Check Out The Pokken Tournament “Masked Pikachu” Trailer

Bandai Namco has released a Pokkén Tournament trailer starring Pikachu in libre cosplay. It’s basically one and a half minutes of Pikachu kicking the virtual behinds of various Pokémon whilst still managing to look adorable. You can check it out over on Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel here.


    1. I feel that the Pokemon that are playable in Smash are a given, plus Frogadier is an assist so it makes Greninja obvious. Personally I’m hoping for Deoxys and Landorus.

  1. If Mewtwo isn’t in this game as a playable fighter, I’m not buying it especially since Eevee has already been revealed as a support Pokemon instead of an actual fighter. A different Pikachu, no matter how cool, will not get me to buy this game. I like Pikachu but I find there are many, better Pokemon in the franchise.

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