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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer 3DS Bundle Pre-Orders Now Available On Amazon US

In anticipation of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer‘s release on September 25th, you can now pre-order the New 3DS bundle on Amazon.com. The bundle comes with the New Nintendo 3DS, two interchangeable face plates, an amiibo card and a downloadable version of the game for $219.99 with free shipping. This will be good news for those looking to get their hands on this bundle that missed the previous pre-orders on GameStop.

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      1. Why would I be joking? I’m not into designing my home. I’m more interested in Amiibo Festival because it looked more like a video board game like Mario Party. Plus I haven’t really had a game that made really GOOD use of amiibos yet. So it just seems like it has more potential of being something I’d like.

        1. Just so y’know, if you hate the recent iterations of Mario Party, you should know Amiibo Festival is being done by those same fucktards. So if you hate the recent Mario Party games, run away before it’s too late.

  1. Changes added after establishment. Clearly DSi syndrome. Even if a new console wasn’t announced, I’d have given 3DS 2 years before replacement.

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