme will feature Pokémon X & Y Route 1 music.

These themes will cost £2.29/€2.49 and the two Pikachu themes will also be available in a bundle for £3.59/€3.99. The Mewtwo bundle will be £1.79/€1.99.

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13 thoughts on “New Pokemon 3DS Themes Announced For Europe To Arrive September 18th”

  1. Nintendo is fucking dead and what do you expect when they’ve elected another non-gamer to run their business…the end is near. You can call me a troll all you want but we all know that I speak the truth!!

    Enjoy their games while they last ;)

      1. It depends on what the NX is, its specs and how they handle marketing. If Nintendo continues their bad habits of having inferior hardware, no 3rd party support and terrible marketing they won’t last much longer!

        They already screwed up the timing for a new console (if it isn’t a handheld). The PS3 had 7 good years and x-Box 360 had 8. If it comes out next year or early 2017 the Wii U will have only lasted a pathetic 4 years! If they want dedicated fans like myself to stay… dedicated they can’t run through their consoles this quickly, let them last at least 6 years!

        Its sad too, they have such fantastic games! If games were the only thing that mattered Nintendo would in the clear, but they seem to think they’re separate from the rest of the video gaming market. They really should be focusing more on how to compete with Sony and Microsoft more!

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