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Here Are The Results Of The European Splatfest

The European Splatfest results are now in, and Callie and Marie have announced that team Messy Room has come out on top with 264 points, whilst team Tidy Room finished on 236 points. Messy Room was also the most popular team with a percentage of 56% votes. It’s another close Splatfest, but not quite as close as the results of the North American Splatfest earlier today with only a 2% difference between the two teams.

Well done to the winning teams!


17 thoughts on “Here Are The Results Of The European Splatfest”

    1. Hi Anonymous whats up i am glad your on My Nintendo news because i remember you from Miiverse and how you helped people that’s nice me too well have a good night and stay cool.

  1. Next European Splatfests!
    1. Cardboard Boxes VS Plastic Boxes!
    2. Long Bread VS Flat Bread!
    3. Watching Grass Grow VS Watching Paint Dry!
    4. Syrian Refugees VS Eastern European Immigrants!

    Vote now!

  2. Oh man, I knew team messy would win. Maybe team tidy would have won if I didn’t keep getting connection errors every round. I swear I got like 5-6 errors in a row, it really pissed me off so I just quit playing.

    1. Same here, I was in Team Messy but I kept getting connection problems ! More than usual ! I thought my problem will make my team lose :’)

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